Being with Your Self

Why be with Your Self?

Why do we hear people advise us- just be with yourself !

What do they know about this? Why bother?

Going thru the healing experience of Cancer can be a real discovery.

Discovering what? Where?

D. didn’t feel like going to work today. He chose to call it a free day but didn’t know what to do with this day.

My immediate reaction was – be with Your Self.

During my healing period from Cancer, walking down the corridor from healing to full Health, I learned that the quietness of Self is the healing agent.

Sitting in my own quiet, meditating with the processes that I choice for my healing, I was constantly busy with Me…delving into my Self. Nurturing myself physically and mentally and discovering the patience for my healing decision.

Here’s my example:

Doing the things I love to do-*learning; *being with my felt senses-as Gendlin says in the Focusing theory; *discovering the hidden lids on issues within myself that I hadn’t faced and resolving them-“the Journey” work by author Branden Bays…*making energy-when feeling weak I found a comfortable place to sit and sinking into the chair I had allowed myself to close my eyes and see energy in and around each part of my body; *nourishing my physical build with the foods that could support my healing-making energy gave me a raving appetite and I cooked and enjoyed my favorite foods…*lesson planning for a new tourism course in English language for foreigners-Standing before a class and instructing for 3 hours…

All this to resolve the tumor within me that had accumulated from the lack of awareness, drawing my attention. Discovering a new way of seeing the old that was implanted in me, in my thoughts.

It was a hell of a discovery, the journey was on its way and there I was savoring each and every development on my route.

All this means being in the ‘present’. That place of neither being there nor here but smack in the middle. Being totally with what is, at the present minute.

In the book “The Breakthrough Experience” the author Dr. John F. Demartini,               relates to the balance we find when we are in the ‘present’. Author Echhart Tolle of “The Power of Now”, sat for weeks on a park bench observing all in his view when in a depressed state. The Dalai Lama writes numerous books about his solutions to world issues and of the clarity he experiences in the ‘present’ state during his daily meditations.

I relate to the power within ourselves to heal when we are in the ‘present’. Like zooming in on to a mass of energy and transmitting it to the specific part of your body that you want to heal.

Being with the Self, discovering the blockages that support your tumor or disease, is the great work on remaining in the ‘present’. Those who have experienced this sense of calm, like when you are involved densely in something that totally captivates you, then you hold on to a lot of energy.

What is it that your soul really wants?

What is it that you want to be free of?

Discovering the balance within your Self is a piece of work and it sure is ongoing…

For now, during your healing period, the nurturing of the Self, the real heart of the issues that the soul transfers to us physically, is the place for ‘present’ work.

What is it that you really WANT, 100%, unconditionally…meaning that you are willing to put your entire Self into this project…

Meaning, finding the ‘present’ in as many times per day that you can…meaning allowing this inner quiet within your Self to divulge new openings for inviting Change to help your Self heal…

Only if you Want to, if you really want change…then you will allow your Self to be in the ‘present’…the true WANT can overcome fear.

As much as you remain in the ‘present’, through meditation or doing the things you love to do, is the amount of help you give your Self to heal.

Can you take time to be with your Self?



Immune System or what?

Immune system or Psychoneuroimmunology?

The Immune System can be replenished with numerous meditations by seeing the multiplying of new clean, healthy, strong white cells right there in the  area of your tumor.

I created energy visually around and inside parts of my body with meditations and imagery.

  • The strength in my mind and body is a power house…just think of all those luscious meals waiting for you as you open your eyes after your energy building…and what about that awakened appetite!


About thirty years ago, it was discovered in documented research, that positive thinking can affect the Immune System, medically known as Psychoneuroimmunology.

You can change your behavior pattern, your thinking, your process of your thoughts.



Read it once, twice and then do it!

  • Get to that mentor of your choice, someone who can sit you down and guide you into the way to tap into your energy.


I used “Brandon Bays” method and book “The Journey” to help me uncover my particular Source, embedded in my cells. She, the author who documented her healing process, had a tumor in her stomach, the size of a basketball, and reduced it completely after 8 weeks.


  • Choose an energy saving technique, to get to your Source of the disease


Adopting the “Neo Psychology” lessons (known today as ‘Humantology’), that I had been learning for the past number of years, I used thought processing that helps us keep our energy.

  • If I can choose my thoughts then why not choose the thoughts that I Want.!!


By aspiring to the positive, by bringing these thought frameworks to a crisp short statement made up of positive and present tense we can affect our quality of life, keep our energy.


Get to your Source of your disease! Establish your true Want!

Help yourself heal!!

Thousands have done it before you


Your choice-you can help yourself heal-5 yrs later

 5 Years Later- part 2 (October 13, 2015)

…Her closing statement to me, as is introduced in each of our previous follow-up meetings – “If all my patients were like you I wouldn’t have any patients”. This time she added “…until 120, a long life.”

The remark really hit home when she exposed her excitement about my health by saying to me that she will never forget me!

Just think of it…that waiting room is chucker block full of patients, getting chemotherapy and receiving other hematology treatments… and Me, she will always remember.

I look upon those faces seated in that waiting room and in despair, I say to myself the third time this month- Don’t they know that the Mind is sick? “Dis ease” as writer Louise Hay calls it in her book ”You can heal your life”. The mind is at dis ease.

Escorting me to the secretary counter my doctor rules that I am to receive an appointment for next year. That terminology is the well-accepted code for a clean bill of health and the secretary beamed and exploded in glee that besides being a happy statement it is extremely emotional and exciting.

That is when I just opened the flood gates like the St Lawrence Seaway and the tears gushed out unexpectedly.

You see, it was not unexpected for me, I went through the journey, logged the daily work on and in myself…but yet the exclamation of the factual detail that this is IT, Health for a long time, just broke me down… ‘cause these are exactly my words in months of preparation for hearing just this, on this day.

“Health for a long time” was one of my exclusive sentences that I had realized was my individual understanding. Part of the reformatting in my minds computer system.

I guess we can reload our system but there is a time lapse when it REALLY knows, identifies with this particular new information that entered into the system.

I had done many reload meditations, self-work with my mentor and then on my own. Used several approaches from different books written by people who have written their experience down on paper for others to turn to, to open and set their eyes on their evidence, flick through the pages and decide to adopt their beliefs from hands on, in the field usage.

There is a lot of information out there on the shelves. All you have to do is decide, make a choice that you can help yourself heal and then do the work.

“The Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice” in this site, is my contribution.

Just go out there and look for the energy giving process you believe can help you.

Find a reliable trainer, reputable or recommended. Someone who gives you a comfortable feeling. The rest is in your inner power to use the experience and knowing of your guidance giver.

Rely on the universal understanding that all change is good, then growth is inevitable.

All the information is out there. It doesn’t matter what you choose, what is important is that you choose something…anything…that helps you harness the inner energy that you have to help yourself heal.

All the answers for healing your tumor, your dis ease, is in you.

Someone with professional or reliable self-work knowledge can assist you in using yourself to find those answers within, to open your Pandora box of secrets.

This approach has helped thousands before you. You’re welcome to join us.

It does not matter what you choose…the important thing is to choose something to help you use your healing energy within.


October 13, 2015



5 yrs later-free of cancer cells

– “If all my patients were like you I wouldn’t have any patients”. This time she added…”until 120, a long life”…

This was her closing statement to me, as is introduced in each of our previous follow-up meetings.

—   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —

Here I sat 5 years after my last chemotherapy, ever so bedazzled that the Doctor proclaimed this 5 year milestone. You see, all along I knew…all along that corridor walking from healing to health I knew…I knew there was Health.

That was my choice and I went for it like a Trojan horse, unleashing all my hidden tools within me. Like a tiger out scouting to find the healing nourishment written by those whose experience had given results and proof and can fill me with the healing help I wanted. All this and more. I included applying all the tools in my understanding.

Why else were those tools put there if not for using them toward Health? !!

Sprinting across the 5 year line of “free of cancer cells” and onto indoctrination into the class of “being healthy in all respects” was my doctor’s statement. With this announcement, I graduated to the yearly follow-up replacing the half-yearly.

“You are 10 out of 10”, commenting on how she just loves my blood test results and her wish that all her clients would bring such grades.

Smiling and shining a glow was my case doctor in the Hematology department, the department head, receiving me as I delicately sat down for my half-yearly follow-up.

Health! That was my line, ingrained in every single meditation, every step in my morning walks during and after chemotherapy. “Health, Life, Growth”.

That spot within me directed to what I programmed within my thought, my belief that linked it straight to that energy place inside me, that inner feeling that reverberated and quivered shouting out at me: this is the exact spot- ‘WANT.

The unconditional, 100% of true desire without buts and ands. The exact sentence, so precise in its positive and present tense, worded description of my ‘WANT’, true desire… “I WANT Health”

The doctor mentioned that I probably had a few fears along the way. She sure was perplexed when I stared up slanting my head in wonder. Had I felt fears?, I asked myself.

Casting my eyes downward now, striking that by now well known to me pose of inward searching, I looked within myself to keep the conversation open. I rephrased the word fears to- experiences along the way. We both agreed that I was not her typical patient and that my progress toward health was commendable.

Her closing statement to me, as is introduced in each of our previous follow-up meetings – “If all my patients were like you I wouldn’t have any patients”. This time she added…”until 120, a long life”…

Written on October 13, 2015

Continue to part II


Results Blog-the recipe

It doesn’t matter what process you choose-what is important is that you Do choose and DO.

Whether or not you choose to combine all the toppings of your cupcake-the meditations, professional or reliable spiritual guidance and self-work in any field of energy theory that works for you- with Conventional medicine or with Alternative treatment, what is important is that you do…choose whatever to help yourself heal.

What to do? How? What are the results?

The combination of self-work, harnessing the inner power within us, together with Conventional or Alternative Medicine has proven results.

There are many people who can share their stories with you.

We have the inner strength, wisdom and energy to help ourselves heal.

It doesn’t matter what process you choose-what is important is that you Do choose and DO.

There are documented experiences, books, reliable authenticated authorized reading and its all out there on the shelves for you to reach for…just extend your hand, take a selection that speaks to you…then, get to work…as in self-work…

the Cupcake, Recipe by Shelli Rice



Attraction as in Positive “I feel wonderful”

Did you ever have the feeling that some sentences you read just pop out at you?

Or, being in a conversation and noticing that someone says something that reverberates in you?

How about walking your friend to the door and the interaction with someone coming towards her and saying a sentence to you that just strikes up a chord. You can’t seem to place what this does to you?

Or, trying to stop and check out what this does to you when you see it makes you feel odd?

You just can’t put it into words until you associate it with a prior sensation and then…pop…you got it!

This slight, ever so clear opening in the thought…it’s called clarity.

Why do some people have these moments of clarity and others miss them or don’t realize it’s happening to them?

Early in my healing task I learned a tool that I want to share with you, for those who want to help themselves heal….

Can you allow yourself to easily say “I feel wonderful” and mean it too!

Sitting over our cup of coffee at the meeting table, my acquaintance divulged to me that as she does more and more Chi Kong sessions with meditations, she has realized how thankful she is. It’s about acknowledging the small things in her daily life.

Within myself, I held my seat, very aware not to say a thing, as it would be for my sake and not for hers and thus I took in her every word and smiled.

In the book “the Diamond Cutter” I had just read that the people we attract to us is in our own doing and here it was right before me.

This aura of positiveness just spread around our table and all the four women involved in the conversation had only wonderful, enchanting words on the subject and this permeated around us.

I even noticed, before our tete a tete, a particular woman sitting nearby who always complained and yet when we all dispersed I remember she wasn’t in sight.

How does this work?

Did you ever feel that you prefer to be around some folks and others you just pass on by?

Drawing positive feelings from others is part of our healing as we accumulate plus reactions to make more positives that are attracted to us.

Whenever I was asked -how am I feeling, my reaction to say “I feel wonderful” turned into my automatic reply. It wasn’t put on, I was working on this all the time with meditations, while adopting “Louse Hays” approach that what you feel inside is what you reflect outside…and I wanted health and healing…

If I can attract more positive to me, to my healing process, then the universe will respond with positive attraction…

Want a little tip? Look into the mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself that you love yourself, you’re a wonderful person and believe it! Check your positive attributes and give approval.

Then, when people come up to you asking how you are you can allow yourself to easily say “I feel wonderful” and mean it too!

Doesn’t that feel good?

Friends help us grow

What are friends for?

I had planned this morning for writing… bringing out what I want to express like an artist takes a brush and applies his strokes on the clean page.

One morning I woke up with Laryngitis, turning into an annoying cough and Post Nasal drip.

Knowing that the pipe between throat and head needed clearing I asked for 2 nights, before falling asleep, to be open to receiving new information.

From where?

Did you know that all the information we need is stored up there in the mind, in a special place called Intuition?

Files and files we have accumulated since before we were born, all there for us to access when we need to grow… as in personal growth.

Nothing is by chance.

Yesterday I had opened my Modern China lesson, and right there in the first line was a leading Chinese writer who has his work translated into English for the NY Times.

The first sentence I see is “Writers are artistic just as an artist takes a brush and paints, a writer paints his story through words.”

Amazed to see this. Talking directly to me! Then, I noticed my thought kept coming up, going back to my earlier comment about the years I had painted and drew Fashion Art but had put it aside for many years.

Later that evening when the coughing persisted I said to myself to just stop. Go write what’s going on with you and see what happens.

As I took the laptop, opened a new page and filled up the open space with my words and thoughts, becoming involved in myself, all was forgotten

Until the cough exploded again and I checked out what was the last thought that blew that noise out…

Here I was all set for this morning with laptop in hand, ready to write like an art illustrator sketching out the details, when my girlfriend called asking for a date-do I have time?

Had time to write down these thoughts and give time to another?

As it turned out she was looking for a bit of healing help to aid her in reaching a conclusion about her dilemma.

To be able to listen to another person, placing your awareness on them, being totally in the present, is like a clearing house of your own.

The art of Listening…

If you get a chance check out the process by Eugene Gendlin called “Focusing” (Focusing is direct access to a bodily knowing, a practice developed from the Philosophy of the Implicit. It can be used in any kind of therapeutic situation, including peer-to-peer)

What are friends for?

To take a bit of time out, from ourselves, and tune into them!

What can we do?

I guess, you can do more!

The only sentence that came to my mind as my friend related the story-

He had been to the Dr, taken the homeopathic medicines prescribed specifically for him, eating foods recommended for sustaining his health…but then this stomach ailment hit him….

…then, what else can you do?, …it appears there is more to be done…

My words remained inside of me, not allowing this to be heard above the talking in the room….

Knowing, as I do from personal experience, that not all people know this…

Chronic pain is there because we established it, right there in that particular place in our body! There in ourselves, lodged inside us between the conventional doctor visits and the Chinese medicine belief of using homeopathic herbs.. Between the Pilatis and Chi Kong lessons, it is there…

There for us to see, identify, feel and then, do something differently in order to lessen the feeling or …deal with it.

What can we do?

The connection of the mind-body-soul is the source of everything in our body. The body is just a shell, the outward reflection of what is going on inside us…the mind transporting beliefs, in the thoughts we experience, transmitting to feelings that we play out all the time.

Can we believe our thoughts or investigate them?

Check out a passing thought and put it up to the test!

Peering inside our body, seeing how that part reverberates within us… What slight stiffness, tightness or tension this feeling might evolve into? As said in Mindfulness.. is it pleasant or unpleasant sensation within you?

What more can be done in order to give us, to ourselves, more health?

Is this up to us? Or is it, them?

If we come to the conclusion that everyone is responsible for his own behavior.. then.. who is it up to? …Up to, to do what ?


One word, but ohhhh sooo big!!!

Easy it is not, however, we can work at this CHANGE each day. When we are aware of our patterns, our thoughts that give us our behavior, then we can allow ourselves to process this information in our minds and see it in a new way…

…when the mind and soul meet, unite and give us a new understanding.

How valuable is the “LIST of what I HAVE?”

How valuable is theLIST of what I HAVE?”- Part I

Did you ever walk into the Doctor’s office feeling somewhat unhappy and walk out feeling totally in the pits, deep sorrow and haunting pain that couldn’t be shaken off?

…Or finding yourself in a real low mood, depleted of energy and looking for a pick me up?

How does this happen to us?

One minute like this :)) then the next minute like that :((?

Did you ever hear of the List of What you have?”

This list is compiled by you, sitting quietly and tuned into your thoughts. Only 100% positive thoughts, unconditional, without excuses or buts or ifs….

Four columns: What I have-materialistic items, family, people; My qualities- attributes, strengths, talents; What I love-to do, activities and etc.; What I want- all things materialistic or abstract of whatever, let your mind go…

On the top of your columns, write a few things that point you out in a crowd, the things that identify you before anyone else.

As you compile your list try checking in yourself how you feel. Is there a part of your body calling attention to you, feeling a bit constricting? Perhaps coming over you is a smile, grin or a nod… maybe your breathing changes, your chest is quiet…

How valuable is the “List of what we Have ?,

Even when we are down in the dumps we can always look around us and compile a list of the positive things in our view at this exact moment.

Want to hear an example of how this works?

Sitting across from the professional advisor, we offered our detailed list of negative complaints. Our participation in 1 ½ hrs of verbally reviewing the written list of destructive feelings. Accumulated, edited and spoken out before the Dr. of Psychiatry.

That’s all it takes, is 1 1\2 hrs of constant discussion on your suffering in order to remake pain…aching head, joints and heart. All of this by the constant review of your thoughts of the past… from your thoughts thrown to the future and buffered by present shopping list of agonies!

…and there you have it! You have the perfect recipe for further suffering and pain…

What happens when you know, by personal knowing as I do, of the journey going from suffering to resolving the source of pain…?

How about seeing the opportunity for grabbing onto positive thoughts?

Reentering these new images into your thought system in order to make a better feeling within you?

So here’s the story…

Getting UP when you’re down-part 2

This a.m. are you feeling down in a slump, moody, miserable, can’t manage to see a bit of a glimpse of light or sunshine in the whole routine of treatments?

Where to look for a bit of oomph to move you forward?

*I want to-I can*

Your WANT seems to be watered down and you’re looking for a sprinkle or douse of – Can do it!

Lets look at this question- simple it is not- Can you do it?

Activity is good for us during this healing time.

Are you doubting, at this particular moment, your choice to be active?

Fed up with everything and just can’t see the next step forward?

Have you tried asking if you have found your true want and when you ask- Can I do it?- you immediately get a –Yes! from your lips.

If not …. then try this…

Settle into a comfortable chair, just sink into it

and close your eyes; look at the activity and check if you want to do it; examine your true want and investigate it, ask questions. Remember- no if’s or but’s- 100% unconditional desire. Check out how you look as you do it; see all your physical movements; your facial expressions; follow it for a while…

Then ask yourself ”Can I do it?”

Can you allow yourself to see if your body can handle it, check out how your body feels with the question. What answer do you receive?

Did you know that there are many people who can’t differ between their true want and that they can do it?

If you want it and you can do it, then, why are you so miserable?

Next time you are feeling low then, asking yourself if there is something you love to do and then, just try asking-”Can I do it? Can I allow myself to do it”?

Like others before you, perhaps this tool will help you get up and get going…only if you want!