West fear, East positive option-part 4/4

Written –July 7, 2017, Part 4/4

What if you had a choice to see this Fear differently?

…If you can accept that the world goes around without you, that this is inevitable, and that you can choose to enjoy what there is on this realm? 

How can this be done if you live in Fear?

If we can accept that all change is good, that we can accept change and thrive on this positive value then maybe we can turn a fear into a friend, invite acceptance and give up a struggle, accept freedom of fear and the lightness that we can experience…

Because the world goes around without us doing a thing, being born and dying are the end of the same strand of thought and that is the way it is…

So when some one says to you that she struggled to live then you can ask-Why struggle? Perhaps accept what is, go with it and choose flow, acceptance and lightness then you can help the world progress into an era of transformations or accepting change, acceptance to receive the change in order to give us, to you personally, a better quality of life.

Choose whatever medical treatment you believe can help you.

Others before you have chosen alternative medicine and healing processes with or without Conventional medicine, with results.

We can combine the old and the new, the conventional medicine with body–soul work to get to the sources of our sickness.

Conventional medicine has made great gains and, in addition, the oldest cultures used other ways to help themselves thru sickness.

We can choose lightness and freedom having it all give us a sense of going easily or fear with struggle.

Written draft of July 7, 2017, published on this site on July 17, 2020 in 1-4 parts…

For all Humanity in this Time of Transformation, during this Corona period.

West fear, East positive option-part 3

Written July 7, 2017, filed in drafts-part 3/4

…like a strand of thin unspoken words, appearing within my awareness… change

Can we meet our fears, see them in a new light and then change the way we thought about that particular experience that threatened us?

Maybe it was just a story we fed ourselves because of what we perceived to be true? But, wasn’t really true.

It turns out, that in Buddhism, there is a silent focus to meditate your death as a daily routine.

Why should they bother?

Could this be a fear that can be seen differently?

With my teacher, in the study group on a few occasions, we have done this meditation of seeing our burial.

And you know what? We learned that to fear death was a waste because it was full of freedom, release.

Can you envision the good thing or the essence of your being that you leave on earth to others? Soak yourself in it and see how it feels.

So if for the East culture of deep Death meditation is calmness, freedom and release why is the Death for the Western culture filled with concept of fear lodged on regret and heaviness and burden?

What if you could change your story of death and perceive it differently? What would you gain?

And this is what the Pharmaceutical society, new research funding medicines and new hospital buildings with hundreds of freshly acquisitioned beds for Cancer cures are based on.

The Fear that you might end up down there.

What if you had a choice to see this differently? If you can accept that this is inevitable, that the world goes around without you and that you can choose to enjoy what there is on this realm?


West fear, East positive option-part 2

Written July 7, 2017, filed in drafts, 2/4

…Why change?

This is the greatest thing for humans to do, to accept that change is good, all change is good.

In Neo Psychology (Humantology), the change is a phenomena that happens when you realize your behavior pattern, investigate it and then you are able to perceive it differently in your new behavior decisions.

Author Brandon Bays documents her personal Journey in her Emotional and Physical meditations where she helps us discover our fear that is blocking our growth process.

Then, right there we can experience the change. When we see this visually, in our thought processing, then, this particular moment in time can be understand in a different perception.

Professor of Psychology, John Seaman of Wesleyan University talks about this particular moment in time that we remember, as if chiseled on our mind, because it is a personal and directly related experience to the individual going thru it. He calls it a memory bump.

The bumps can last a lifetime because they are not linked to positive life events that are linked to a specific time.

They can last a lifetime because they are imprinted within us.

In Neo Psychology we experience our direct experiences not only in our lifetime but in regression, which are our personal experiences before our lifetime.

As Brandon Bays relates to these as the issues that remain unresolved, those that we put a firm lid on, closed tight and fester and become a tumor or disease.

If we can face these fears or life obstructions, learn something new from them then we can CHANGE the fear, forgive and let go and then, grow.

Being a good-apprenticed meditator, I sat in the Vipassina meditation and waited until that new thought, like a strand of thin unspoken words, appeared within my awareness. If I can stay with it, feel it nudging in my body, then I could learn something new about my behavior pattern. This awareness can bring change.


West fear, East positive option-part 1

Written July 7, 2017 , filed in drafts – part ¼


I believe that this is important info for each and every person during this time of a huge global transformation period that is effecting all human activity and growth.

Other related blogs, under similar subjects, are listed in this site.

There are long-term results, in documented processes, that can help us help ourselves heal from dis ease….whether you choose Conventional or Alternative Medicine, we all have the healing power within.

The question is…what are you going to do with it?

_  –   –    –     –  _ – _  –   –    –     –  _ -_  –   –    –     –  _ -_  –   –    –     –  _ -_  –   –    –     –  _ –

West fear, East positive option-part 1

“Better to be this way” pointing to his leg braces and cane, while gesturing to his wife and saying “Better to be here with her than being there”-pointing to under the ground.

M. came for his overseas adventure with his wife and while joining the family enclave bus trip I had popped over to say hello to my long time friends.

His sentence just popped out at me and I couldn’t fix in to why it had reverberated inside me.

It took me a while to review the feeling, an inner sensation that it had given me.

Why was this thought on my mind? What had it brought up from inside me?

I knew from my numerous meditations during my healing period of Cancer that the information that I stored in my thoughts and my stories that I told myself could be changed. CHANGE I had discovered several times during the Vepasina seminar that I participated in about 6 yrs after using Brandon Bays “Journey” work to help me heal from the dis ease.

Like flashes of banners before my eyesight, there in front of me for only me to see, was written CHANGE.

Why change?


Returning to what? Corona-5

What exactly is there that we are getting back to?

Reformatting the education system, hospital outpatients, a dentist visit, getting out of the house… ourselves… our Health?

It all comes down to one thing… You can only help someone heal if he wants to help himself.

Since author John E. Sarno, M.D. published his 1998 bookMindbody Prescription”, based on his empirical patient data on their pain, stress and anxiety, many healthy people have documented their mind-body and soul personal experiences. All these individual discoveries about their mind-body-soul connection that gave them full Health results are in written books, articles and digital blogs.

Medical doctors have experienced a leap forward in their understanding of the body as a tool of our thoughts with their acceptance of the Mind-body and soul relationship. First-hand data and scientific doctors are integrating this ‘knowing’ from their personal experience, in to their passion to help people get health.

I had heard from other professionals who had encountered patient loads that were effecting their energy. The severity of the patients’ conditions had caused them physical discomfort.

They have understood the Eastern attitude of holding onto Health and the Western mentality of clinging to the Sickness.

During this Corona period, the traumatic experience of the medical staff set off an alarm of attention and was a priority signal for help. The task of keeping an ongoing team with updated qualifications to assist us all in getting through a difficult time, has left scars that cannot be denied or buried. Tensions have arisen above the surface.

Here’s the story…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _

He had asked me for help as the headaches worsened and the upper stomach was uncomfortable….

The corona virus had hit the “Old Age Homes” and his work shift was long, numerous and precautious… the amount of protective clothing was essential to a healthy vibrant nursing staff…

The tension and need for calmness and release were thoughts that were popping up in his mind, in his conscious thoughts.

Could I help?

This 37 year old was developed spiritually far beyond his age. Supporting a known fact that his generation is definitely more advanced than the generation before him at the same age.

Coming back to the room from his cleansing meditation, he explained in his own words his reformatted understanding from his visual scenes. His every sentence was so perfectly timed with the evolving ‘New Order’ of the human experience during the Corona pandemic…. He summed up his new feeling as calming and restful…

What did I learn?

…That I can help someone who wants to help himself. Someone open to the power of the energy within himself to heal and allowing a release of the old and accept something new…

The immediate on-line healing of meditation processing is like the quick straight to the vein infusion. Proof of the inner perspective of ourselves that can beat conventional medicine to results, for a long time effect.

A reminder that you always have the inner energy to help yourself heal. The question is what are you going to do about it?

…You too can integrate energy making techniques, whether you choose conventional or alternative medicine, for your Health.

I received a gift and I want to give it to anyone who wants it…

It’s been 5 weeks since arriving back home to quarantine and starting this blog draft. The “stay home” restriction is loosening and I can take a spin around the block….

What are we returning to after the Corona period?

Could it be Health?

A shift in the way the global human experience can accept a new way and release the old?

Corona-4 Newness is the drive

Everyone seems to be talking about a need for New!

From taking the car to the “Car Wash” to sitting 2 meter distance physically with a couple of friends in the nature outdoors. Each person sipping his coffee from home!

Shedding the feeling of being locked up, taking off the first layer, perhaps call it uncertainty, and replacing with a Newness…as we approached the period of returning to work and school, with the social distance, this new order of the day, we find ourselves on common territory but different.

The adaptation is slow, each one at his own pace and the change of settling in to this new sense of not knowing.

What have you learned about yourself in this very special situation?

What came up as your strengths and what about yourself can be overpowering you and requesting your attention?

What change did you identify within, as you looked around you?

Is something hiding underneath the physical or mental pain?

So there we have it.

There are many layers to go down until we find the truth. Or, as defined in Branden Bays book “the Journey” as an onion when we are peeling off the layers in order to get down to our Source.

Again, there it was… the same old feeling, familiar to me but yet in another outfit.

It came to me as titter tottering between control and flexible and it was very clear. It just stood there in front of my vision… the scenes I had been part of with people I know and had known and where my automatic pattern of taking over just took over…

Can I allow myself to accept that sometimes I need not be in command and choose to be flexible? That was the question that arose and immediately my shoulders relaxed…

More visions of past scenes came into my focus and I weighted each version under a magnifying glass and studied it… Can I allow myself to be rigid, in command and then allow myself to be, to just agree… as if letting my shoulders in a humph then just letting it pass…letting it be…

Flexible… as if it seemed like hours I reviewed the scenes and forced myself to allow myself to see, actually see in pure clarity, every distinct motion in that one single moment when that ‘humph’ of letting go kicks in and dissipates the control and then disperses…

All the years of continued behavior flashing in scenes before my vision, reinforcing the period of these current days of being with my self.

Personally experiencing the parts of me that are requesting attention.

Adapting to this new period of Corona… will I step up to the new platform of change? Flexibity!

Will I be able to enter a period inviting more flexibility into my world?….flexibility into this World?

Am I taking part of this amazing period, alteration in the force of the universe or upgrading of Humanity?

Yes, the time for more inner searching has literally fallen on me after the 14 day quarantine since I returned home and then another 5 weeks of limiting restrictions enforcing the entire country’s social distance…..

Restrictions are letting up a bit, more movement in the public areas but there is a long way to go unit all the population will go out… for it is certainly clear that things will not be as they were before

What will be irrelevant and what will be new?… Where will the change in the human experience come into the scene or regular daily life?

It certainly is an exciting period in history… Who will develop personal growth with inner discoveries and who will add new energy to the human experience called humanity?

What qualities, abilities, foresight and imprints have been instilled in you that will help you accept and heal?

Here’s to your Health Life Growth!

Corona-3 Objective or Subjective

Identifying that weird sensation?

How can you meet those rising fears that leave your body tense and ill at ease… What qualities are you yet to discover, identify within you that can ease the stress you are feeling?

In what way can you understand this situation, here and now?

Can you allow this fear to turn into a new experience?

It’s all about clarity behind the story, the belief, we were so sure of…

A sensation we can feel when we are checking our story line during meditation

… a deep thought process when in a split second of opportunity the window of objectivity opens and we see clearly….

My story began on March 3, 2020. A feeling of being objective, on the outside looking in, and at the same time being right there on the inside, totally subjective.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It was there but it wasn’t there…March 3, 2020

I arrived at London U.K. on route to a family milestone gathering. Equipped with my to-go hygiene pack in my case… the alcohol wipes for surfaces, several sets of disposable gloves, alco-gel for back up and the sterile packet of hand wipes… I was prepared for sensitization.

The logistics of using the toilet on the plane became a whole loooooooong scenerio, thought behind each motion or touch….

Traveling on numerous trains, starting from London Euston Station to Liverpool, then Liverpool to Coventry, followed by Coventry to Luton…

People flooding the commonly used transport system… and me, with a respiratory face mask…

Sort of like I was living in a science fiction scene. The powerful feeling of an outsider watching the activity around me, observing the movements, talk and behavior of the people …I was remote from them but yet I certainly was right there.

March 9 was the first time I noticed the conversations on Corona had shifted from 5 minutes daily to an hour length and intermittently during the day…

Yet, continuing on my planned program, I commuted on the train from the crowded station in London to my Liverpool destination.  Still, I am the only person wearing a mask, wiping alcohol on my seat and tray while giving special attention to the head and arm rests.

That evening I started to receive a stream of messages from home. Alerts, warning declarations by my home Health Ministry and directions on restricting what we knew of up until that day as normal behavior.

The hysterical WhatsApp communications and the calmness while sitting on the sofa with my hosts was so extremely out of synch that the unimaginable could not be imagined…and it wasn’t for another 5 days…

Coming up was my host’s vacation in Barcelona that turned into the focus of conversation. Until that moment it wasn’t even considered an important subject of discussion …Receiving my warning messages in my present-day surroundings of the foggy and dreary, same as always, grey Liverpool, was kind of like a contradicting story tale with a big over kill scream… it just didn’t fit in…

The huge gap between those pictures painted from the alarms so very far away versus the actual view of the everyday life around me, was as if placing a huge expansion bridge over an enormous valley of unbelievable conflicting information. Crossing over from one side to the other end just seemed impossible.

Train service from Liverpool to Coventry was the same health kit routine and still, only I was on the train with a mask. This time, as we pulled into the Coventry main station, while peering out of the window, I noticed maybe 2 handfuls of passengers waiting with masks…

Coventry Square had the standard tourists gazing at the Lady Godiva statue, restaurants humming with clients, museums and the university streets intertwining with the movement of humanity going on their usual humdrum…

Tourists inspecting their “Visitor Map” and strutting between the cobble stoned alleys of mid evil architecture, 1000-year-old churches and 17th century pubs.

The cozy hotel had a breakfast room with 2 wide screen televisions producing the constant BBC “Breaking News” flashing Corona alerts. …Sitting at the other breakfast table was a chap sipping his morning tea and as our eyes caught one another, we both stared with a grimace at the “hysteria” on the screen.

Turning my gaze out of the window I was seeing the buses of alighting students with their satchels, folks pulling their market carts and the steady pace of going, going, going as normal.

This phase of mindset became quite familiar to me as the calendar days ticked away… as if these phenomena are happening to them and not to me or not me, it’s them. The bridge joining between something going on with other people far away could not be conceived or imagined as connecting with what was happening simultaneously, right here and now.

Enjoying the city of Coventry with its’ sites dating back to 1046, during the period of Lady Godiva, I was exploring the well documented galleries of the Herbert Museum. Discovering the history of the legend behind Lady Godiva’s famous horse ride demonstration and the strict taxes on the towns’ people, I was spending carefree days, March 11-13th, in this pre Renaissance period …

Little did I know that I, myself, was going through a medieval period and an era of ignorance before grasping the awakening…in the unidentifiable sensation I was experiencing of not recognizing the uncertainty that was already circling around.

This so unfamiliar feeling struck me as something deserving of attention. From that quaint hotel breakfast room and the common everyday street scene outside the window, I called a friend at home.

This verified that indeed she was sane, coherent and that the messages from home that I called hysteria were actually providing me with new information that my mind could not process.

How could I be sitting here sipping my coffee, nibbling on my morning gluten free toast and actually be seeing the breaking TV news decreeing the countries around the world that are planning lock downs at this very moment?

Arriving in Luton city center the day before my pre ordered return flight, made 3 months beforehand, I was viewing the same scenes as were showing in the previous train stations. A handful of people with masks, the cloned scenes from my past 5 days of travelling.

As I peered at the British TV News “Breaking Headlines” I was exposed to a transformation period of walking that expanding bridge like the “Verrazano suspension bridge” connects Staten Island to Brooklyn. Virtually piecing together the new and unbelievable coded messages from one side of the globe to the other…

The change was slow.

Alongside me were thousands of others who hadn’t yet realized that their biggest challenge in the next few days was going to be something that they, like I, had never dreamed of in a science fiction movie.

Yes, what could and would happen was going to become the Here and Now.

The Luton train station was no different. A handful of people wearing masks. A little boy on the elevator holding his mums hand. Staring, he pointed his question straight at me- “why are you wearing that blue thing on your face?” On his own second thought, he provided his personal answer, from his experience of maybe 6 yrs old.  Declaring with consternation that it is only for old people.

Little information was filtering down from the country leadership to the masses and even less was explained to the children.

The continuous sensation of me being a watcher, observing this huge gap between the activity of everyday people before my eyes and the alarming news appearing on the BBC screen, was starting to grow. Perhaps an urgency just starting to emerge in the immediate atmosphere.

One moment I am the watcher and the next moment I am right there behaving as a tourist routinely ordering food in the shop while receiving frantic message warnings… There will be no taxis at the airport. What foods do I like to eat?

Why should someone ask me such a ridiculous question? Are there no foods in the supermarkets?

Looking back, I can only sum up my sensation as being an objective observer from the outside and at the same time being subjectively within the actual experience.

Not even a one-minute’s wait at the Luton Airport suitcase inspection. A “Duty Free” usually packed with thousands of shoppers was completely clear as I walked straight up to a cashier…Around the terminal were more masked faces than I had even seen in the past 10 days.

The typical flight waiting time was different... less coffee lines, few people devouring their last familiar brand of fresh sandwiches and even fewer people sitting at the cell phone USB snack counters … less of everything that was common in an international airport..

The security check on my case was extremely thorough and an event I had never had on foreign flights up to this day.

Did she have so much time on her hands that she literally could allow herself to touch every single thing in my case?

Was I behaving against her rules as a safe passenger awaiting to board or maybe inspectors were told to be overly cautious? She had touched every article she could get her hands on and her gloves were not disposable.

What was her opinion or instructions for that hour? Although she wiped the tips of her gloves afterwards with a tiny swatch of swab I could not be sure if she had done this before her fingertips and wrist glove entered my sanitized cases.

Upon the conclusion of what seemed to me her obsessive behavior contradicting the new advice of the U.N. health organization ‘WHO’, my immediate reaction was to wipe with 70% alcohol on whatever she had laid her hands on…my brain trying to bridge the gap. Or, was the gap growing?

If she was seeing the news on the BBC as I was, then, where was her mask, box of gloves and precaution?

This was my regular flight and I had not received flight cancellation messages from the company. I arrived promptly and waited patiently.

After 14 days of home quarantine, I am now taking a break from writing and getting up and going outside for a walk on my street for as long as the new restrictions will allow… be back later

Corona-2 Accept and Release

Corona-part 2

Can you receive, agree and accept the stillness that has been given to us as a collective unit? Allowing yourself to use this precious time and look inside your self, investigating the feelings that arise, the memories that fly into your mind… Taking the time to nurture yourself and turn this event into a growth period, personally and then for humanity.

The passing of time has become different.

The quick spread of this virus had put global hazard alarm precautions out to the public. Each country in its own pace of understanding the coming events. There are many predictions out there. Some governments gave harsh restriction orders, the gap between the person in the street understanding the impending death rates to come without seeing the threat before their eyes had given way to pandemonium in some very crowded neighborhoods. Lock up seems almost impossible.

In over populated streets the question arose- how can a hut hold 9 persons inside for weeks of closure?

Counting on the calendar has taken on its own new form… by the number of days into the virus spreading in your country and globally.

Questioning look on our face “What day is it today?” while scratching our heads, turns a common phrase into commonplace. Losing track of time seems to be the normal behavior for most of the people not leaving their homes, not running out to work nor meeting those deadlines… Some people deciding that the time is there and you can do with it whatever you want… Freedom.

…or thoughts of anxiety over returning to a routine or inventing a new routine… or worrying about the routine that has collapsed.

…Just stay put…

Perhaps on the last day of my 14 day seclusion I”ll allow myself to clean up my kitchen and wash the floor because simply…I feel like it… for myself!

Time has stopped for humans all over the world. The animals have appeared in neighborhoods that have not seen them for years. The flowers are blooming all on time, as they know it as seasons.

Weekends are usually rush to shop, lay on the beach, meet friends, get out with others….. All has ceased motion and roads are empty … and there’s that definite eerie feeling when looking down from the balcony to the abandoned street below. A complete standstill.

The quiet. Being surrounded by so much stillness all at once, as if never ending…you can’t hear a pin drop…

I passed a neighbor this morning in what I thought was going to be my stroll around her orchards…her grandchildren didn’t pop in this weekend however they hung a huge sign of LOVE over her front door… her knee was aching.

This well known body response to an inner feeling of not knowing what will be with me, that rising threat of past centuries of survival imprints. Fear of how am I going forward, moving, motioning in life…what is my direction? As if being alarmed by all this around me…

She stood in the orchards surrounded by the beauty of nature all around her.

I couldn’t help but to point out the gorgeous green trees full of foliage, abundance of yellow fruit, the space around her to move and perhaps feel the freedom of No Time…can she allow herself to do what she feels like doing, for herself, among all this beauty she is blessed with?

Movement now in the present is a source of freedom from the thoughts of what will be with me…

Can you receive, agree and accept the stillness that we are given? Can you allow yourself to use this precious time and look inside yourself, investigate the feelings that arise, the memories that fly into your mind… Take the time to nurture yourself…

Restrictions are easing in countries one by one, cars filling the roadways, masked faces as people are mingling and slowly the wheels are spinning again…can we accept and now recharge, freeing ourselves of the inner sensation and physical state of being limited in our movement in life?

Sort of like a switch pressed in ‘stop’ and now released to ‘go’…

Can you allow yourself to release the boxed in feeling and embrace the transition within you?

Accepting and then Releasing…the process of Walking from Healing to Health

Corona and Humanity-1

Introduction-part 1

Corona period of humanity brings

How can we help ourselves get through a time that was not scheduled in our healing journey?

When all others were given the time to stop, get inner retrospect and find out parts of themselves that they didn’t know existed… you are already on your discovery of inner courage, determination and acceptance…

Kind of like you were given the lead time, the starting advantage….accepting the situation before you, without dismissing its existence.

Denial brings pain, suffering and acceptance can bring health…as if someone pulled down the switch on human kind and said “Wait, you have something to take care of …where are you running from or to, just now?”

Are you ready to see and actually experience an inner change within you?

What part of your body is losing energy right now and asking you for attention?

When we lose energy throwing our thoughts to the future, the past, involving ourselves in gossip, then, we are preventing ourselves from being in the present. Each minute we focus on the present can bring energy and healing.

It’s all about energy…Energy within ourselves and energies outside….

My documented inner experiences with my results, meditations, tips and hints are here on this site for all to use for their healing journey…if you want it. Just flip through the blogs, pages and recipe

Many authors have documented their healing processes…all you have to do is reach out for the books, find yourself a reliable guidance facilitator (even during Corona many facilitators, myself included, are receiving people through internet video conferences) and then do

We all have the power within to help ourselves heal, always… the question is … what are you going to do with it?

I received a gift and I want to give it to whomever wants it…

How will you remember this historical Corona event and what it brought to you?

Will it be the memory of a chance to actually see a story that you tell yourself, a belief of yours in a personal scene? Will you open this deep hidden emotion shut tight with a lid and finally face the Source of your illness, dis ease?

Will the dark places of perhaps fear and anger become a window of clarity, realization of the real truth and bring you your new individual thoughts… awakening?

What discovery on this journey will bring you a new source of emotion that you hadn’t known was there?

How will this change your life? Can you see it clearly within your minds vision? What clarity was given to you in order to make a new order within you?

How will you receive personnel growth and at the same time help mankind, the world outside of you, aspire to a better frequency?

I received a gift and I want to give it to anyone who wants it..

Here’s to youHealth Life Growth

I’d like to leave with you here, now, a timely excerpt from my blog titled “The World and its Order”, dated August 23, 2017:

…How do you see the order around you and in your world?

It dawned on me one day with a silent, split second thought…

…I have no control on the way of the world, of the universe…I can agree to get onto this flow or fight to control…

A sudden awareness came over me that I can join the flow …only if I Want.

Here’s how this happened…

Standing in the back of the house, peering at the newly sprung blossoms on the emerald green leaves, I was caught in time.

A particular bubble of silence came over me as the words appeared in my visual sight…

…the seasons come around, the world moves around, it has nothing to do with me… the world moves without me…

Intensive weeks of meditation, getting to the Source of my tumor with every processing that I could lay my hands on and now this sudden flash.

Like words written especially for me.

Continue to part 2- Acceptance and Release

Whats up and down-Growth

As if looking at a wave…rising up and then gradually dipping down.

How long will this wave stay at the full rise?

Is it the feedback from the universe that brings us into the up and down movement? Or, is it what is within us that moves the movement of the waves?

Has it ever happened to you that you recalled some experience so many years ago and was surprised that years later you had changed your view of what had happened? …at what had happened to you…?

How does this occur and why is it there?

Each and every personal experience can contribute to our growth or lack of it.

How will you see an experience? Will it change your view or hasten your growth?

Have the words “I’m afraid of…” or “What a fright when…” come from your mouth while explaining to a colleague your fear of the new neighbors that you might find next door to you when you move houses?

What is there to be afraid of? You look around and can’t seem to find the answer…

This storage of personal experiences, of maybe centuries of reoccurrences, called regressions, can leave a reaction in you…unexplained, called FEAR.

Maybe this fear is a story line that you tell yourself and has outgrown its function?

How will you know this?

Authors Branden Bays, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Weiss, Katie Byron and many more have documented their personalized techniques, processes, while providing actual information in their published books. All these, for us to learn from while lowering our skepticism about pin pointing that feeling we have, even though we can’t identify the emotion or where it came from.

Appearing in many authored books are tools that we can employ in our life, if we choose to examine and investigate that same old way of thinking. Like seeing it in a new and different version, one that you hadn’t been aware of before…

These processes allow us to get to the Source of our pain, suffering, dilemma and fear. First, by being aware of its personal existence and then, by seeing the details of this very individual story.  As if clarifying what really happened under a magnifying glass…or putting a light on the Source.

How can you get to the Source, to the actual beginning cell of a reoccurrence felt within you that is obstructing your sight, growth?

Allowing yourself to reach this Source is your true Want, a personal request, making your intention exact, for change…

Will you recognize this Want when the pain or suffering appears?

Or, maybe you choose to cling to the old story line by putting your attention on each vibration that echoes inside? Are you confirming that this slight ache, stiffness or uneasiness is good and you want to continue with your story line, your old belief? … Refusing to accept change?

How can you help yourself to evolve, develop and thrive?

It all comes down to one thing…the personal story we tell ourselves…

Can you allow yourself to be aware of this subjective experience that comes from within you, that you called “fear”? Investigating, checking it out and asking questions…

the Recipe in this site and blog invites you to view a personal documentation of the Source and true Want combined with the inner power within each of us.

Becoming aware of a personal familiarity that has left a footprint in your story and allowing yourself to see this in another light…is changing your tale…

You are welcome to join us… you can put your hand out to any well-known, authored book on the shelf …choosing a process that speaks to you, finding a reputable person to guide you through the stages…

Whether you choose helping your self heal from the inside along with conventional or alternative medicine, you are using the energy within you for making Results.

We can help ourselves heal with the inner energy inside us…only if we Want… You are invited to join us…there are many who have done this before you… you can help yourself heal.

Dedicated to G.S. Jan 5. 2020