… …  essence … Appearing as a very thin word and floating across my minds eyes … …  essence …

What was that word doing there?

Checking again… yes, sure, it was definitely hanging there …essence…

In my numerous meditation sessions, while working on my healing and gaining insight into questions, this word had never appeared before me.

In this one second, in a space between thoughts, like a little wizzzzz in time… some space…then, ESSENCE…

Checking this out…

Meaning in Life ??

What are YOU doing here?

Let’s check…

After this Covid period of an extreme human pattern, YOU are still here!

So…. What are You doing here?

Yes, it is a personal time of sickness for you and Yes, it is your personal trials and tribulations and yet… Why are you here?

Are there some thoughts of those constant issues that seem all the time to be in the background, until they immerge in the foreground?

Perhaps a hidden moment, very personal, that is at the bottom of your sickness?

When you finally do look close at it, really ponder these thoughts and the reminders, do you feel uncomfortable? Like feeling something aching in the shoulder or neck, knee or feet, or stomach upsets or a part of you gives way to… to what are you trying not to listen to, nor get in touch with ?

Identifying an emotional uneasiness inside of that ache, sickness takes courage,

Sometimes this sensation, emotion or ill feeling comes back to catch your attention…

And now, your total attention is held by it, in that personal place within you, begging to be seen, investigated…There it is and waiting to be acknowledged, healed by your further clarification of what’s really going on inside of you.

Essence-What are you doing here?

Like a key to the code of the healing for your personal, individual, self-designed tool…. Can you accept a gift, or call it an opportunity to see clearly that something that has been buried in perhaps a tiny thought…been blown out of proportion, and requests of you to look at it with new eyes, with a new attitude or behavior…

…and emerge differently from this unique personal encounter…. Can you accept a gift?

I was given a gift of learning to help myself heal and I’m eager to share it with anyone who wants it …

Can you allow yourself to see that private, same old story, playing over and over again in your thoughts?

Essence-What are You doing here?

Like deciding to take this sickness and turning it into your own personal comeback into this Human experience called LIFE.

What are you doing here? Is there something you would like to Change and yet haven’t found the way to make it work?

What new discovery about your self is just waiting to be disclosed, to be seen clearly…

… and yet, you haven’t put your finger on it….

Let’s be curious….what is inside?

We all have the power inside us to help ourselves heal

All the information is out there, just put your hand on a book that jumps out at you, find a reliable guide with reputation for helping others heal from within and then Do…

Essence is within all of us… within YOU.

Is there a reason for YOU being here, now, at this period of time in the human experience going back 100,000 years ago?

Essence-the word lingered around in my vision.. . Why was it there?

tap for another Tip

Your Health-commitment

To what are we committed?

Are you going through a turbulence, a kind of hidden storm, underneath and within yourself?

Just as the world seems to be going through an upheaval, so is the inner conversation, inside of us, behaving like a disturbance?

In this time of drastic changes, swooping upon us and all around us…where can we find ourselves?

Right Here!

As the entire human race is going through a huge transition period in history so is the individual person feeling an undefinable evolving stage.

In the middle of all this chaos is one person, and an individual, going through an unstable phase…

As if accepting that all these changes we see around us is actually like a personal call for change within us.

Can we see this as an opportunity to release some old automatic habit and actually look around and see a different way?

Could this be THE time to focus on yourself?

Is your body requesting attention or to be heard by you?

Perhaps there is some ongoing dilemma, life issue, that is waiting for attention?

Let’s say that our physical body is a measuring stick. A unique tool, that we all have, supporting unlimited knowledge.

The highly intelligent tool, our physical body, can act as a transporter. How can we tap into this treasure of information?

There it is… Transforming a thought into an ache, pain or throbbing that we cannot, now, deny is there.

Will we listen to what it says?

Do we believe the story that this body is telling us or can we take this opportunity to say “I have had enough of this, it is time to look at this differently?”

 So, what if you ask a few questions like…

What change within me is requesting attention?

Or, what inside of you is asking for change?

Turbulence inside as on the outside.

Is it the call to take your Health under your responsibility?

What new guidance will come on to us in order to adapt to all these extreme occurrences in climate and weather, governance and leaders, individual or the group, differences and global cooperation…and our Health.

Not everyone sees their search for Health as committing oneself to accepting an inner working of the body.

Maybe it’s a new step for you to bring on your opportunity for change.

Like being in tune with the collective changes coming upon all human beings and each individual, at this time.

What are we committed to?


Could this be THE time to focus on yourself? Health … Life Growth

Observing CHANGE-part II

This morning I had become an observer… sitting at my table and seeing a senior couple waiting on line for coffee as their daughter, standing from the side, was instructing them on proper table reserving procedures …

Lacking patience for the ‘quick speed’ of results from the + 80’s couple and combined with criticism on the tables of busy clientele, the daughter spewed her anger out opposite her parents. Immediately the energy level hit low and became negative.

I found myself an observer in a bubble of silence viewing the whole scene as in slow motion… ‘Change’ … The thought flew by me so very quickly…

…Hasn’t she, the daughter, seen that her parents had moved onto a different pace…?

Finding myself feeling uncomfortable, as I was sitting next to them, I could sense my enjoyable surroundings turning into heaviness.

Will we accept Change as part of life flowing onward? Or, will we deny, refuse to agree or accept, that Change is around…

If the seasons of the year change without us doing a thing, then, evolving is flowing with ….

If you are going through a health situation that is taking up a lot of your thought or energy, then maybe you too can allow yourself to accept, receive what is now, investigate and learn something new about your Self… perhaps a request is lingering at your doorstep or a tapping underneath your thoughts?

Will you identify the deeper request, or the higher understanding, of ‘Change’?

Similar to a blockage, like a building standing there in front of you forever…have you checked what is behind it?

Can you be curious and explore what is in that place… in side of you?

Why is it blocking your view, refusing you the right to see? Is there something you can do to change this observation?

Can you move the obstacle ever so slightly and actually see something you never saw before?

Do you Want to help yourself?

Many people have done this exact observation before you…You are invited to join us…

The information is out there for all to see…if you Want it.

It’s up to you to decide, choose, that you want to help yourself heal and arrive at Health, 100 % and without conditions… all the way. That is exactly what I WANT!

You just gotta wanna…explanation-Want- in this site on Page “My Story” . Click here ))))

Knowing your System

Believing in a system, your system…. I had heard this before 11 yrs ago or had it been 12 yrs… seems soooo very far away…

Just a thought, but it was definitely there…

Had I forgotten it or had I put it on hold… or pause.. or … reform an old thought into a new perspective?

She met me at the Radiotherapy Hall as I had just completed my chemotherapy treatment, at the same hospital.

Helping people for life tools was N.’s trained profession as a N.L.P. counselor, however, her forte was her inept tool of seeing their aura, the energy light.  Understanding their life energies and relating it through her coaching. A valuable asset indeed.

Standing there in the hospital hall, both of us around for the same health reasons, she had transmitted to me a sentence that reverberated within me, nudged me or even stuck in me…

“It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you believe in something”.

I already knew that it was true… I had done the inside investigation into the ‘Source’ of this dis ease that had taken over my health…

I had met it straight on…faced it…delved into my cause of its creation inside my body…

…I arrived at a new understanding…a bold new perspective on a hidden story, belief, in my thoughts that manifested into… that I had translated into dis ease, Cancer in a tumor surrounding, hiding my left kidney… as the Dr. explained when he showed me the xray…

This was the beginning of a new path, a moment of truth for my system, both rationally and emotionally… will I face up to this adversity, obstruction in my life or will I ignore my action, or responsibility, to work on it?

So many years had passed. I grew with my first hand, on site understanding of the body-soul connection.

I had totally understood this intricate, yet all-knowing inner system that navigates us through life, and yes, … and beyond.

Why had this pause happened to me? What messages were there for me to understand?

For what objecive had my belief in a proven system been put on hold? Or rather, why did I take a break from my inner knowing as my tool for healing myself and arriving at Health?

This Corona period has certainly effected humanity and each person surely has a personal and individual story

What is yours?

Perhaps a breakdown in a system that gives and gave proven results is exactly the story that is needed to be investigated in order to bring Change…arriving at our wellbeing… because…

“It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you believe in something”.

Let your something be YOU…the belief that we all have the inner power to help ourselves heal, from the inside first and then, the outside physical results will arrive…

What needs to happen to you for YOU to understand that all Change is good and that you are blessed with a wake up call-Take your health into your own hands-make the system work for YOU, or do the work in order to be…Life! Amen.

Many people have done this before you, helped themselves heal … it doesn’t matter if you choose your inner energy to help you together with Alternative Medicine or even with or without Conventional Medicine… what is important is that you DO Choose

…Reach out to any book or gather information on a process that can help you hasten your healing from dis ease…giving you long lasting results… find a reliable guidance facilitator and then DO… you are welcome to join us


Observing CHANGE-part I

An interesting year this sure was! This reformation of the Human system has certainly made an effect on each one of us.

YOU alongside many, many others thrown into the same category…impressed upon them this new perspective on Health.

How do YOU see this year as your Health was demanding attention?

Can we compare it to the curiosity of arriving at a foreign country?

Or maybe, investigating a new surface…

As in…perhaps our body, health wise-personally-and maybe in the globe?

How exciting to find yourself in a new surrounding and being curious like checking out what’s down that street… hiding up the road, in that alley and behind an interesting building.

Taking a trip to a foreign country, is a routine … checking out the place, admiring the different architecture, buildings and the innovative storefronts.  Noticing the curled balconies, iron twists on the banisters or Mediterranean blue shutters on the windows…

What is behind those shutters? How do the people live in this new location?

Curiosity, as in investigating, searching what is really out there… behind the structures, fences and the gated houses?

Is this a good feeling? Can we allow ourselves to explore?

Making decisions that change our lives from what we know today to a new realization is similar to visiting a new place.

…and sometimes what we are accustomed to today might be difficult.

Will we know that a decision for change is upon us?

_ _ _ _ _ it went like this… Finding myself feeling uncomfortable as I was sitting next to them… continue to Observing CHANGE-part II

West fear, East positive option-part 4/4

Written –July 7, 2017, Part 4/4

What if you had a choice to see this Fear differently?

…If you can accept that the world goes around without you, that this is inevitable, and that you can choose to enjoy what there is on this realm? 

How can this be done if you live in Fear?

If we can accept that all change is good, that we can accept change and thrive on this positive value then maybe we can turn a fear into a friend, invite acceptance and give up a struggle, accept freedom of fear and the lightness that we can experience…

Because the world goes around without us doing a thing, being born and dying are the end of the same strand of thought and that is the way it is…

So when some one says to you that she struggled to live then you can ask-Why struggle? Perhaps accept what is, go with it and choose flow, acceptance and lightness then you can help the world progress into an era of transformations or accepting change, acceptance to receive the change in order to give us, to you personally, a better quality of life.

Choose whatever medical treatment you believe can help you.

Others before you have chosen alternative medicine and healing processes with or without Conventional medicine, with results.

We can combine the old and the new, the conventional medicine with body–soul work to get to the sources of our sickness.

Conventional medicine has made great gains and, in addition, the oldest cultures used other ways to help themselves thru sickness.

We can choose lightness and freedom having it all give us a sense of going easily or fear with struggle.

Written draft of July 7, 2017, published on this site on July 17, 2020 in 1-4 parts…

For all Humanity in this Time of Transformation, during this Corona period.

West fear, East positive option-part 3

Written July 7, 2017, filed in drafts-part 3/4

…like a strand of thin unspoken words, appearing within my awareness… change

Can we meet our fears, see them in a new light and then change the way we thought about that particular experience that threatened us?

Maybe it was just a story we fed ourselves because of what we perceived to be true? But, wasn’t really true.

It turns out, that in Buddhism, there is a silent focus to meditate your death as a daily routine.

Why should they bother?

Could this be a fear that can be seen differently?

With my teacher, in the study group on a few occasions, we have done this meditation of seeing our burial.

And you know what? We learned that to fear death was a waste because it was full of freedom, release.

Can you envision the good thing or the essence of your being that you leave on earth to others? Soak yourself in it and see how it feels.

So if for the East culture of deep Death meditation is calmness, freedom and release why is the Death for the Western culture filled with concept of fear lodged on regret and heaviness and burden?

What if you could change your story of death and perceive it differently? What would you gain?

And this is what the Pharmaceutical society, new research funding medicines and new hospital buildings with hundreds of freshly acquisitioned beds for Cancer cures are based on.

The Fear that you might end up down there.

What if you had a choice to see this differently? If you can accept that this is inevitable, that the world goes around without you and that you can choose to enjoy what there is on this realm?


West fear, East positive option-part 2

Written July 7, 2017, filed in drafts, 2/4

…Why change?

This is the greatest thing for humans to do, to accept that change is good, all change is good.

In Neo Psychology (Humantology), the change is a phenomena that happens when you realize your behavior pattern, investigate it and then you are able to perceive it differently in your new behavior decisions.

Author Brandon Bays documents her personal Journey in her Emotional and Physical meditations where she helps us discover our fear that is blocking our growth process.

Then, right there we can experience the change. When we see this visually, in our thought processing, then, this particular moment in time can be understand in a different perception.

Professor of Psychology, John Seaman of Wesleyan University talks about this particular moment in time that we remember, as if chiseled on our mind, because it is a personal and directly related experience to the individual going thru it. He calls it a memory bump.

The bumps can last a lifetime because they are not linked to positive life events that are linked to a specific time.

They can last a lifetime because they are imprinted within us.

In Neo Psychology we experience our direct experiences not only in our lifetime but in regression, which are our personal experiences before our lifetime.

As Brandon Bays relates to these as the issues that remain unresolved, those that we put a firm lid on, closed tight and fester and become a tumor or disease.

If we can face these fears or life obstructions, learn something new from them then we can CHANGE the fear, forgive and let go and then, grow.

Being a good-apprenticed meditator, I sat in the Vipassina meditation and waited until that new thought, like a strand of thin unspoken words, appeared within my awareness. If I can stay with it, feel it nudging in my body, then I could learn something new about my behavior pattern. This awareness can bring change.


West fear, East positive option-part 1

Written July 7, 2017 , filed in drafts – part ¼


I believe that this is important info for each and every person during this time of a huge global transformation period that is effecting all human activity and growth.

Other related blogs, under similar subjects, are listed in this site.

There are long-term results, in documented processes, that can help us help ourselves heal from dis ease….whether you choose Conventional or Alternative Medicine, we all have the healing power within.

The question is…what are you going to do with it?

_  –   –    –     –  _ – _  –   –    –     –  _ -_  –   –    –     –  _ -_  –   –    –     –  _ -_  –   –    –     –  _ –

West fear, East positive option-part 1

“Better to be this way” pointing to his leg braces and cane, while gesturing to his wife and saying “Better to be here with her than being there”-pointing to under the ground.

M. came for his overseas adventure with his wife and while joining the family enclave bus trip I had popped over to say hello to my long time friends.

His sentence just popped out at me and I couldn’t fix in to why it had reverberated inside me.

It took me a while to review the feeling, an inner sensation that it had given me.

Why was this thought on my mind? What had it brought up from inside me?

I knew from my numerous meditations during my healing period of Cancer that the information that I stored in my thoughts and my stories that I told myself could be changed. CHANGE I had discovered several times during the Vepasina seminar that I participated in about 6 yrs after using Brandon Bays “Journey” work to help me heal from the dis ease.

Like flashes of banners before my eyesight, there in front of me for only me to see, was written CHANGE.

Why change?


Returning to what? Corona-5-COVID

What exactly is there that we are getting back to?

Reformatting the education system, hospital outpatients, a dentist visit, getting out of the house… ourselves… our Health?

It all comes down to one thing… You can only help someone heal if he wants to help himself.

Since author John E. Sarno, M.D. published his 1998 bookMindbody Prescription”, based on his empirical patient data on their pain, stress and anxiety, many healthy people have documented their mind-body and soul personal experiences. All these individual discoveries about their mind-body-soul connection that gave them full Health results are in written books, articles and digital blogs.

Medical doctors have experienced a leap forward in their understanding of the body as a tool of our thoughts with their acceptance of the Mind-body and soul relationship. First-hand data and scientific doctors are integrating this ‘knowing’ from their personal experience, in to their passion to help people get health.

I had heard from other professionals who had encountered patient loads that were effecting their energy. The severity of the patients’ conditions had caused them physical discomfort.

They have understood the Eastern attitude of holding onto Health and the Western mentality of clinging to the Sickness.

During this Corona-COVID period, the traumatic experience of the medical staff set off an alarm of attention and was a priority signal for help. The task of keeping an ongoing team with updated qualifications to assist us all in getting through a difficult time, has left scars that cannot be denied or buried. Tensions have arisen above the surface.

Here’s the story…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _

He had asked me for help as the headaches worsened and the upper stomach was uncomfortable….

The corona virus had hit the “Old Age Homes” and his work shift was long, numerous and precautious… the amount of protective clothing was essential to a healthy vibrant nursing staff…

The tension and need for calmness and release were thoughts that were popping up in his mind, in his conscious thoughts.

Could I help?

This 37 year old was developed spiritually far beyond his age. Supporting a known fact that his generation is definitely more advanced than the generation before him at the same age.

Coming back to the room from his cleansing meditation, he explained in his own words his reformatted understanding from his visual scenes. His every sentence was so perfectly timed with the evolving ‘New Order’ of the human experience during the Corona pandemic…. He summed up his new feeling as calming and restful…

What did I learn?

…That I can help someone who wants to help himself. Someone open to the power of the energy within himself to heal and allowing a release of the old and accept something new…

The immediate on-line healing of meditation processing is like the quick straight to the vein infusion. Proof of the inner perspective of ourselves that can beat conventional medicine to results, for a long time effect.

A reminder that you always have the inner energy to help yourself heal. The question is what are you going to do about it?

…You too can integrate energy making techniques, whether you choose conventional or alternative medicine, for your Health.

I received a gift and I want to give it to anyone who wants it…

It’s been 5 weeks since arriving back home to quarantine and starting this blog draft. The “stay home” restriction is loosening and I can take a spin around the block….

What are we returning to after the Corona period?

Could it be Health?

A shift in the way the global human experience can accept a new way and release the old?