What is the value of rest, what does it give to us?

Did you know that you can ask your body to reprogram its’ files before you fall asleep ?

And then what?

You receive updates…will you be aware of this in the morning?

Is there an aching in your body that requires extra attention?

Or is there a dilemma that is baffling you?

Rest can provide you with the on line answers…

As we sleep our intuition is fastened to antennae’s drawing energy to our most deepest sources of thought. We can allow ourselves to use the sleep time for retrieving energy and building new healthy cells. Receiving answers to our questions.

How about programming the question into your thoughts before falling asleep?

As you fall asleep try concentrating on the part of the body for which you are requesting health or for the new ache that all of a sudden arose within you when you awoke this morning.

The special codes, made especially for you, are transmitted directly to you, in such an intelligent way that is unique to the distribution complexity of the universe.

You might want to ask yourself to be aware this morning of new signs, of this new information directed to you specifically.

Perhaps the answers will come to you in a whisper of a word or phrase. As if a thought that you noticed wasn’t there before and now it pops into your mind.

Or, remembering a dream that came to you in the night. Your guide through your processing method might know the value of dreams and advise you of the codes.

As we become more aware of our Presence, more attuned to power within ourselves to help ourselves heal, we are able to use this new information we have gathered from rest time.

Like updating the old system we are used to, the behavior pattern that we have been using over and over.

Maybe this worn out system hasn’t been working for you?

Is the answer to your question in a new system program that is requesting to enter and update the new system files, your thoughts, for your health?

Can this new information help you to see something new like turning your head in an angle of 180 degrees?

Louise Hays comments in her book “You can heal your life” that we can request to release the old behavior pattern locked there in that part of our body that is aching and request new information, a new behavior pattern…to bring ourselves health.

…We can help ourselves heal.






Emotions blocking our nose

It’s the cold season.

Changing weather brings on the stuffed sinuses.

Or, perhaps the time of the year that many family gatherings evolve around highly sensitive feelings erupting like an allergy-sensitive to…?

It came upon me as a bit of a chill but yet, I didn’t feel cold.

Kind of snuck up into my nose.

What was in this exhausting day that the emotions just clogged up the nose?

I sat on it, as in meditation principle of being inside the pain or in the part of your body that is calling for your attention.

As I sat and watched the thoughts that came up in my visual area the word CREATE appeared loud and clear.

Why should that word be there?

I checked it out, questioned its appearance and waited to see how it feels in my body.

A thin line of black, like a narrow flow of an upward stream from the ground underneath and through my feet, traveling up into my head.

Then, washing down in a crisp white stream appeared in the returning flow from my head along the route down into my feet.

Continuing in my visual screen as a new flushing of white.

I noticed my breathing enjoying this as it filled my chest and arose thru my nose up to my head.

What thought is clogged in my nose, wanting to reach the energy chakra of information in my head?

“Allow yourself to receive” was the phrase that came up in my view.

Receive what?

“Receive goodness” was written in that visual space.

As I stayed with these words, this thought, the continuing waves of white and my breathing, were taking it all in…it felt comfortable, good.

Then another layer broke loose.. I started to cry … it was sadness.

Under this sadness was a new wave of white and the word ‘Newness’ flew across my mind’s eye.

Staying with this word brought calmness; inner quiet in my chest… was a real good feeling.

How do we create?

I always thought it was my fashion drawing that I left with my former years or my guitar playing put aside for another stage in my life..

I discovered that to Create means that we can allow ourselves to have something else emerge from within ourselves…

What can it be?

A new way of thinking or seeing the old thing in a different light…

Or creating a new behavior pattern by releasing the old and welcoming the new system to register inside our mind.

If its gardening that gets you involved in yourself or writing or helping others… maybe you too are creating?

I created goodness as the lovely young women asked to sit at my restaurant table, approaching me as she was looking for a vacant spot.

Her immaculate tailored, flat open neck mandarin neck line, impeccable look, simple make up and accentuating eye glasses just took my breath away…

A bit of a conversation and I learned about her job lunch break and family. Such goodness spread over this table. I was all smiles and ears. We both enjoyed the little exchange and then I was on my way.

Why had this person stayed in my memory as an eventful moment?

Could the release of goodness from me toward her, allowing the goodness to enter my life by consenting to her request- to simply find a place to sit with her tray… could this be a new avenue for creating goodness?

I could have refused her, sent her walking around looking for a place to settle herself down during her short lunch break. No, I chose, with complete awareness… the choice to give goodness… and I felt sooooo goood.

What avenues of creativity are you opening today?

Author Louise Hay comments in her book “You can change your life” that we can open channels to receive goodness, abundance with unlimited creativity.

What are you creating today? Painting, gardening or giving… or Goodness?

the Present with a cup of coffee?

Can a cup of coffee help us heal?

For me it was the cup of coffee, first of the day at 10 a.m.

My day had started at 6:00 with a brisk walk and exercises then entering the schedule of daily first errands for caring for myself or for others.

If the atmosphere of sickness has drained you, then, what can you do?

Get out to a different environment and then, while holding in your hand that first cup of coffee of the day allow yourself to take it to your lips and close your eyes. Feeling the first sip pass your mouth you can pay close attention to its sliding down your throat and then that gulp.

To be in the Present, totally in the Present, without a single sign of another atmosphere…

Can recharge your batteries.

This is how it came over me as I had completely separated me from the surroundings of sickness, disease. Out in another location, letting my nose take in the particular smells, closing my eyes…being present and then…just letting this enter my awareness.

Eckhart Tolle writes in his book, “the power of NOW”, about present focus on the total feeling of an awareness entering his system.

As this first coffee trickles down my throat, feeling each and every drop sliding from my lips to the bottom and then… came a sigh. I took it in and noticed the movement in my body mirroring back to me….release in the shoulders and then the word ENJOY.

Stepping into our awareness, staying with it and then waiting for that moment of a space like an open window of Presence…There it is- ENJOY!

The moment of enjoyment can come to us in exactly the same way as this first cup of coffee outside of the regular environment…

Perhaps it’s your mint leaves in hot water served in the most comfortable cup…

Or maybe it’s your choice of herbal fusion from your favorite shop…

Or is it that hot chocolate on a cold day with that special chocolate bit that is placed on the side…

As you take it toward your lips and that sip settles within you as the sign of release, coming thru your awareness as a good feeling inside you, notice how your body answers with soft shoulders and ease as you close your eyes… Letting this feeling flow around your physique.

What message comes to your awareness as you wait and pay attention to your breathing in and out or as you study your chest movement up and down?

That cup of…the secret of being Present.   …helping us heal.

(Dedicated to A. E.)

the World and it’s order

Each one to his own way, our choices are the paths we take, and yet…

The World goes around…

How do you see the order around you and in your world?

It dawned on me one day with a silent, split second thought…

…I have no control on the way of the world, of the universe…I can agree to get onto this flow or fight to control…

A sudden awareness came over me that I can join the flow …only if I Want.

Here’s how this happened…

Standing in the back of the house, peering at the newly sprung blossoms on the emerald green leaves, I was caught in time.

A particular bubble of silence came over me as the words appeared in my visual sight…

…the seasons come around, the world moves around, it has nothing to do with me… the world moves without me…

Intensive weeks of meditation, getting to the Source of my tumor with every processing that I could lay my hands on and now this sudden flash.

Like words written especially for me.

It was June 10 and I had never noticed these magnificent blossoms of vital pink with edges dipped in watercolor red.

This exact moment was like being stuck in a very slow movie frame, just a few seconds and I was looking at this clear picture of experiencing the flow as the exact opposite to control.

This innate feeling, sense of undergoing the understanding that these blossoms will appear on this bush every season.

They’re supposed to bloom because the world goes around…

I have no control of this way of the world, of the order of the universe and I can agree to hop onto this flow or stand rigid fighting to control.

Is this why humans who fight with their disease can only find the struggle, remaining firm to their old beliefs and not letting go as in go with the flow?

Dis ease, as Louise Hays calls it in her book “You can heal your life”, is there for us as an inner wakeup call, an alarm bell blasting out for our attention. Like the ringing of a hidden emotion erupting in our body shell that is demanding a new response.

As if the universe sent out a pair of pincers, tweezers selecting YOU among everyone. Like saying that YOU are worth saving if you want to Change.

What is it that is in our belief, that which has stunted our personal growth now disguised in the shape of a tumor, pain and disease?

What do you believe in to help yourself heal, assisting you with the change you request?

In every meditation I asked for Change, visualized the change taking place right there in my body at the Source of my issues.

Seeing the change inside the kidney that held my tumor and experiencing the visual image of the transformation.

I had asked myself- how does this change appear inside me?

Just as I had seen this happening within my body, when I decided that I Want health, unconditionally, 100%.

So if I can choose my thoughts then why not choose the thoughts that I Want?

If I can see the change inside that precise part of my body then I can decide to flow with the change.

Every spring season, exactly during the second week in June, those magnificent pink red blooms open up, reminding me that they will always bloom when they know the time is right.

The world continues to go around, whether I am there or not, because the flow of the world processing itself is just that – the flow, and not the control.

The change will come on its own, when it’s ready. The seasons will evolve the change without me.

I needn’t do a single thing….just accept Change and flow!

If I can accept change and the flow of the world then I need not control or struggle…I can allow myself to accept Health, Life and welcome my Growth as the world goes around.

The order of the universe will flow just as it has for centuries.

We can choose to get on the cycle of flow, in the universe’s order and accept change within ourselves or choose struggle, holding onto the old, used, “set in our ways” behavior patterns.

The world goes around and we can join the flow, accept and look for Change…only if we Want.

Dreams can help

Dreams tell the truth

Did you know that we usually know what our dream means?

Our intuition is busy in the night, recharging our cells with rejuvenating healing. Also, new information is entering our minds, new kind of thinking clues that want to be understood by us.

Like downloading files into our computer system.

Remembering our dreams gives the codes for seeing something new in our old behavior pattern.

The soul and the mind send us a message that it is time to update our true Wants.

My hair stylist asked if I understand dreams?

After telling me the details, she had herself provided the sentence “…and I think I know what it means…”

Yes, her explanation was on target.

With my knowledge of how this tool can help her I offered her to check her options for as she said ”I feel like I need to do more for my heath.”

She checked her choices for caring for herself and if she really wants to regain strength in her legs for as she said  “Once I get moving I feel so good just like I remember when I was younger.”

We recall some of our dreams.

You can have a pen and paper next to your bed so you can scribble it down when you awake.

Write how the dream started and what you saw in your surroundings, all the events that happened and if there were people you knew or undefined persons in your dream.

Deciphering our dreams together with our self-help guidance person, who might have learned about decoding dreams, can assist us in bringing new information into our system.

A tip in understanding your health state and your solutions, in a new light.

Kiss the blues Good Bye

Imagine YOUR Sack of Gratitude-giving thanks-that can free you of thatblueishmood.

Sitting next to her, in our meditation class, she explained how she fills her “waking up” each morning …

Listening to O.’s precise, well-constructed on-site experience was totally spellbinding…for she had had a lot of sadness, depressing and low energy days.

How can we turn a low energy feeling into strength and health?

Awakening in the morning, even before she opens her eyes, O. explains that while she still lies in bed, she fills the imaginary sack beside her bed with the positive things she plans for that day…

Bringing her joy and vitality, energy for the daily chores…from seeing the office manager’s smiling ‘Hello’ to the grocers “have a nice day”… you get the idea. Little or big, being aware that it’s there… For all the things that she can allow herself to feel joy and thanks.

Losing her son ten years ago, she found herself feeling low. After a while she felt ready to exchange sadness like heavy black shades in her life by letting in the white light and turning her days into Thanks for joy…

She was determined to lift herself up from gloomy days.

Falling asleep at night, as she closes her eyes, she imagines her sack next to her bed and puts in it all the joyous things that happened to her on this day, all the thanks of gratitude that she received from her daily routines…people, family in her life.

Can you place a sack of gratitude next to your bed?

A sack of thank you’s, full of thoughts of joy that came up that day…even the slightest hint of the smile someone gave you or from the people around you

Can you allow yourself to fill your sack with the goodness that was given to you during the day?

From the smile your neighbor gives you to your legs that carry you to wherever you want to go or catching a glimpse of the sunrise…

What would you put in YOUR sack of gratitude if YOU had the blues?

Being with Your Self

Why be with Your Self?

Why do we hear people advise us- just be with yourself !

What do they know about this? Why bother?

Going thru the healing experience of Cancer can be a real discovery.

Discovering what? Where?

D. didn’t feel like going to work today. He chose to call it a free day but didn’t know what to do with this day.

My immediate reaction was – be with Your Self.

During my healing period from Cancer, walking down the corridor from healing to full Health, I learned that the quietness of Self is the healing agent.

Sitting in my own quiet, meditating with the processes that I choice for my healing, I was constantly busy with Me…delving into my Self. Nurturing myself physically and mentally and discovering the patience for my healing decision.

Here’s my example:

Doing the things I love to do-*learning; *being with my felt senses-as Gendlin says in the Focusing theory; *discovering the hidden lids on issues within myself that I hadn’t faced and resolving them-“the Journey” work by author Branden Bays…*making energy-when feeling weak I found a comfortable place to sit and sinking into the chair I had allowed myself to close my eyes and see energy in and around each part of my body; *nourishing my physical build with the foods that could support my healing-making energy gave me a raving appetite and I cooked and enjoyed my favorite foods…*lesson planning for a new tourism course in English language for foreigners-Standing before a class and instructing for 3 hours…

All this to resolve the tumor within me that had accumulated from the lack of awareness, drawing my attention. Discovering a new way of seeing the old that was implanted in me, in my thoughts.

It was a hell of a discovery, the journey was on its way and there I was savoring each and every development on my route.

All this means being in the ‘present’. That place of neither being there nor here but smack in the middle. Being totally with what is, at the present minute.

In the book “The Breakthrough Experience” the author Dr. John F. Demartini,               relates to the balance we find when we are in the ‘present’. Author Echhart Tolle of “The Power of Now”, sat for weeks on a park bench observing all in his view when in a depressed state. The Dalai Lama writes numerous books about his solutions to world issues and of the clarity he experiences in the ‘present’ state during his daily meditations.

I relate to the power within ourselves to heal when we are in the ‘present’. Like zooming in on to a mass of energy and transmitting it to the specific part of your body that you want to heal.

Being with the Self, discovering the blockages that support your tumor or disease, is the great work on remaining in the ‘present’. Those who have experienced this sense of calm, like when you are involved densely in something that totally captivates you, then you hold on to a lot of energy.

What is it that your soul really wants?

What is it that you want to be free of?

Discovering the balance within your Self is a piece of work and it sure is ongoing…

For now, during your healing period, the nurturing of the Self, the real heart of the issues that the soul transfers to us physically, is the place for ‘present’ work.

What is it that you really WANT, 100%, unconditionally…meaning that you are willing to put your entire Self into this project…

Meaning, finding the ‘present’ in as many times per day that you can…meaning allowing this inner quiet within your Self to divulge new openings for inviting Change to help your Self heal…

Only if you Want to, if you really want change…then you will allow your Self to be in the ‘present’…the true WANT can overcome fear.

As much as you remain in the ‘present’, through meditation or doing the things you love to do, is the amount of help you give your Self to heal.

Can you take time to be with your Self?