RELEASE, Thank you-step 3

Its release-Freedom!!

…When I react that everyone is busy with his own. Announcing that this is good, I am busy with my own business and going from healing to Health. …


The endless phone calls from friends, full of laughter and enriched with understandings of my self-discoveries. The kind of conversations that end with- a sign off- exclaiming that they are feeling much better now after having talked with me and hearing that I am all right.

One girlfriend, who has healed from breast cancer many years ago, would always say to me that I am the only “sick” (raising her fingers for quote marks) cancer patient that she can bring herself to talk to. Many more soul searching conversations would be our agenda over a delicious late’ coffee sitting in the warm sun under the cafe verandas during that winter season.

Release!!!! – An element of self-healing- for yourself and for others. 

-the Medical Staff

A big fat Thank You to the Hematology department of “Bnei Zion” hospital, aiming at the high level of professionalism and care for this one patient out of a sea of many. Every member of staff related to me as if I was the only one for them, in the whole entire world and the sole person in need of them.

To the Hematology unit Social Worker, N., who gave me her time with all of her heart and cleared her schedule for me. She weighed every word from my mouth, guiding me with my choice- my vision that I described to her as “I am walking in the corridor from healing to complete health.”

A special Thank You to the Head of the Hematology department, Dr. A., who in addition to her enormous medical knowledge that she showered upon me and her activation of her knights in armor, her staff…my doctor heard and listened to me when I stated, “You do what you know, I do what I know”. 

We continued each one in her own business and together; and I would say “You do your work and I do my work”…and her reply was “I don’t know what you are doing but continue doing it”…and that’s just it! I continue doing my work.