How valuable is the “LIST of what I HAVE?”-part II

So here’s the story…

It was a stormy, blustery winter day approaching Christmas time.

We hit the road in our comfortable brand new, well-heated compact car. Lightening, thunder, torrential rain and thick fog circled around us…

A romantic trip home, 2 hrs away, accompanied by the selection of custom downloaded music, exactly for the purpose of giving ease to driving treks. The lilting familiar sounds hum humming in our ears…lovely and calming.

Like being in our own private bubble of security, warmth and going forward to our destination…I patted the dashboard of the car with thanks for giving us all of this…and immediately…

Those 1 ½ hours of office discussion pounding the downs of negativity were reregistered into our thinking process with our laughter experiencing the lightning and thunder while seated cozily side by side, secure in comfort! Feeling invincible replaced vulnerability!

On this treacherous ride home I had immediately started the “List of what we Have”, knowing that positive thoughts are the counter to negative ones.

Positive lists of what we have along with the present are the parts of the natural knowledge stored within ourselves in order to help us heal from the inside out…

Although it took such a short time to bring both of us down, however, with this tool I was able to help us lift ourselves up, start back on the path to smiling.

Wherever you may find yourself, against whatever the odds…

… right in front of your nose you can try to give thanks to… your sight for seeing whatever there is before you in the present view, the breathe your breathing right now going up and down in your chest

…or by patting the car with gratitude for taking you wherever you want to go….


How valuable is the “LIST of what I HAVE?”

How valuable is theLIST of what I HAVE?”- Part I

Did you ever walk into the Doctor’s office feeling somewhat unhappy and walk out feeling totally in the pits, deep sorrow and haunting pain that couldn’t be shaken off?

…Or finding yourself in a real low mood, depleted of energy and looking for a pick me up?

How does this happen to us?

One minute like this :)) then the next minute like that :((?

Did you ever hear of the List of What you have?”

This list is compiled by you, sitting quietly and tuned into your thoughts. Only 100% positive thoughts, unconditional, without excuses or buts or ifs….

Four columns: What I have-materialistic items, family, people; My qualities- attributes, strengths, talents; What I love-to do, activities and etc.; What I want- all things materialistic or abstract of whatever, let your mind go…

On the top of your columns, write a few things that point you out in a crowd, the things that identify you before anyone else.

As you compile your list try checking in yourself how you feel. Is there a part of your body calling attention to you, feeling a bit constricting? Perhaps coming over you is a smile, grin or a nod… maybe your breathing changes, your chest is quiet…

How valuable is the “List of what we Have ?,

Even when we are down in the dumps we can always look around us and compile a list of the positive things in our view at this exact moment.

Want to hear an example of how this works?

Sitting across from the professional advisor, we offered our detailed list of negative complaints. Our participation in 1 ½ hrs of verbally reviewing the written list of destructive feelings. Accumulated, edited and spoken out before the Dr. of Psychiatry.

That’s all it takes, is 1 1\2 hrs of constant discussion on your suffering in order to remake pain…aching head, joints and heart. All of this by the constant review of your thoughts of the past… from your thoughts thrown to the future and buffered by present shopping list of agonies!

…and there you have it! You have the perfect recipe for further suffering and pain…

What happens when you know, by personal knowing as I do, of the journey going from suffering to resolving the source of pain…?

How about seeing the opportunity for grabbing onto positive thoughts?

Reentering these new images into your thought system in order to make a better feeling within you?

So here’s the story…