Whats up and down-Growth

As if looking at a wave…rising up and then gradually dipping down.

How long will this wave stay at the full rise?

Is it the feedback from the universe that brings us into the up and down movement? Or, is it what is within us that moves the movement of the waves?

Has it ever happened to you that you recalled some experience so many years ago and was surprised that years later you had changed your view of what had happened? …at what had happened to you…?

How does this occur and why is it there?

Each and every personal experience can contribute to our growth or lack of it.

How will you see an experience? Will it change your view or hasten your growth?

Have the words “I’m afraid of…” or “What a fright when…” come from your mouth while explaining to a colleague your fear of the new neighbors that you might find next door to you when you move houses?

What is there to be afraid of? You look around and can’t seem to find the answer…

This storage of personal experiences, of maybe centuries of reoccurrences, called regressions, can leave a reaction in you…unexplained, called FEAR.

Maybe this fear is a story line that you tell yourself and has outgrown its function?

How will you know this?

Authors Branden Bays, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Weiss, Katie Byron and many more have documented their personalized techniques, processes, while providing actual information in their published books. All these, for us to learn from while lowering our skepticism about pin pointing that feeling we have, even though we can’t identify the emotion or where it came from.

Appearing in many authored books are tools that we can employ in our life, if we choose to examine and investigate that same old way of thinking. Like seeing it in a new and different version, one that you hadn’t been aware of before…

These processes allow us to get to the Source of our pain, suffering, dilemma and fear. First, by being aware of its personal existence and then, by seeing the details of this very individual story.  As if clarifying what really happened under a magnifying glass…or putting a light on the Source.

How can you get to the Source, to the actual beginning cell of a reoccurrence felt within you that is obstructing your sight, growth?

Allowing yourself to reach this Source is your true Want, a personal request, making your intention exact, for change…

Will you recognize this Want when the pain or suffering appears?

Or, maybe you choose to cling to the old story line by putting your attention on each vibration that echoes inside? Are you confirming that this slight ache, stiffness or uneasiness is good and you want to continue with your story line, your old belief? … Refusing to accept change?

How can you help yourself to evolve, develop and thrive?

It all comes down to one thing…the personal story we tell ourselves…

Can you allow yourself to be aware of this subjective experience that comes from within you, that you called “fear”? Investigating, checking it out and asking questions…

the Recipe in this site and blog invites you to view a personal documentation of the Source and true Want combined with the inner power within each of us.

Becoming aware of a personal familiarity that has left a footprint in your story and allowing yourself to see this in another light…is changing your tale…

You are welcome to join us… you can put your hand out to any well-known, authored book on the shelf …choosing a process that speaks to you, finding a reputable person to guide you through the stages…

Whether you choose helping your self heal from the inside along with conventional or alternative medicine, you are using the energy within you for making Results.

We can help ourselves heal with the inner energy inside us…only if we Want… You are invited to join us…there are many who have done this before you… you can help yourself heal.

Dedicated to G.S. Jan 5. 2020

Attraction as in Positive “I feel wonderful”

Did you ever have the feeling that some sentences you read just pop out at you?

Or, being in a conversation and noticing that someone says something that reverberates in you?

How about walking your friend to the door and the interaction with someone coming towards her and saying a sentence to you that just strikes up a chord. You can’t seem to place what this does to you?

Or, trying to stop and check out what this does to you when you see it makes you feel odd?

You just can’t put it into words until you associate it with a prior sensation and then…pop…you got it!

This slight, ever so clear opening in the thought…it’s called clarity.

Why do some people have these moments of clarity and others miss them or don’t realize it’s happening to them?

Early in my healing task I learned a tool that I want to share with you, for those who want to help themselves heal….

Can you allow yourself to easily say “I feel wonderful” and mean it too!

Sitting over our cup of coffee at the meeting table, my acquaintance divulged to me that as she does more and more Chi Kong sessions with meditations, she has realized how thankful she is. It’s about acknowledging the small things in her daily life.

Within myself, I held my seat, very aware not to say a thing, as it would be for my sake and not for hers and thus I took in her every word and smiled.

In the book “the Diamond Cutter” I had just read that the people we attract to us is in our own doing and here it was right before me.

This aura of positiveness just spread around our table and all the four women involved in the conversation had only wonderful, enchanting words on the subject and this permeated around us.

I even noticed, before our tete a tete, a particular woman sitting nearby who always complained and yet when we all dispersed I remember she wasn’t in sight.

How does this work?

Did you ever feel that you prefer to be around some folks and others you just pass on by?

Drawing positive feelings from others is part of our healing as we accumulate plus reactions to make more positives that are attracted to us.

Whenever I was asked -how am I feeling, my reaction to say “I feel wonderful” turned into my automatic reply. It wasn’t put on, I was working on this all the time with meditations, while adopting “Louse Hays” approach that what you feel inside is what you reflect outside…and I wanted health and healing…

If I can attract more positive to me, to my healing process, then the universe will respond with positive attraction…

Want a little tip? Look into the mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself that you love yourself, you’re a wonderful person and believe it! Check your positive attributes and give approval.

Then, when people come up to you asking how you are you can allow yourself to easily say “I feel wonderful” and mean it too!

Doesn’t that feel good?

How valuable is the “LIST of what I HAVE?”-part II

So here’s the story…

It was a stormy, blustery winter day approaching Christmas time.

We hit the road in our comfortable brand new, well-heated compact car. Lightening, thunder, torrential rain and thick fog circled around us…

A romantic trip home, 2 hrs away, accompanied by the selection of custom downloaded music, exactly for the purpose of giving ease to driving treks. The lilting familiar sounds hum humming in our ears…lovely and calming.

Like being in our own private bubble of security, warmth and going forward to our destination…I patted the dashboard of the car with thanks for giving us all of this…and immediately…

Those 1 ½ hours of office discussion pounding the downs of negativity were reregistered into our thinking process with our laughter experiencing the lightning and thunder while seated cozily side by side, secure in comfort! Feeling invincible replaced vulnerability!

On this treacherous ride home I had immediately started the “List of what we Have”, knowing that positive thoughts are the counter to negative ones.

Positive lists of what we have along with the present are the parts of the natural knowledge stored within ourselves in order to help us heal from the inside out…

Although it took such a short time to bring both of us down, however, with this tool I was able to help us lift ourselves up, start back on the path to smiling.

Wherever you may find yourself, against whatever the odds…

… right in front of your nose you can try to give thanks to… your sight for seeing whatever there is before you in the present view, the breathe your breathing right now going up and down in your chest

…or by patting the car with gratitude for taking you wherever you want to go….


My Lists-I have…

… Have you made your list of the wonderful things in your life?

Before you sit quietly on these lists write what identifies you, ie: name, parents, your goals or maybe a birthmark, whatever differentiates you from all other people…

The 4 lists, 10 items in each: 1) things and people you have; 2) your qualities; 3) the things you love and love doing; 4) what you want now in this present time?

…And checked your lists for accuracy- is it 100% your unconditional positive answer, no negative after thoughts? This in itself is a great step forward in your healing. For 21 days, in the morning before you open your eyes and before sleep go over these lists in your mind.

You’ll be amazed at how you recall more items as the days go on…

…as your days unfold pay attention to anything different. What happens that didn’t happen before? A thought that was not there before pops up and asks for attention? Being aware of what is happening.

See what happens…

Back to I want to-I can…


Release, Thank you-step 2

…This is how I did my part… I focused on my healing and freed him …And to this I say “Thank you” because he enabled me to get well, to receive and to give…

-My soldier, in spite of the fact that his mother was hospitalized and went thru chemotherapy, continued his duty and serving in sensitive areas, giving his attention to safe guard his fellow comrades while adhering to his objectives. Upon reprieve at home, he also put in visits to the hospital. Changing and putting on uniforms like exiting a civil framework and entering into the army format… free to do his thing…

Thank you for guarding our country, yourself and keeping your energy while giving to me, from you.

-My daughter, the eldest, blessed with this huge heart for giving to everyone around her, receiving citations from her coworkers for exemplary cooperation and task accomplishments …

A working mother with a full time job in the Police, married to a Police man on the beat. During this period of mine, she is a mother of two with a daughter almost six yrs old, a son of 4 yrs.

Jumping from regular routines all day long including dispersing her children to schools in the morning, cutting across town, arriving promptly at work and allowing enough time, when closing her workday, in order to collect the children punctually at the pickup hour.

Liaising with her husband, they adjusted their schedules to enable him to receive a shift that would allow her to arrive at my side. Travel journey of almost three hours entailing 2 train transfers, taxi and foot walk, to and fro. After a full day’s work this trek means arriving back home at 11 PM and rise and shine at 6:00 the following morning to the sound of early rise children, before her departure to work.

Walking around outside in the streets before the hospital, exercising the use of my legs in order to work on my physical strength, she listened to my chosen route for healing and my results.

We devoured the nutritional health sandwiches, bursting with protein, spread between quality speckled whole wheat bread.

She had tucked these into her bag for me and now we shared them considering that she hadn’t time to eat before whizzing out of work.

Freedom, release!

Yes, dwelling on my business freed her from guilty feelings when I could have replied to her differently as she stated “Sorry Mom that I couldn’t come more often”. I responded that I am fine, that I definitely feel great and that I am going from healing to 100% Health!

Thank you for listening to me, enjoying the healthy meals, and in addition, for caring for your family- holding the routine, their source of security.

-My son

What do you do when a huge fruit filled bowl adorned with ribbons and flowers arrives at your hospital bed with a delivery dispatcher?

My son in London says that he feels badly that he can’t do more for me but only send a package.

Its release-Freedom!!

When I react that everyone is busy with his own. Announcing that this is good, I am busy with my own business and going from healing to Health.


The endless phone calls from friends, full of laughter and enriched with understandings of my self-discoveries. The kind of conversations that end with- a sign off- exclaiming that they are feeling much better now after having talked with me and hearing that I am all right.

One girlfriend, who has healed from breast cancer many years ago, would always say to me that I am the only “sick” (raising her fingers for quote marks) cancer patient that she can bring herself to talk to. Many more soul searching conversations would be our agenda over a delicious late’ coffee sitting in the warm sun under the cafe verandas during that winter season..

Release!!!! – An element of self-healing- for yourself and for others.

continue to RELEASE, Thank you-step 3




Food for thought or the thought of food?

Roasted chicken, fresh garlic on organic pasta with garden basil, oregano and cold press virgin olive oil covered with melted cottage cheese…then, I saw Salmon, beautifully pink, set on a tray of green parsley leaves… or sometimes the fish itself… all flew by my minds view…

The nourishment that my body wanted for Health, for regaining new cells of strength…it all called to me.

Are you really what you eat?

During the Chemotherapy period, when my meditations gave me such awareness and clarity, I actually would see various foods float through my visual thoughts.

Saving energy was exactly what I was doing by meditating.

Creating my strength with each meditation, programed precisely to make energy and see energy in and around each part of my body…

Completing the meditation, after returning to the room; bringing my awareness back to my surroundings; by integrating each body part into my current setting, I was always hungry and darting to the frig to design my favorite menu for that moment.

Shopping in the supermarket, walking by the food stalls always providing me with leaping vegetables. Colors, textures of foods actually jumped out at me and tempted me into depositing them all into my basket…

When feeling as if I’m wilting I struck that meditation pose, concentrating on energy in and around my feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, bottom and upper stomach, chest, throat and head.

Actually seeing a vision of the energy in and around each chakra, energy area, giving me vitality, an appetite and enjoying the foods that spoke to me.

There were other mediations too, for producing cells right there in whatever place inside my body where I felt a little tug, requesting attention.

Listening to my body messages with visions of foods like floating clouds in front of my forehead, all blurting out my awareness.

My acute alertness of myself, and my healing process, enabled me to listen to my body, see the signs and take them in…

If you should see a fish fly past your vision…or a tofu slice with stir fried vegies…green broccoli or maybe a juicy entrecote steak…

…could be that your body is screaming for protein, nutrients or vitamins…

Can you be good to yourself and give to your self what it needs, wants…for health?

Support your strength

You’re not alone

When I visited B. after the chemo and before her continued treatment, she talked about her angry state when she received her PET results.

I was asked by B. to help her during her treatment for Cancer.

She took the unclear results and went to each doctor servicing her particular spot in her body. Sounded like she had used a lot of energy to get the appointments and get them fast. Rounding up all the results to show to the senior doctor in her next visit, she felt her accomplishment in moving closer to her strategy.

Although ready to go onwards in her next phase, she spoke of not relying on the conventional medicine path she had found herself in.

I reflected on my choices, at the time that I discovered Cancer and my resolution to use the medical attention that I found I had arrived at and made the aware decision that I was going right there and then to jump on board and arrive at Health…

…for it was not just by chance that at that moment in time, I was standing right there at the Hematology out patient ward distanced hundreds of kilometers from my house.

Together with this decision I went on using the tools that I knew existed for me in the mind-spirit- body connection, in order to achieve 100% health.

Why was B. hesitating? Why was she going back on her commitment a few weeks ago when recognizing that self-help in the mind-spirit can help her heal?

A number of times she brought up the word fear. In “Neo Psychology” this represents a deep down belief that is lodged in her system, from a time period before birth. However I sat with her now not in the context of a formal visit. It was not timely to encourage deep meditation and guide her through the unique “regression” process of “Neo Psychology”, deflating her old belief and replacing with new understanding. This was just a conversational level or a home visit.

How can I give her some tools to get some positive light into her now slightly down disposition?

It all goes back to the basics-the Source and her Will.

She redefined her will, delved into her on- the- surface thoughts and exclaimed that she definitely wants to get this growth out.

When I asked her to mark on her comparison line where she is now in comparison to her starting line and where she wants to arrive, she voiced that her goal mark is 100% health and her place now is half way there.

What do you have to do to get from where you are now to your point of 100% Health ?

This time I saw a transformation on her face and a halt in her body movement. Her eyes took on a new alertness. It was the pause of thought, of deeper inquiring.

Her want for Health 100% divulged her understanding that her trust in conventional medicine can help her reach her goal.

And what else, I asked? Can we help ourselves heal by giving a boost to the conventional accepted medical ways?

She reassured me that she does meditation, multiplying her energy and white blood cells.

Reminding her of the technique that when she feels her chips are down, when the waves are low and she wants to bring them up she can call her escorts. These special advisers of wisdom, her guides that can come to her, only to her, to give her advice.

Trying to find some quiet, I suggested, she can close her eyes, feel heavy in a chair, follow the movement of her breathing, paying attention to the up and down rhythm of her stomach with each breath… ask for her well known helpers from her earlier guided imagery… asking them for assistance, for advice in her situation.

I gave her my example so that she could visualize the effect, how it worked for me and handing a tool to her ready for her to use.

She drew a picture of distress, of being thru a lot in the past two weeks. Reaching out for doctors, appointments, getting results to go on and yet she voiced this cloud of waging it all under her mental strength.

The strength I wanted her to know is that she is not alone, there are others like her wanting health and she has support from her family; her sisters who cook for her, her girlfriends who take her to doctors and if she wants help- I can be there for her too.

Her reaction immediately turned into a huge smile on her face and she reported her earlier comment that she chose me to assist her for she knew of my positive approach.

No two people are the same, no two Chemo patients are the same however, I tuned into what she had to say and understand that if she could pin down exactly what she wanted, her ‘want’, then the ‘how’ to get her there will follow. Just like we had learned in “Focusing”- her implying will bring the explicit and then carry on.

Meaning a state of clearness.

Something to draw strength from, enlarging the positive energy around her.

There is strength in knowing that you are not alone, you can ask for help and there is support around you.

introduction to “the Recipe”

Introduction: the Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice

What joins a Cupcake to a mesh sock bag?

How does a cupcake liaise with a mesh sock bag and famous personalities?

In 2012 Angelina Jolie decided to take part in her healing. What links between Angelina Jolie, world famous actress, and Shelli Rice born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y.?

We both decided that the Power to heal is in our hands.

The Power to recover is in our hands.

We both made a choice. We chose our path.

How did I choose my path to heal? It’s like a cupcake and a mesh sock bag.

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