West fear, East positive option-part 4/4

Written –July 7, 2017, Part 4/4

What if you had a choice to see this Fear differently?

…If you can accept that the world goes around without you, that this is inevitable, and that you can choose to enjoy what there is on this realm? 

How can this be done if you live in Fear?

If we can accept that all change is good, that we can accept change and thrive on this positive value then maybe we can turn a fear into a friend, invite acceptance and give up a struggle, accept freedom of fear and the lightness that we can experience…

Because the world goes around without us doing a thing, being born and dying are the end of the same strand of thought and that is the way it is…

So when some one says to you that she struggled to live then you can ask-Why struggle? Perhaps accept what is, go with it and choose flow, acceptance and lightness then you can help the world progress into an era of transformations or accepting change, acceptance to receive the change in order to give us, to you personally, a better quality of life.

Choose whatever medical treatment you believe can help you.

Others before you have chosen alternative medicine and healing processes with or without Conventional medicine, with results.

We can combine the old and the new, the conventional medicine with body–soul work to get to the sources of our sickness.

Conventional medicine has made great gains and, in addition, the oldest cultures used other ways to help themselves thru sickness.

We can choose lightness and freedom having it all give us a sense of going easily or fear with struggle.

Written draft of July 7, 2017, published on this site on July 17, 2020 in 1-4 parts…

For all Humanity in this Time of Transformation, during this Corona period.