the Recipe-RESULTS-mix well, part III

How does a cupcake with all the trimmings give us healing?

You take the base: the WANT + SOURCE.

Sprinkle the topping with-meditations, professional or reliable spiritual guidance and self-work, in any field of energy theory that works for you.

What do you get? A cupcake! … Of… Results


speeding your healing process with the tools of your choice,

initiating your true want,

receiving calmness through your inner focusing,

renewed energy with meditations and even appetite for the most nourishing menus.

-Let’s not forget that aura of positives, that energy field around you that draws the pluses to you, that you in turn send out and receive once again in return.

Whether or not you choose to combine all the toppings of your cupcake-the meditations, professional or reliable spiritual guidance and self-work in any field of energy theory that works for you- with Conventional medicine or with Alternative treatment, what is important is that you do…choose whatever to help yourself heal.

What to do? How? What are the results?

The combination of self-work, harnessing the inner power within us, together with Conventional or Alternative Medicine has proven results.

There are many people who can share their stories with you.

We have the inner strength, wisdom and energy to help ourselves heal.

It doesn’t matter what process you choose-what is important is that you Do choose and DO.

There are documented experiences, books, reliable authenticated authorized reading and its all out there on the shelves for you to reach for…just extend your hand, take a selection that speaks to you…then, get to work…as in self-work

the Cupcake, Recipe by Shelli Rice