Energy Exercise makes an appetite

My acute alertness of my healing process enabled me to listen to my body, see the signs and take them in…

This happened to me very frequently even as I did an everyday task like pushing the food cart in the Supermarket parking lot or simply stopping at a traffic light.

Like floating clouds in front of my forehead, visions appearing of foods all blurting out my awareness and directing me to Listen to my body messages…

If you should see a fish fly past your vision…or a tofu slice with stir fried vegies…green broccoli or maybe a juicy entrecote steak…

…could be that your body is screaming for protein, nutrients or vitamins…

Can you be good to yourself and give to your self what it needs, wants…for health?

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Energy exercise: Allow approx. 15-20 minutes. As you become more skilled you might want to allow whatever time you have available at that moment-

  1. Settling yourself in a chair, close your eyes, follow your breathing in and out, just sink yourself heavily into that seat. * Feel your backside on the seating. * Your back on the backrest. * Counting backward from 10 to 1 feel yourself deepening in quiet.
  2. With your eyes closed see the energy in your feet and around your feet and say to yourself ”I see the energy in my feet and around my feet”. * Continuing from your feet to your head, paying attention to each part (left and right sides at the same time) *** Actually seeing the energy in the: feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, lower stomach, upper stomach, chest and arms, throat, head. * Using this progression, Repeating “I see the energy in my ____and around my ____”
  3. Eyes still closed, now you begin your return to the room, to your surroundings: by filling each area listed above *** in descending order from head to feet. As if a pitcher of white liquid is held above your head, filling each area with white.
  4. Slowly, pouring white from your head to your feet and saying “white is filling my head, ____ , ____ …”
  5. Last step is returning balance to each chakra, energy area. * You see the hips colored in red, the lower stomach in orange yellow, the upper stomach in yellow, the chest and arms in grass green, the heart in pink, the neck in sea blue, the head in purple red and the spine in a sparkling, shimmering white and gold.
  6. After completing chakra energy balance you are ready to return to the room, your surroundings, * by saying to yourself “on the count of 3 to 1, I return to the room relaxed, rested and balanced”. Say “3,2,1” and Immediately Open your Eyes.

What are you feeling? What is your sensation?