Book or Blogs

Unexpected Book Plan

“You can always turn them into a book” was his comment.

Waiting for the lecture to begin, ordering a coffee at the hotel counter, they had asked me what I do.

This was my first encounter…

Being questioned by young adults in their early 30’s, about my work in helping people who want to help themselves heal from disease, illness or just being stuck.

Surprisingly, I was hearing their openness to the fact that empirical, scientific data is not everything in helping ourselves get our Health.

That’s when he assured me that I can turn my web site blog tips into a book, documenting my experience and how this has helped others. Offering his opinion, the student emphasized that it is important information to know and that there are many people who will gain from being exposed to this material.

An unusual display of opinion on the mind-body-soul route to health. Certainly, not mainstream.

The communication, the sentences said directly to me, were definitely unusual for my ears.

As if popping right out to me!

What is going on inside me that is magnetized like an attraction to only me?

Are the things going on in you asking for attention…like a magnet?

Can it be that individual clues are in those things you hear, read or even come up to you face to face?

Opening Dr. Weiss’s second book “Through time into Healing” he comments in his introduction on the 1992 generation of young adults accepting other methods of arriving at mental health and not being so enraptured by the scientific, traditional medical psychiatry as the Western world knows. Like questioning the all-believing methods and looking for new information to enter their awareness.

Have the new generations been born with an advanced conception of Health in the human world?

Are they able, can and willing to use new information while generations before them found this totally incomprehensible? Or, as a Psychiatrist M.D., taught in western education once told me…’Mystic’.

Can we allow ourselves today to learn from ancient knowledge that was once lost to human society on its way to advancement?

Even before today’s western medicine, the understanding of the connection of the soul to our true want and the inner feelings with our physical signs, all were ancient material used for centuries on the Healing journey.

Does it mean that we as humans are going back in time if we perceive this ancient wisdom as irrelevant?

Why does it work for one person and not for the other?

Is each individual responsible for his own behavior?

Can we perceive our Self, wants and potentials, as part of our journey as known in the development of a World of Masters?

In “Many Lives Many Masters” Dr. Weiss M.D. relates to his conversations with Masters from another realm, who offer him advancement with his Psychiatry work with the human race. He is lifted to a higher level with their information from over the ages. Remarking that this kind of wisdom can not be found in academic books.

If our health is in our own hands… …then, how much do we rely on western medicine doing health to us rather than going for health on ourselves and from the inner investigation?

How can we help ourself heal from inside and get long lasting health for a long time?

Can we contribute to grabbing on to Life and saying goodbye to dis ease?

Being open to receiving new information, like the generation after us…

By combining the inner powers we all have for healing, with your choice of alternative or conventional medicine, then, you too can arrive at health and reach the finishing line before schedule.

Many people have written books on their healing experiences…its all there, out there for you to reach out for…

Whether the words jump out at you from a book or a blog, updating you with on-site experience…the rest is up to you…

Choose the guiding book that documents the process that talks to you, finding a mentor or reliable person to see you through the process and then, what’s important is that you Do help yourself to heal.

Many people have done this before you and YOU are welcome to join us.