I would say to the case doctor, usually the Department Head, “You do what you know and I do what I know”.

What I learn I use and I did what I knew with my understanding of the healing connection of the mind-body and soul.

What’s in my story that makes sense of all this hoodoo voodoo?

Is this how you see it?

The union of conventional medicine and non-conventional was my choice.

I relentlessly went after the source imbedded deep within me that made the tumor and with my inner strength I manufactured the energy to produce new, healthy, clean, cells.

With the guidance of my self-help facilitator in the field of “Neo Psychology”, whom I had learned from for several years, and together with my own self inspired work using Brandon Bays book “The Journey” I selected the healing processes to bring me Health.

Reach your hand out to the numerous self help, energy making books with actual documentations. Or, find out from any reliable source of information about the technique that you can believe in. Find a facilitator with professional or reliable knowledge.Then do!

Doesn’t matter what inner energy procedure you choose…what’s important is that you do choose.

By unveiling those most deeply rooted cells of emotions that were buried under layers and that festered into dis ease, I was going thru my corridor from healing to 100% health.