Why bother getting to the root of your soul?

New Oncology Ward for the research acclaimed Hospital

Standing outside the revolving door, starring at the notice announcing the opening of the new Oncology building and repeating to myself “They don’t know that the mind isdis eased?”. Here am I mimicking the line from “You can heal your life” the book by author “Louise Hay”.

A huge sigh leaves my body as my shoulders droop, repeating it aloud. My companion, the Cancer patient, just continues walking…as if not hearing what I said for the umpteenth time or denying that I said it…again.

Sadness has come over me as I read this, thinking of the hundreds of Cancer cases that will fill the new ward, adding more beds to the unit and keeping them in full capacity, patients hooking up to the intravenous and the ongoing search for medication…

Haven’t they figured it out that the mind is dis eased?

It all starts in the mind, a thought, our belief. We can change our thoughts, our pattern of behavior based on our conception.

Can it be that only I know this? …and yes, it’s work, as in self-work.

That the choice I made for Health was based on how I see the world differently…

“I believe in the never ending information in my mind that connects with my body, that connects with my soul…and with the divine energy of the universe and my energy within me…I heal exactly as I am supposed to heal…I receive health from the universe and I give in return…”

“…I am healthy independent of circumstances or situation…I am just healthy…”

“…and I heal exactly as I’m supposed to heal…”

“… a long life until 120 … health, life and growth”

“It doesn’t matter what you believe in, what’s important is that you believe in something!”, she said to me emphatically and she believed in it.

This statement was passed on to me by a colleague undergoing radiotherapy for Cancer treatment, at the same time that I was receiving chemotherapy, and while she was working in the coaching field.

In twenty five yrs from now as the consciousness of the Western world becomes more accepting of the thinking of the East, and can join this wisdom with conventional medicine, then, maybe then, will these wards include programs for getting at the source of our tumors, pain and suffering.

The mind-body and soul connection has been around for thousands of years.

Why is it that some people choose to understand it more and use this connection to heal themselves, to relieve suffering from the soul outwards and others who turn to scientific research only, never questioning what they can do differently to change their situation?

It’s all about how we perceive our thoughts and beliefs…

Do you want Health unconditionally and without question? What change in your thoughts, or the way you conceive some notion based on your belief, can you adjust in order to grab onto health?

Can you find a mentor to help you get to the source of your ‘dis ease’ within you, face it and see it in a new light?

Change… It’s all about seeing some old thing causing us pain… getting to the root…of our soul.