“There is Life…”

May 26, 2016

There is Life after chemotherapy”

Catching her eye from across the packed room filled with comfy easy chairs, I saw her sitting in that well known pose while hooked up to sachets of chemotherapy.

At this moment, I was accompanying him to his first chemotherapy of round two and although I was told to remind him of the on-site knowledge I had acquired, I felt like a broken record.

This info had been relayed to him many times but the sentence that describes the discussion best is “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

As we finished sharing our conversation and as I raised my head, both her eyes and mine connected. I offered a smile, recognizing her from his previous visits to the chemotherapy department.

Turning away from our locked glances I distinctly saw the words “There is Life after chemotherapy”. Written in my mind’s eye were these words and this time I heard it too.

Examining this thought, halting to ask myself if the thought was really there I had said to myself “What was that doing there?”

Still checking this out in my investigation, I rolled my mind backwards to figure out what had gone on with me before I had heard that sentence screaming.

Remembering how our eyes had locked from across the room and seeing her sitting meekly in her armchair.

In addition, I was deciphering my own “regression” done under meditation, meeting thoughts inscribed in us thru visual pictures from way back in our past before we were born. I recalled the sentence said to me by the character I had met in my meditation- “There is wisdom”.

I remembered that I had been advised by my facilitator that this is information from long ago, by someone with wisdom as it was not said with “I”, without the ego. A statement from an enlightened being, way before her time, with a higher understanding- “There is…”

This ”regression” had helped me then, by understanding my particular dilemma that I had brought up in our processing “Neo Psychology” session, when I was looking for healing help.

Scrutinizing my sentence now, written in my mind “There is Life after chemotherapy”, acknowledging that this sentence was constructed right there and then for a reason, I decided that it appeared for me- to do something with it.

I walked over to her. Asked how she is feeling. She did not understand the native language of this country and asked me to speak in her native language or English.

She was a tourist, coming from a foreign country in order to use the expertise in this Research hospital.

When I asked- how is she doing- she pointed to the chemotherapy machine and asked how I am. After telling her that I feel wonderful I explained that I was accompanying a Cancer patient.

She disclosed the number of chemotherapies she had had and her program, referring to the ‘toxins’ that she is receiving.

Here is when I decided not to unveil the sentence that I had ingrained into my thoughts -”I am receiving health and strength” – helping me on my journey to Health.

This is the belief that I had adopted for if I can choose my thoughts…then why not this one?

Not this, now. I deliberately put it off because I had come to her for another reason.

I divulged to her that I had had chemotherapy six yrs ago. To her dismay, she looked at me standing before her vibrant and alert.

Then there was a moment of silence like a vacuum pulling in all the air around us…”There is Life after chemotherapy” I said to her. Her eyes took in each word.

Adding that I had done many meditations while I was doing chemo.

She asked the million dollar question “ What book did you read?”

“That’s exactly what I did” was my reply.

…there it was…the person who wanted my knowledge, who wanted to help herself…

She turned her test result paper over and handed me a pen, instructing me to write it down and the author. I wrote down-Brandon Bays “the Journey” and Katie Byron and noted that there were other meditations too. I further explained that Brandon Bays comes here to teach her book and I had participated in a session a year after chemotherapy. Katie Byron gave a lecture in our leading hospital before the breast Cancer unit.

Advising her on the many documentations that we can learn from in order to help us heal and that she can choose whatever speaks to her.

Before I parted, I wrote down this new web site of mine and invited her to be the first person to use it and the first person to know of it.

What can I say? So many sentences that I had written in these blogs and pages came out of me, ever so naturally, as I stood there in front of her.

As if the well of water was right there for those who want to drink from it.

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