My Story- 5 Years Later- part 1

My Story- 5 Years Later, October 13, 2015-part I

Sprinting across the 5 year line of “free of cancer cells” and onto indoctrination into the class of “being healthy in all respects” was my doctor’s statement. With this announcement, I graduated to the yearly follow-up replacing the half-yearly.

“You are 10 out of 10”, commenting on how she just loves my blood test results and her wish that all her clients would bring such grades.

Smiling and shining a glow was my case doctor in the Hematology department, the department head, receiving me as I delicately sat down for my half-yearly follow-up.

Health! That was my line, ingrained in every single meditation, every step in my morning walks during and after chemotherapy. “Health, Life, Growth”.

That spot within me directed to what I programmed within my thought, my belief that linked it straight to that energy place inside me, that inner feeling that reverberated and quivered shouting out at me: this is the exact spot- ‘WANT’.

The unconditional, 100% of true desire without buts and ands. The exact sentence, so precise in its positive and present tense, worded description of my ‘WANT’, true desire… “I WANT Health”

Here I sat 5 years after my last chemotherapy, ever so bedazzled that the Doctor proclaimed this 5 year milestone. You see, all along I knew…all along that corridor walking from healing to health I knew…I knew there was Health.

That was my choice and I went for it like a Trojan horse, unleashing all my hidden tools within me. Like a tiger out scouting to find the healing nourishment written by those whose experience had given results and proof and can fill me with the healing help I wanted. All this and more. I included applying all the tools in my understanding.

Why else were those tools put there if not for using them toward Health? !!

The doctor mentioned that I probably had a few fears along the way. She sure was perplexed when I stared up slanting my head in wonder. Had I felt fears?, I asked myself.

Casting my eyes downward now, striking that by now well known to me pose of inward searching, I looked within myself to keep the conversation open. I rephrased the word fears to- experiences along the way. We both agreed that I was not her typical patient and that my progress toward health was commendable.

Her closing statement to me, as is introduced in each of our previous follow-up meetings – “If all my patients were like you I wouldn’t have any patients”. This time she added…”until 120, a long life”…

Written on October 13, 2015

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