introduction to “the Recipe”

Introduction: the Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice

What joins a Cupcake to a mesh sock bag?

How does a cupcake liaise with a mesh sock bag and famous personalities?

In 2012 Angelina Jolie decided to take part in her healing. What links between Angelina Jolie, world famous actress, and Shelli Rice born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y.?

We both decided that the Power to heal is in our hands.

The Power to recover is in our hands.

We both made a choice. We chose our path.

How did I choose my path to heal? It’s like a cupcake and a mesh sock bag.

Discovering the elements of the cupcake

About thirty years ago it was discovered in documented research that positive thinking can affect the Immune System, medically known as Psychoneuroimmunology.

You can change your behavior pattern, your thinking, your process of your thoughts.

I adopted the “Neo Psychology” lessons (known today as ‘Humantology’) that I had been learning for the past number of years that helps us keep our energy.

By aspiring to the positive, bringing these thought frameworks to a crisp short statement made up of positive and present tense we can affect our quality of life, keep our energy.

We can hold on to our energy and get a better quality of life while retaining our own energy, by focusing on what we have in the present and not sending thoughts to the past or future.

Not spending it on others, as in gossip.

In my situation, with Lymphoma Cancer, I replenished my Immune System with numerous meditations by seeing the multiplying of new clean, healthy, strong white cells right there in the afflicted area of the tumor in the kidney. I created energy visually around and inside parts of my body with these meditations and imagery.

At the same time, I was assisted with the Neo Psychology technique to get to my Source of this disease, and also, I used “Brandon Bays” method and book “The Journey” to help me get again to the Source. She had a tumor in her stomach, the size of a basketball, and reduced it completely after 8 weeks.

So, what’s this recipe?

The Recipe-Part I                       #2

So here’s the Cupcake recipe:

The cupcake base =equals

  1. your Will, your deep unconditional Want, your 100 % desire .


2. The Source

All in the positive and present tense



Topping ingredients

The toppings,( ie whipped cream, strawberries, sprinkles, scattered chocolate stars)

= equals

Meditations, energy processes, a professional facilitator that guides you with his/her knowledge to get to your source and any process that you choose for self-work with your inner strength.

What do you get?

**Results: Energy, Positive, producing new healthy cells, power to heal yourself. The possibility to achieve health before conventional medicine!

Let’s take a closer look at this cupcake recipe. 

Cupcake-Let’s take a closer look #3