Attraction as in Positive “I feel wonderful”

Did you ever have the feeling that some sentences you read just pop out at you?

Or, being in a conversation and noticing that someone says something that reverberates in you?

How about walking your friend to the door and the interaction with someone coming towards her and saying a sentence to you that just strikes up a chord. You can’t seem to place what this does to you?

Or, trying to stop and check out what this does to you when you see it makes you feel odd?

You just can’t put it into words until you associate it with a prior sensation and then…pop…you got it!

This slight, ever so clear opening in the thought…it’s called clarity.

Why do some people have these moments of clarity and others miss them or don’t realize it’s happening to them?

Early in my healing task I learned a tool that I want to share with you, for those who want to help themselves heal….

Can you allow yourself to easily say “I feel wonderful” and mean it too!

Sitting over our cup of coffee at the meeting table, my acquaintance divulged to me that as she does more and more Chi Kong sessions with meditations, she has realized how thankful she is. It’s about acknowledging the small things in her daily life.

Within myself, I held my seat, very aware not to say a thing, as it would be for my sake and not for hers and thus I took in her every word and smiled.

In the book “the Diamond Cutter” I had just read that the people we attract to us is in our own doing and here it was right before me.

This aura of positiveness just spread around our table and all the four women involved in the conversation had only wonderful, enchanting words on the subject and this permeated around us.

I even noticed, before our tete a tete, a particular woman sitting nearby who always complained and yet when we all dispersed I remember she wasn’t in sight.

How does this work?

Did you ever feel that you prefer to be around some folks and others you just pass on by?

Drawing positive feelings from others is part of our healing as we accumulate plus reactions to make more positives that are attracted to us.

Whenever I was asked -how am I feeling, my reaction to say “I feel wonderful” turned into my automatic reply. It wasn’t put on, I was working on this all the time with meditations, while adopting “Louse Hays” approach that what you feel inside is what you reflect outside…and I wanted health and healing…

If I can attract more positive to me, to my healing process, then the universe will respond with positive attraction…

Want a little tip? Look into the mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself that you love yourself, you’re a wonderful person and believe it! Check your positive attributes and give approval.

Then, when people come up to you asking how you are you can allow yourself to easily say “I feel wonderful” and mean it too!

Doesn’t that feel good?