Friends help us grow

What are friends for?

I had planned this morning for writing… bringing out what I want to express like an artist takes a brush and applies his strokes on the clean page.

One morning I woke up with Laryngitis, turning into an annoying cough and Post Nasal drip.

Knowing that the pipe between throat and head needed clearing I asked for 2 nights, before falling asleep, to be open to receiving new information.

From where?

Did you know that all the information we need is stored up there in the mind, in a special place called Intuition?

Files and files we have accumulated since before we were born, all there for us to access when we need to grow… as in personal growth.

Nothing is by chance.

Yesterday I had opened my Modern China lesson, and right there in the first line was a leading Chinese writer who has his work translated into English for the NY Times.

The first sentence I see is “Writers are artistic just as an artist takes a brush and paints, a writer paints his story through words.”

Amazed to see this. Talking directly to me! Then, I noticed my thought kept coming up, going back to my earlier comment about the years I had painted and drew Fashion Art but had put it aside for many years.

Later that evening when the coughing persisted I said to myself to just stop. Go write what’s going on with you and see what happens.

As I took the laptop, opened a new page and filled up the open space with my words and thoughts, becoming involved in myself, all was forgotten

Until the cough exploded again and I checked out what was the last thought that blew that noise out…

Here I was all set for this morning with laptop in hand, ready to write like an art illustrator sketching out the details, when my girlfriend called asking for a date-do I have time?

Had time to write down these thoughts and give time to another?

As it turned out she was looking for a bit of healing help to aid her in reaching a conclusion about her dilemma.

To be able to listen to another person, placing your awareness on them, being totally in the present, is like a clearing house of your own.

The art of Listening…

If you get a chance check out the process by Eugene Gendlin called “Focusing” (Focusing is direct access to a bodily knowing, a practice developed from the Philosophy of the Implicit. It can be used in any kind of therapeutic situation, including peer-to-peer)

What are friends for?

To take a bit of time out, from ourselves, and tune into them!