Observing CHANGE-part I

An interesting year this sure was! This reformation of the Human system has certainly made an effect on each one of us.

YOU alongside many, many others thrown into the same category…impressed upon them this new perspective on Health.

How do YOU see this year as your Health was demanding attention?

Can we compare it to the curiosity of arriving at a foreign country?

Or maybe, investigating a new surface…

As in…perhaps our body, health wise-personally-and maybe in the globe?

How exciting to find yourself in a new surrounding and being curious like checking out what’s down that street… hiding up the road, in that alley and behind an interesting building.

Taking a trip to a foreign country, is a routine … checking out the place, admiring the different architecture, buildings and the innovative storefronts.  Noticing the curled balconies, iron twists on the banisters or Mediterranean blue shutters on the windows…

What is behind those shutters? How do the people live in this new location?

Curiosity, as in investigating, searching what is really out there… behind the structures, fences and the gated houses?

Is this a good feeling? Can we allow ourselves to explore?

Making decisions that change our lives from what we know today to a new realization is similar to visiting a new place.

…and sometimes what we are accustomed to today might be difficult.

Will we know that a decision for change is upon us?

_ _ _ _ _ it went like this… Finding myself feeling uncomfortable as I was sitting next to them… continue to Observing CHANGE-part II