“There is Life…”

May 26, 2016

There is Life after chemotherapy”

Catching her eye from across the packed room filled with comfy easy chairs, I saw her sitting in that well known pose while hooked up to sachets of chemotherapy.

At this moment, I was accompanying him to his first chemotherapy of round two and although I was told to remind him of the on-site knowledge I had acquired, I felt like a broken record.

This info had been relayed to him many times but the sentence that describes the discussion best is “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

As we finished sharing our conversation and as I raised my head, both her eyes and mine connected. I offered a smile, recognizing her from his previous visits to the chemotherapy department.

Turning away from our locked glances I distinctly saw the words “There is Life after chemotherapy”. Written in my mind’s eye were these words and this time I heard it too.

Examining this thought, halting to ask myself if the thought was really there I had said to myself “What was that doing there?”

Still checking this out in my investigation, I rolled my mind backwards to figure out what had gone on with me before I had heard that sentence screaming.

Remembering how our eyes had locked from across the room and seeing her sitting meekly in her armchair.

In addition, I was deciphering my own “regression” done under meditation, meeting thoughts inscribed in us thru visual pictures from way back in our past before we were born. I recalled the sentence said to me by the character I had met in my meditation- “There is wisdom”.

I remembered that I had been advised by my facilitator that this is information from long ago, by someone with wisdom as it was not said with “I”, without the ego. A statement from an enlightened being, way before her time, with a higher understanding- “There is…”

This ”regression” had helped me then, by understanding my particular dilemma that I had brought up in our processing “Neo Psychology” session, when I was looking for healing help.

Scrutinizing my sentence now, written in my mind “There is Life after chemotherapy”, acknowledging that this sentence was constructed right there and then for a reason, I decided that it appeared for me- to do something with it.

I walked over to her. Asked how she is feeling. She did not understand the native language of this country and asked me to speak in her native language or English.

She was a tourist, coming from a foreign country in order to use the expertise in this Research hospital.

When I asked- how is she doing- she pointed to the chemotherapy machine and asked how I am. After telling her that I feel wonderful I explained that I was accompanying a Cancer patient.

She disclosed the number of chemotherapies she had had and her program, referring to the ‘toxins’ that she is receiving.

Here is when I decided not to unveil the sentence that I had ingrained into my thoughts -”I am receiving health and strength” – helping me on my journey to Health.

This is the belief that I had adopted for if I can choose my thoughts…then why not this one?

Not this, now. I deliberately put it off because I had come to her for another reason.

I divulged to her that I had had chemotherapy six yrs ago. To her dismay, she looked at me standing before her vibrant and alert.

Then there was a moment of silence like a vacuum pulling in all the air around us…”There is Life after chemotherapy” I said to her. Her eyes took in each word.

Adding that I had done many meditations while I was doing chemo.

She asked the million dollar question “ What book did you read?”

“That’s exactly what I did” was my reply.

…there it was…the person who wanted my knowledge, who wanted to help herself…

She turned her test result paper over and handed me a pen, instructing me to write it down and the author. I wrote down-Brandon Bays “the Journey” and Katie Byron and noted that there were other meditations too. I further explained that Brandon Bays comes here to teach her book and I had participated in a session a year after chemotherapy. Katie Byron gave a lecture in our leading hospital before the breast Cancer unit.

Advising her on the many documentations that we can learn from in order to help us heal and that she can choose whatever speaks to her.

Before I parted, I wrote down this new web site of mine and invited her to be the first person to use it and the first person to know of it.

What can I say? So many sentences that I had written in these blogs and pages came out of me, ever so naturally, as I stood there in front of her.

As if the well of water was right there for those who want to drink from it.

If there is something in this blog that gives you a prod, calls out to you, then, jotting this down in the “Guestbook page for others to read, can help.

What does Healing connect with?

The Healing connection: mindbodysoul

Six months after my last Chemotherapy I was climbing the 197 steps ascending to the top of the Arc D’Triumph in Paris, marching up and down the metro stairs and hiking through the passages of mazes in the London Underground Tube while pulling my wheeled suitcase behind me.

It’s three and a half years, at the time of writing this first draft, since the Department Head of Hematology revealed to me that I was given a considerably aggressive portion of Chemotherapy and now inserts in each half year routine checkup that if all her customers were like me she wouldn’t have any patients.

Our traditional sign off since the day I met my case Doctor in the Hematology unit- “ You do what you know and I do what I know”.

And I did what I know with all my understanding of the healing connection of the mind-body and soul.

My course of therapy was shortened. I went through the corridor from healing to health and took a flight to London and the Euro train to Paris.

The union of conventional medicine and non-conventional processes was my choice.

At my check up, 5 yrs from the last chemotherapy, after the blood tests showed their results, the case Doctor asked me if I had done imagery guidance.

I lifted my face to the ceiling, took in a great breath and rolled my eyes upward and exclaimed I did it ALL

I took on the world of visioning my health, reaching the deep hidden Source of the dis ease and turning my dislodged thoughts into new understandings…CHANGE.

Boosted my energy when it was down with strengthening meditations, nourished my raging appetite with the foods that called to me and worked on my inside glow that reflected radiance on my outside by using self-work.

It is my hope that the tips in this site can offer you information on making your choice, your change and help you vision your health…or your true WANT.


Energy Exercise makes an appetite

My acute alertness of my healing process enabled me to listen to my body, see the signs and take them in…

This happened to me very frequently even as I did an everyday task like pushing the food cart in the Supermarket parking lot or simply stopping at a traffic light.

Like floating clouds in front of my forehead, visions appearing of foods all blurting out my awareness and directing me to Listen to my body messages…

If you should see a fish fly past your vision…or a tofu slice with stir fried vegies…green broccoli or maybe a juicy entrecote steak…

…could be that your body is screaming for protein, nutrients or vitamins…

Can you be good to yourself and give to your self what it needs, wants…for health?

_________________           ___________________        _____________________

Energy exercise: Allow approx. 15-20 minutes. As you become more skilled you might want to allow whatever time you have available at that moment-

  1. Settling yourself in a chair, close your eyes, follow your breathing in and out, just sink yourself heavily into that seat. * Feel your backside on the seating. * Your back on the backrest. * Counting backward from 10 to 1 feel yourself deepening in quiet.
  2. With your eyes closed see the energy in your feet and around your feet and say to yourself ”I see the energy in my feet and around my feet”. * Continuing from your feet to your head, paying attention to each part (left and right sides at the same time) *** Actually seeing the energy in the: feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, lower stomach, upper stomach, chest and arms, throat, head. * Using this progression, Repeating “I see the energy in my ____and around my ____”
  3. Eyes still closed, now you begin your return to the room, to your surroundings: by filling each area listed above *** in descending order from head to feet. As if a pitcher of white liquid is held above your head, filling each area with white.
  4. Slowly, pouring white from your head to your feet and saying “white is filling my head, ____ , ____ …”
  5. Last step is returning balance to each chakra, energy area. * You see the hips colored in red, the lower stomach in orange yellow, the upper stomach in yellow, the chest and arms in grass green, the heart in pink, the neck in sea blue, the head in purple red and the spine in a sparkling, shimmering white and gold.
  6. After completing chakra energy balance you are ready to return to the room, your surroundings, * by saying to yourself “on the count of 3 to 1, I return to the room relaxed, rested and balanced”. Say “3,2,1” and Immediately Open your Eyes.

What are you feeling? What is your sensation?



Food for thought or the thought of food?

Roasted chicken, fresh garlic on organic pasta with garden basil, oregano and cold press virgin olive oil covered with melted cottage cheese…then, I saw Salmon, beautifully pink, set on a tray of green parsley leaves… or sometimes the fish itself… all flew by my minds view…

The nourishment that my body wanted for Health, for regaining new cells of strength…it all called to me.

Are you really what you eat?

During the Chemotherapy period, when my meditations gave me such awareness and clarity, I actually would see various foods float through my visual thoughts.

Saving energy was exactly what I was doing by meditating.

Creating my strength with each meditation, programed precisely to make energy and see energy in and around each part of my body…

Completing the meditation, after returning to the room; bringing my awareness back to my surroundings; by integrating each body part into my current setting, I was always hungry and darting to the frig to design my favorite menu for that moment.

Shopping in the supermarket, walking by the food stalls always providing me with leaping vegetables. Colors, textures of foods actually jumped out at me and tempted me into depositing them all into my basket…

When feeling as if I’m wilting I struck that meditation pose, concentrating on energy in and around my feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, bottom and upper stomach, chest, throat and head.

Actually seeing a vision of the energy in and around each chakra, energy area, giving me vitality, an appetite and enjoying the foods that spoke to me.

There were other mediations too, for producing cells right there in whatever place inside my body where I felt a little tug, requesting attention.

Listening to my body messages with visions of foods like floating clouds in front of my forehead, all blurting out my awareness.

My acute alertness of myself, and my healing process, enabled me to listen to my body, see the signs and take them in…

If you should see a fish fly past your vision…or a tofu slice with stir fried vegies…green broccoli or maybe a juicy entrecote steak…

…could be that your body is screaming for protein, nutrients or vitamins…

Can you be good to yourself and give to your self what it needs, wants…for health?

How do we see CHANGE?

Remember that I was sent to do the PET scan?

As I lay in this tube, instructed to be motionless for 20 minutes, I could not comprehend how I could be immobile for such a long period of time.

I referred to meditation I had done for the umpteenth time over the last seven and a half weeks. Total focus on my body energy, part after part, seeing the energy around and within each portion, multiplying the white cells.

Visioning the clean, new, white, healthy cells stacking nests on top of nests, cloning themselves right there in the area of the tumor. Finishing my thoughts with “ bringing health to my whole body”.

How does this “Health“ look like, appear to me?

From the very beginning of my decision to choose Health, when I recognized that real WANT for 100% unconditional Health, I asked myself how this Health looks.

I just sat there, focusing on this area within me.

In front of my mind’s eye I saw a white mesh netting, similar to a netted sock bag, spread out over the area of the tumor.

In a hand was held the nub of the bag collected in the grasp.

Each time that I envisioned this, the nub grew within the grasped hand as the mesh was pulled and the diameter of the webbing covering the tumor became smaller.

As I laid stark still in this PET scan unit and as I came to the end of my energy meditation, the hand grabbed the nub of the sock bag like a volcanic swish erupting and the netting disappeared completely!

Still in the midst of meditation, I remember saying-where is it? Where did it go?

Then came my reaction-don’t argue with reality! That’s what it is, then that is it!

At this very point, appearing all over, were the greatest white billows I had ever seen before.

Splashes, gushing of white as if fireworks and sparks of glistening purity filled my visual area.

Approaching the end of the 20 minutes allocated for the scan, I went thru the balance procedure of the chokras, areas of energy.

Becoming aware of every limb and part of me, I returned with my awareness to the room, as I do after every meditation.

The technician called me to open my eyes.

I declined from the table, dressed and exited the room.


Support your strength

You’re not alone

When I visited B. after the chemo and before her continued treatment, she talked about her angry state when she received her PET results.

I was asked by B. to help her during her treatment for Cancer.

She took the unclear results and went to each doctor servicing her particular spot in her body. Sounded like she had used a lot of energy to get the appointments and get them fast. Rounding up all the results to show to the senior doctor in her next visit, she felt her accomplishment in moving closer to her strategy.

Although ready to go onwards in her next phase, she spoke of not relying on the conventional medicine path she had found herself in.

I reflected on my choices, at the time that I discovered Cancer and my resolution to use the medical attention that I found I had arrived at and made the aware decision that I was going right there and then to jump on board and arrive at Health…

…for it was not just by chance that at that moment in time, I was standing right there at the Hematology out patient ward distanced hundreds of kilometers from my house.

Together with this decision I went on using the tools that I knew existed for me in the mind-spirit- body connection, in order to achieve 100% health.

Why was B. hesitating? Why was she going back on her commitment a few weeks ago when recognizing that self-help in the mind-spirit can help her heal?

A number of times she brought up the word fear. In “Neo Psychology” this represents a deep down belief that is lodged in her system, from a time period before birth. However I sat with her now not in the context of a formal visit. It was not timely to encourage deep meditation and guide her through the unique “regression” process of “Neo Psychology”, deflating her old belief and replacing with new understanding. This was just a conversational level or a home visit.

How can I give her some tools to get some positive light into her now slightly down disposition?

It all goes back to the basics-the Source and her Will.

She redefined her will, delved into her on- the- surface thoughts and exclaimed that she definitely wants to get this growth out.

When I asked her to mark on her comparison line where she is now in comparison to her starting line and where she wants to arrive, she voiced that her goal mark is 100% health and her place now is half way there.

What do you have to do to get from where you are now to your point of 100% Health ?

This time I saw a transformation on her face and a halt in her body movement. Her eyes took on a new alertness. It was the pause of thought, of deeper inquiring.

Her want for Health 100% divulged her understanding that her trust in conventional medicine can help her reach her goal.

And what else, I asked? Can we help ourselves heal by giving a boost to the conventional accepted medical ways?

She reassured me that she does meditation, multiplying her energy and white blood cells.

Reminding her of the technique that when she feels her chips are down, when the waves are low and she wants to bring them up she can call her escorts. These special advisers of wisdom, her guides that can come to her, only to her, to give her advice.

Trying to find some quiet, I suggested, she can close her eyes, feel heavy in a chair, follow the movement of her breathing, paying attention to the up and down rhythm of her stomach with each breath… ask for her well known helpers from her earlier guided imagery… asking them for assistance, for advice in her situation.

I gave her my example so that she could visualize the effect, how it worked for me and handing a tool to her ready for her to use.

She drew a picture of distress, of being thru a lot in the past two weeks. Reaching out for doctors, appointments, getting results to go on and yet she voiced this cloud of waging it all under her mental strength.

The strength I wanted her to know is that she is not alone, there are others like her wanting health and she has support from her family; her sisters who cook for her, her girlfriends who take her to doctors and if she wants help- I can be there for her too.

Her reaction immediately turned into a huge smile on her face and she reported her earlier comment that she chose me to assist her for she knew of my positive approach.

No two people are the same, no two Chemo patients are the same however, I tuned into what she had to say and understand that if she could pin down exactly what she wanted, her ‘want’, then the ‘how’ to get her there will follow. Just like we had learned in “Focusing”- her implying will bring the explicit and then carry on.

Meaning a state of clearness.

Something to draw strength from, enlarging the positive energy around her.

There is strength in knowing that you are not alone, you can ask for help and there is support around you.

Just do it

Results Blog– the Recipe

What do you get? A cupcake! … Of… Results


speeding your healing process with the tools of your choice,

initiating your true want,

receiving calmness through your inner focusing,

renewed energy with meditations and even appetite for the most nourishing menus.

-Let’s not forget that aura of positives, that energy field around you that draws the pluses to you, that you in turn send out and receive once again in return.

Whether or not you choose to combine all the toppings of your cupcake-the meditations, professional spiritual guidance and self-work in any field of energy theory that works for you- with Conventional medicine or with Alternative treatment, what is important is that you do…choose whatever to help yourself heal.

It doesn’t matter what process you choose-what is important is that you Do choose and DO

What to do? How? What are the results?

The combination of self-work, harnessing the inner power within us, together with Conventional or Alternative Medicine has proven results.

There are many people who can share their stories with you.

We have the inner strength, wisdom and energy to help ourselves heal.

It doesn’t matter what process you choose-what is important is that you Do choose and DO.

There are documented experiences, books, reliable authenticated authorized reading and its all out there on the shelves for you to reach for…just extend your hand, take a selection that speaks to you…then, get to work…as in self-work…

the Cupcake, Recipe by Shelli Rice



the ‘Tip’ that tips the scale…CHANGE

CHANGE is the greatest tip

Did you know that the request you put in for receiving Change is a grand step toward healing?

That little knock up there in the head, the tick tick tic of that knuckle on the thoughts in your mind…perhaps some so small brief scene that you have taken to yourself as your belief…

All Change is Good…why do people who have visioned in their mind’s eye a change understand the force of change within us?

After numerous mediations, both with my mentor’s guidance and on my own using “Brandon Bays” book “the Journey”, I met some old scenes that I had wished had not been there for me…

But don’t you get it?…I requested CHANGE, I ordered the theory that would help me see my story of myself differently…

Change is the answer for receiving growth…going beyond what you cling to today as your belief…seeing it in a new way…learning a new behavior pattern and it starts somewhere…

Change, the most difficult element in our worlds’ dynamics to comprehend is Change.

When we can delve into this “thing” that is so deep within us, embedded into our foundation and bring it out from under those layers of hidden excess debris that stacked itself piled high on top of that “thing”…

…then we can face it, bring it to our awareness and then forgive ourselves, forgive the others in that scene and then…only then, can we understand this belief in a new light…

That change is the Tip to our growth, our new understanding of an old thought…

It’s just a thought, it can be changed…

Any process of energy release with a reputable guidance person can get you on the path to identifying the Change within for gaining Health…

It’s highly personal, constructed and tapered to fit your Want…custom made for you…

It starts with your request for Change…Your belief that “All Change is Good”…

You can start right here and now…just say that you request change and go for it!

Choose a healing process that speaks to you, find that mentor contact person who will set you on your way…

Here’s to all of you who request Change…Amen!