the Recipe-part 1

The Recipe-Part I                       #2

So here’s the Cupcake recipe:

The cupcake base equals


  1. your will, your deep unconditional Want, your 100 % desire .

+ plus

2. The Source

All in the positive and present tense

then Add: Topping ingredients

The toppings,( ie whipped cream, strawberries, sprinkles, scattered chocolate stars)

= equals

Meditations, energy processes, a professional facilitator that guides you with his/her knowledge to get to your Source and any process that you choose for self-work with your inner strength.

What do you get?

RESULTS: Energy, Positive, producing new healthy cells, power to heal yourself. The possibility to achieve health before conventional medicine!

Let’s take a closer look at this cupcake recipe

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Cupcake-Let’s take a closer look #3


The base of the cupcake that is made up of your WILL.

Is it easy to find the difference between what you WANT and what you NEED?