the Recipe-doing the topping

the Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice     Part III       #7

Doing the Topping?

So how did all this come about? How was this enabled?

The topping on the cupcake can be explained by this:

With the inner energy that I found within myself, that all of us have, I harnessed into the depths of meditation to lift me up from every slump in vitality.

I was involved in me, in my own production of strength by magnifying, multiplying and cloning every clump of new healthy white cells.

For every meditation, and there were many in one day, I manufactured new energy and appetite and enjoyed every new morsel that I prepared. Foods jumped out at me as my body, highly aware of what was happening to me during healing, communicated to me its need to nourish itself, with every food that sprang out at me in the supermarket shelf.

I saw visualizations of grilled chicken flying past my minds view.

The perfect al dente organic pasta set under the sautéed tomatoes, garlic and basil in pure virgin olive oil capped with melted cottage cheese, floated past me in my imagination. As if only I had this visual insight into the menu crafted and designed for my private collection, personally for me.

I listened to what my body requested and nurtured myself gastronomically back to health.

I chose, and I mean chose, the way that I wanted to be active in my healing.

I chose the spiritual guidance facilitator to assist me in getting to the SOURCE, the base of the cupcake. (You take the base: the WANT + SOURCE, see #2)

After each meeting I did the self work that was needed to integrate the new thoughts into my life, the element of The topping on the cupcake….

AND…This I must stress…

That any spiritual discovery technique or energy providing process that you decide to use in order to assist your healing is fine-what’s important is that you choose and do!

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