West fear, East positive option-part 3

Written July 7, 2017, filed in drafts-part 3/4

…like a strand of thin unspoken words, appearing within my awareness… change

Can we meet our fears, see them in a new light and then change the way we thought about that particular experience that threatened us?

Maybe it was just a story we fed ourselves because of what we perceived to be true? But, wasn’t really true.

It turns out, that in Buddhism, there is a silent focus to meditate your death as a daily routine.

Why should they bother?

Could this be a fear that can be seen differently?

With my teacher, in the study group on a few occasions, we have done this meditation of seeing our burial.

And you know what? We learned that to fear death was a waste because it was full of freedom, release.

Can you envision the good thing or the essence of your being that you leave on earth to others? Soak yourself in it and see how it feels.

So if for the East culture of deep Death meditation is calmness, freedom and release why is the Death for the Western culture filled with concept of fear lodged on regret and heaviness and burden?

What if you could change your story of death and perceive it differently? What would you gain?

And this is what the Pharmaceutical society, new research funding medicines and new hospital buildings with hundreds of freshly acquisitioned beds for Cancer cures are based on.

The Fear that you might end up down there.

What if you had a choice to see this differently? If you can accept that this is inevitable, that the world goes around without you and that you can choose to enjoy what there is on this realm?


West fear, East positive option-part 2

Written July 7, 2017, filed in drafts, 2/4

…Why change?

This is the greatest thing for humans to do, to accept that change is good, all change is good.

In Neo Psychology (Humantology), the change is a phenomena that happens when you realize your behavior pattern, investigate it and then you are able to perceive it differently in your new behavior decisions.

Author Brandon Bays documents her personal Journey in her Emotional and Physical meditations where she helps us discover our fear that is blocking our growth process.

Then, right there we can experience the change. When we see this visually, in our thought processing, then, this particular moment in time can be understand in a different perception.

Professor of Psychology, John Seaman of Wesleyan University talks about this particular moment in time that we remember, as if chiseled on our mind, because it is a personal and directly related experience to the individual going thru it. He calls it a memory bump.

The bumps can last a lifetime because they are not linked to positive life events that are linked to a specific time.

They can last a lifetime because they are imprinted within us.

In Neo Psychology we experience our direct experiences not only in our lifetime but in regression, which are our personal experiences before our lifetime.

As Brandon Bays relates to these as the issues that remain unresolved, those that we put a firm lid on, closed tight and fester and become a tumor or disease.

If we can face these fears or life obstructions, learn something new from them then we can CHANGE the fear, forgive and let go and then, grow.

Being a good-apprenticed meditator, I sat in the Vipassina meditation and waited until that new thought, like a strand of thin unspoken words, appeared within my awareness. If I can stay with it, feel it nudging in my body, then I could learn something new about my behavior pattern. This awareness can bring change.


West fear, East positive option-part 1

Written July 7, 2017 , filed in drafts – part ¼


I believe that this is important info for each and every person during this time of a huge global transformation period that is effecting all human activity and growth.

Other related blogs, under similar subjects, are listed in this site.

There are long-term results, in documented processes, that can help us help ourselves heal from dis ease….whether you choose Conventional or Alternative Medicine, we all have the healing power within.

The question is…what are you going to do with it?

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West fear, East positive option-part 1

“Better to be this way” pointing to his leg braces and cane, while gesturing to his wife and saying “Better to be here with her than being there”-pointing to under the ground.

M. came for his overseas adventure with his wife and while joining the family enclave bus trip I had popped over to say hello to my long time friends.

His sentence just popped out at me and I couldn’t fix in to why it had reverberated inside me.

It took me a while to review the feeling, an inner sensation that it had given me.

Why was this thought on my mind? What had it brought up from inside me?

I knew from my numerous meditations during my healing period of Cancer that the information that I stored in my thoughts and my stories that I told myself could be changed. CHANGE I had discovered several times during the Vepasina seminar that I participated in about 6 yrs after using Brandon Bays “Journey” work to help me heal from the dis ease.

Like flashes of banners before my eyesight, there in front of me for only me to see, was written CHANGE.

Why change?