Tuning in-to Health, part I

Tuning in to what we want-what does this mean?

Out on my evening walk I passed C.’s house as she was sitting with her relatives. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and a lot of water had passed under the bridge.

After some polite talk her sister-in-law asked how we knew one another. My response was that we had a deep connection…

C. smiled, nodded with her head in recognition of my sentence and added “We spent an interesting year together”.

The sentence hung in the air as if it was there for further investigation.

Then she continued “That was a year full of interesting events and I learned new things…and I am going forward”.

What a sentence to hear from her! Straight from her mouth was her sense of feeling, that inner sense, that we had investigated in the meditations during her chemotherapy treatments.

“Growth” is just that, as expressed by her words. The secret to releasing some old belief way down inside of us, clamped closed with a story just waiting to be met.

Then what happens? We become aware, check it out, understand it differently and release.

Sounds Easy? It certainly takes a decision to want to be healthy under all circumstances, 100% unconditional Want.

C’s friend had heard of my results from helping myself heal from cancer and suggested she might listen to what I had to say. She set up a meeting.

C. was so convinced that this dis ease was upon her, however she tuned in to my way of looking at sickness as an alarm bell going off just in time to awake us…that there is something to clear up inside of ourselves and C. went to work at it. Requesting me to come as she was looking for help to get to her health.

We met periodically as she sat in meditation, disclosing the source of her dis ease.

Keeping in tune with getting to Health…. For C. it meant realizing that she can allow herself to give time to herself, to her own development from an unconditional decision that that is exactly what she needs to do to get to what she wants…her health.

She realized through viewing the scenes under meditation, in her source of her disease, that there is a time for giving of herself to others in order to help them thrive and now is the time for giving to her self-development. Letting go of her sense of abandonment, that she felt right there in her chest, by actually experiencing a new sense of feeling…. The freedom arose in her chest and then the joy of release…

It is time to develop your Self, was the clear new understanding that was disclosed.

C. then understood that things were not exactly, as she thought it was… She can allow herself to give to her Self and her story had nothing to do with abandoning those close to her.

Allowing herself to gather reading materials that spoke to her, C. engrossed herself in her own reading. It became a new thing in her life…putting herself first , her development and allowing her family members to know that here and now she comes first and they are a part of her.

She acknowledged her goal… to reach Health results and she went to it with all her energy.

This is CHANGE, that is THE secret to GROWTH and your inner power to help yourself heal. Arriving at your intention to agree to change a thought, to release your old belief, to accept something new…to accept change…and to get to your true Want-Health!

Many people have done this before you…go to any shelf, extend your hand and reach out to the numerous documented books….Read, investigate what’s written, find a reliable facilitator to assist you or someone who has chosen this path and has results …then DO! Doesn’t matter if you are combining conventional medicine or alternative medicine with your choice to heal with your power within you…what’s important is that you DO.

We all have the power within, the energy to heal before conventional medicine and arrive at long lasting results.

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