Tuning in –to Health- Part II

What belief have you stored inside you, letting it fester into dis ease? Do you WANT health unconditionally? Are you willing to let something go…like float out the door…. And accept a new way of seeing the old thing?

Maybe the situation was not exactly as you thought it was?

Can you face the real meaning inside your belief or look at the fear you are carrying around in you?

This is CHANGE that is the secret to GROWTH and your inner power to help yourself heal. Arriving at your intention, to agree to your true Want-Health.

Putting the ego aside, that ‘IT’ that drives us.

According to writer Dr. Dwayne Dyer, and his experience in his book, this is actually bringing our true Want to the Source of creation and this brings healing. Do you know why?

He writes that we are meant to heal exactly as we should, like the way we were born, like the source of creation.

Sometimes when the dilemma in solving what we want doesn’t come, or not enough or … , … , …, then, maybe there is a little more work to do on this subject of ours? …

Clearing out the clutter in the house was an ongoing thought.

Releasing the old from my life and accepting the new. Thanking and releasing into the garbage bin, the cotton shirt that I wore through chemotherapy, my tool in assisting my itching back. Releasing it with thanks for the wonderful goodness it gave me.  Out with the old and welcome in the new like making space within my Self for the new things to enter into my LIFE.

I cleared out a lot of stuff from the house.

Two pieces of bed side tables and two wooden chairs just happened to stay around.

What do I want with them?

The thought of being creative had come up a few times in my morning meditation.

Out for my early walk I played with this thought, why was it there? Did it feel good? My shoulders immediately relaxed. Letting the thoughts turn into words, the words flowing by in my minds view…

Yes, I can create…looking around for a new variation of the same theme, like a new way of seeing the old furniture…PAINT!

Catching that thought as it drifted by my minds attention, I froze those words. Investigating the thought, then, thinking “I can do that”. I had done it before!

I found myself receiving advice from a friend’s daughter, a furniture restorer, who just happened to be at the same concert. I surprisingly caught myself standing at the counter buying paint and then marking the calendar for a special weekend to do the job.

“How’s the painting coming along?” he asked.

“I finished it, its lovely…just as I had intended!” imitating what I had read in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “the Power of Intention!

“Focusing” by Gendlin explains how the intention and the explicit, then, just carries out…

WANT, all starting from our true WANT.

…and things are not working out as you think you want? Can you be implicit or exact in what you ask for?

And who hears you when you ask?

Maybe, rethink it out…is this exactly what you want? Or, is there a little bit of nagging in your neck, shoulder or head ache when you question what you believe is what you want?

Can you make a list, balancing the 10 advantages and 10 disadvantages for this Want? Is there equanimity? Balance, as in the equal amount on both columns?

Or, maybe you think you want to work in the perfect setting, conditions, salary etc. but really, all you want is to paint those pictures to your hearts content? How can we see the same thing differently?

If you could see your choices, your options, would you choose exactly what you want?

What about health?

Are there conditions for this health that you Want? If you want this Health so much, then why put up stumbling blocks? You can knock out each clump by getting to the Source within you that builds the blockage and start now creating HEALTH…only if you WANT!

Katie Byron documents her process of investigating, discovering her true want, by writing her thought process in a form of self-discussion. Standing on her own two feet again was her intention, when she knew what she wanted.

Once again, through her books, we experience what all these authors explain as when the soul and the mind unite there is calm, as in quiet.

What can you release, or as Dr. Wayne Dyer writes- identifying resistance, in order to get to what you Want? Is there a hidden story, the source of your belief, that is creating your dis ease and maybe, just maybe, it might not really be as you think it is?…

If you had a magnet to throw out to the Universe and get more energy attracted to you then why not start right now….release the old anger, fear, ,,,,,exchange it for positive energy and magnetize all the pluses that can give you Health.

We all have the inner energy to heal …so attract more of what we want with the intention sent out to harness the energy of the Universe.

Its Free so why not try it!

How can the energy within you give YOU the power to heal….to health?

What’s blocking you from seeing your story clearly? Is there a story, some belief, your thought that keeps returning to your thinking?

As Brandon Bays says in her book “The Journey” that after we have put a lid on some belief or story that we tell ourselves, some Source of our sickness, it is time to face it and forgive. Let it go and receive healing.