Observing CHANGE-part II

This morning I had become an observer… sitting at my table and seeing a senior couple waiting on line for coffee as their daughter, standing from the side, was instructing them on proper table reserving procedures …

Lacking patience for the ‘quick speed’ of results from the + 80’s couple and combined with criticism on the tables of busy clientele, the daughter spewed her anger out opposite her parents. Immediately the energy level hit low and became negative.

I found myself an observer in a bubble of silence viewing the whole scene as in slow motion… ‘Change’ … The thought flew by me so very quickly…

…Hasn’t she, the daughter, seen that her parents had moved onto a different pace…?

Finding myself feeling uncomfortable, as I was sitting next to them, I could sense my enjoyable surroundings turning into heaviness.

Will we accept Change as part of life flowing onward? Or, will we deny, refuse to agree or accept, that Change is around…

If the seasons of the year change without us doing a thing, then, evolving is flowing with ….

If you are going through a health situation that is taking up a lot of your thought or energy, then maybe you too can allow yourself to accept, receive what is now, investigate and learn something new about your Self… perhaps a request is lingering at your doorstep or a tapping underneath your thoughts?

Will you identify the deeper request, or the higher understanding, of ‘Change’?

Similar to a blockage, like a building standing there in front of you forever…have you checked what is behind it?

Can you be curious and explore what is in that place… in side of you?

Why is it blocking your view, refusing you the right to see? Is there something you can do to change this observation?

Can you move the obstacle ever so slightly and actually see something you never saw before?

Do you Want to help yourself?

Many people have done this exact observation before you…You are invited to join us…

The information is out there for all to see…if you Want it.

It’s up to you to decide, choose, that you want to help yourself heal and arrive at Health, 100 % and without conditions… all the way. That is exactly what I WANT!

You just gotta wanna…explanation-Want- in this site on Page “My Story” . Click here ))))

Knowing your System

Believing in a system, your system…. I had heard this before 11 yrs ago or had it been 12 yrs… seems soooo very far away…

Just a thought, but it was definitely there…

Had I forgotten it or had I put it on hold… or pause.. or … reform an old thought into a new perspective?

She met me at the Radiotherapy Hall as I had just completed my chemotherapy treatment, at the same hospital.

Helping people for life tools was N.’s trained profession as a N.L.P. counselor, however, her forte was her inept tool of seeing their aura, the energy light.  Understanding their life energies and relating it through her coaching. A valuable asset indeed.

Standing there in the hospital hall, both of us around for the same health reasons, she had transmitted to me a sentence that reverberated within me, nudged me or even stuck in me…

“It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you believe in something”.

I already knew that it was true… I had done the inside investigation into the ‘Source’ of this dis ease that had taken over my health…

I had met it straight on…faced it…delved into my cause of its creation inside my body…

…I arrived at a new understanding…a bold new perspective on a hidden story, belief, in my thoughts that manifested into… that I had translated into dis ease, Cancer in a tumor surrounding, hiding my left kidney… as the Dr. explained when he showed me the xray…

This was the beginning of a new path, a moment of truth for my system, both rationally and emotionally… will I face up to this adversity, obstruction in my life or will I ignore my action, or responsibility, to work on it?

So many years had passed. I grew with my first hand, on site understanding of the body-soul connection.

I had totally understood this intricate, yet all-knowing inner system that navigates us through life, and yes, … and beyond.

Why had this pause happened to me? What messages were there for me to understand?

For what objecive had my belief in a proven system been put on hold? Or rather, why did I take a break from my inner knowing as my tool for healing myself and arriving at Health?

This Corona period has certainly effected humanity and each person surely has a personal and individual story

What is yours?

Perhaps a breakdown in a system that gives and gave proven results is exactly the story that is needed to be investigated in order to bring Change…arriving at our wellbeing… because…

“It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you believe in something”.

Let your something be YOU…the belief that we all have the inner power to help ourselves heal, from the inside first and then, the outside physical results will arrive…

What needs to happen to you for YOU to understand that all Change is good and that you are blessed with a wake up call-Take your health into your own hands-make the system work for YOU, or do the work in order to be…Life! Amen.

Many people have done this before you, helped themselves heal … it doesn’t matter if you choose your inner energy to help you together with Alternative Medicine or even with or without Conventional Medicine… what is important is that you DO Choose

…Reach out to any book or gather information on a process that can help you hasten your healing from dis ease…giving you long lasting results… find a reliable guidance facilitator and then DO… you are welcome to join us