Emotions blocking our nose

It’s the cold season.

Changing weather brings on the stuffed sinuses.

Or, perhaps the time of the year that many family gatherings evolve around highly sensitive feelings erupting like an allergy-sensitive to…?

It came upon me as a bit of a chill but yet, I didn’t feel cold.

Kind of snuck up into my nose.

What was in this exhausting day that the emotions just clogged up the nose?

I sat on it, as in meditation principle of being inside the pain or in the part of your body that is calling for your attention.

As I sat and watched the thoughts that came up in my visual area the word CREATE appeared loud and clear.

Why should that word be there?

I checked it out, questioned its appearance and waited to see how it feels in my body.

A thin line of black, like a narrow flow of an upward stream from the ground underneath and through my feet, traveling up into my head.

Then, washing down in a crisp white stream appeared in the returning flow from my head along the route down into my feet.

Continuing in my visual screen as a new flushing of white.

I noticed my breathing enjoying this as it filled my chest and arose thru my nose up to my head.

What thought is clogged in my nose, wanting to reach the energy chakra of information in my head?

“Allow yourself to receive” was the phrase that came up in my view.

Receive what?

“Receive goodness” was written in that visual space.

As I stayed with these words, this thought, the continuing waves of white and my breathing, were taking it all in…it felt comfortable, good.

Then another layer broke loose.. I started to cry … it was sadness.

Under this sadness was a new wave of white and the word ‘Newness’ flew across my mind’s eye.

Staying with this word brought calmness; inner quiet in my chest… was a real good feeling.

How do we create?

I always thought it was my fashion drawing that I left with my former years or my guitar playing put aside for another stage in my life..

I discovered that to Create means that we can allow ourselves to have something else emerge from within ourselves…

What can it be?

A new way of thinking or seeing the old thing in a different light…

Or creating a new behavior pattern by releasing the old and welcoming the new system to register inside our mind.

If its gardening that gets you involved in yourself or writing or helping others… maybe you too are creating?

I created goodness as the lovely young women asked to sit at my restaurant table, approaching me as she was looking for a vacant spot.

Her immaculate tailored, flat open neck mandarin neck line, impeccable look, simple make up and accentuating eye glasses just took my breath away…

A bit of a conversation and I learned about her job lunch break and family. Such goodness spread over this table. I was all smiles and ears. We both enjoyed the little exchange and then I was on my way.

Why had this person stayed in my memory as an eventful moment?

Could the release of goodness from me toward her, allowing the goodness to enter my life by consenting to her request- to simply find a place to sit with her tray… could this be a new avenue for creating goodness?

I could have refused her, sent her walking around looking for a place to settle herself down during her short lunch break. No, I chose, with complete awareness… the choice to give goodness… and I felt sooooo goood.

What avenues of creativity are you opening today?

Author Louise Hay comments in her book “You can change your life” that we can open channels to receive goodness, abundance with unlimited creativity.

What are you creating today? Painting, gardening or giving… or Goodness?