My Story- 5 Years Later- part 2

…Her closing statement to me, as is introduced in each of our previous follow-up meetings – “If all my patients were like you I wouldn’t have any patients”. This time she added “… until 120, a long life”.

The remark really hit home when she exposed her excitement about my health by saying to me that she will never forget me. Just think of it…that waiting room is chucked block full of patients, getting chemotherapy and receiving other hematology treatments… and Me, she will always remember.

I look upon those faces seated in that waiting room and in despair, I say to myself the third time this month- Don’t they know that the Mind is sick? “Dis ease” as writer Louise Hay calls it in her book ”You can heal your life”. The mind is at dis ease.

Escorting me to the secretary counter my doctor rules that I am to receive an appointment for next year. That terminology is the well-accepted code for a clean bill of health and the secretary beamed and exploded in glee saying that besides being a happy statement it is extremely emotional and exciting. That is when I just opened the flood gates like the St Lawrence Seaway and the tears gushed out unexpectedly.

You see, it was not unexpected for me. I went through the journey, logged the daily work on and in myself…but yet the exclamation of the factual detail that this is IT, Health for a long time, just broke me down… ‘cause these are exactly my words in months of preparation for hearing just this, on this day.

“Health for a long time” was one of my exclusive sentences that I had realized was my individual understanding. Part of the reformatting in my minds computer system.

I guess we can reload our system but there is a time lapse when it REALLY knows, identifies with this particular new information that entered into the system.

I had done many reload meditations, self-work with my mentor and then on my own. Used several approaches from different books written by people who have written their experience down on paper for others to turn to, to open and set their eyes on their evidence, flick through the pages and decide to adopt their beliefs from hands on, in the field usage.

There is a lot of information out there on the shelves. All you have to do is decide, make a choice that you can help yourself heal and then do the work.

“The Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice” in this site, is my contribution.

Just go out there and look for the energy giving process you believe can help you.

Find a reliable trainer, reputable or recommended. Someone who gives you a comfortable feeling. The rest is in your inner power to use the experience and knowing of your guidance giver.

Rely on the universal understanding that all change is good, then growth is inevitable.

All the information is out there. It doesn’t matter what you choose, what is important is that you choose something…anything…that helps you harness the inner energy that you have to help yourself heal.

All the answers for healing your tumor, your dis ease, is in you…

Someone with professional 0r reliable self-work knowledge can assist you in using yourself to find those answers within, to open your Pandora Box of secrets.

This approach has helped thousands before you. You’re welcome to join us.

It does not matter what you choose…the important thing is to choose something to help you use your healing energy within.

October 13, 2015