How do we see CHANGE?

Remember that I was sent to do the PET scan?

As I lay in this tube, instructed to be motionless for 20 minutes, I could not comprehend how I could be immobile for such a long period of time.

I referred to meditation I had done for the umpteenth time over the last seven and a half weeks. Total focus on my body energy, part after part, seeing the energy around and within each portion, multiplying the white cells.

Visioning the clean, new, white, healthy cells stacking nests on top of nests, cloning themselves right there in the area of the tumor. Finishing my thoughts with “ bringing health to my whole body”.

How does this “Health“ look like, appear to me?

From the very beginning of my decision to choose Health, when I recognized that real WANT for 100% unconditional Health, I asked myself how this Health looks.

I just sat there, focusing on this area within me.

In front of my mind’s eye I saw a white mesh netting, similar to a netted sock bag, spread out over the area of the tumor.

In a hand was held the nub of the bag collected in the grasp.

Each time that I envisioned this, the nub grew within the grasped hand as the mesh was pulled and the diameter of the webbing covering the tumor became smaller.

As I laid stark still in this PET scan unit and as I came to the end of my energy meditation, the hand grabbed the nub of the sock bag like a volcanic swish erupting and the netting disappeared completely!

Still in the midst of meditation, I remember saying-where is it? Where did it go?

Then came my reaction-don’t argue with reality! That’s what it is, then that is it!

At this very point, appearing all over, were the greatest white billows I had ever seen before.

Splashes, gushing of white as if fireworks and sparks of glistening purity filled my visual area.

Approaching the end of the 20 minutes allocated for the scan, I went thru the balance procedure of the chokras, areas of energy.

Becoming aware of every limb and part of me, I returned with my awareness to the room, as I do after every meditation.

The technician called me to open my eyes.

I declined from the table, dressed and exited the room.