the Recipe-let’s take a closer look

the Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice  #3

Let’s take a closer look at this cupcake recipe. Is it easy to find the difference between what you WANT and what you NEED?

The base of the cupcake, this is made up of your WILL.

Deep down inside of us is that place where we keep our thoughts under guard as if in our private vault, the real answer to the WILL, that unconditional agreement that this WILL is exactly what I  WANT, in no uncertain terms, 100% with no strings attached.

This in itself is a chunk of work, as in self-work, deciphering out the conditions and recognizing the whole hog! Come hell or high water…THAT IS WHAT I WANT!

Can I tell you my own personal story? For Example:

After my body had given a sign with one lung filled with fluids, indicating that something was wrong inside my bodily organs, I was hospitalized.

In order to find out what was wrong there was a barrage of tests.

After the tests and diagnosis comes the beaurocratic approvals to use the medical facilities at my disposal and all this only after the full PET scan (to screen your body, mapping the extent of the cancer cells before treatment commences).

And then, only then, can you start the Chemotherapy program.

After 10 days of hospitalization, numerous tubes and a quite boisterous ward, especially at night, I made the decision that come hell or high water I was to start on the path to health.

The PET scan invitation from the regional hospital, I was advised, could take a week in arriving.

What could I do to help myself toward even starting the path to heal, to health?

After ten days in the hospital, I had no intention of delaying my foot at the starting line.

How can you arrive at WANT?

I went into the bathroom in the hospital, found myself in my own quiet, sort of like a bubble of silence.

Knowing from Neo Psychology that the combination of the positive and present tense in our thought is the key that opens our minds’ understanding, I closed my eyes and let my thoughts divulge words and sentences.

Deepening into my sphere of silence as I stood there with my eyes shut, I pushed my thoughts to take my WANT and make a short crisp sentence with the parameters I knew to be true-positive and present tense.

I played around with these sentences and like molding the clay modules over and over into words, thus, evolving my mold of my unconditional, 100% without if and buts. The true request: I Want health.

I held that sentence, devised personally by me, for me, and repeated it with conviction as I felt it in my body. The gradual deepening inside me as I scaled the place of the energy or frequency that matched this sentence perfectly.

Staying with it, holding my sentence in tune completely with the area of the body that resonated the correct decibel that could uphold my statement, I released those perfectly attuned words and set them out for all the universe to hear. “I Want Health”.

From my cocoon of quiet in that bathroom I returned to my bed on the hospitable floor.

Fifteen minutes later the department head of Hematology ran into the ward and proclaimed that I am to start fasting immediately as she received a call that I was invited to the determining PET scan in 4 hours.

She further announced that in the 15 yrs that she is head of the department in this hospital, this is the first time that the PET scan was requested and within 24 hrs the patient was called to arrive for the test, less the next morning!

It just happened that someone cancelled his or her appointment when my request came in and I received the slot.

I simply replied that I do what I know and she does what she knows.

Her reply was “ I don’t know what you did but you can continue doing it”.

And that is just what I did!

I continued inviting those pluses, positive energy, to attract to my request or WANT.

I arrived at the downtown hospital in my infirmary pajamas, tubes adhered & still emptying out the fluid in my lung, completed the scan and was taxied back to my hospital ward across town.

Results you are asking?

The next morning my PET test results arrived at my hospital ward and I strutted into the Hematology outpatient clinic and received my first Chemotherapy.

I started my path to Health as my foot lifted over and crossed the yellow starting line and I sprinted off from healing to Health.

Eight weeks later, or should I say, seven and a half weeks, to be exact, there was not one single Cancer cell in my body.

Here’s where the mesh sock bag connects to the cupcake.

I’ll explain later…

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