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the Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice -the Source           #4

Continued: Closer look at the Cupcake recipe…

Remember that the base of the cupcake is made up of WILL + the SOURCE?

WILL we talked about.

What is the Source?

The Source can be explained by the hidden issues that are kept far down within us.

We have placed on top of those thoughts a big heavy lid slammed shut, closed. All of us have these issues, experiences or even beliefs that are stored up and kept inside, and be it festering.

If we are able to meet these old cell memories, face them, learn from them a new way of thinking then we will allow forgiveness and change and thus help ourselves to heal.

Does this sound like a sort of voodoo whodo to you?

When you believe in the connection between mind and body and soul then all the skepticism disappears.

With the help of a professional guidance person, known for credibility of reputation in his\her particular energy field, someone that we believe in, then we can find that SOURCE that created the dis ease with in us…

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