Support your strength

You’re not alone

When I visited B. after the chemo and before her continued treatment, she talked about her angry state when she received her PET results.

I was asked by B. to help her during her treatment for Cancer.

She took the unclear results and went to each doctor servicing her particular spot in her body. Sounded like she had used a lot of energy to get the appointments and get them fast. Rounding up all the results to show to the senior doctor in her next visit, she felt her accomplishment in moving closer to her strategy.

Although ready to go onwards in her next phase, she spoke of not relying on the conventional medicine path she had found herself in.

I reflected on my choices, at the time that I discovered Cancer and my resolution to use the medical attention that I found I had arrived at and made the aware decision that I was going right there and then to jump on board and arrive at Health…

…for it was not just by chance that at that moment in time, I was standing right there at the Hematology out patient ward distanced hundreds of kilometers from my house.

Together with this decision I went on using the tools that I knew existed for me in the mind-spirit- body connection, in order to achieve 100% health.

Why was B. hesitating? Why was she going back on her commitment a few weeks ago when recognizing that self-help in the mind-spirit can help her heal?

A number of times she brought up the word fear. In “Neo Psychology” this represents a deep down belief that is lodged in her system, from a time period before birth. However I sat with her now not in the context of a formal visit. It was not timely to encourage deep meditation and guide her through the unique “regression” process of “Neo Psychology”, deflating her old belief and replacing with new understanding. This was just a conversational level or a home visit.

How can I give her some tools to get some positive light into her now slightly down disposition?

It all goes back to the basics-the Source and her Will.

She redefined her will, delved into her on- the- surface thoughts and exclaimed that she definitely wants to get this growth out.

When I asked her to mark on her comparison line where she is now in comparison to her starting line and where she wants to arrive, she voiced that her goal mark is 100% health and her place now is half way there.

What do you have to do to get from where you are now to your point of 100% Health ?

This time I saw a transformation on her face and a halt in her body movement. Her eyes took on a new alertness. It was the pause of thought, of deeper inquiring.

Her want for Health 100% divulged her understanding that her trust in conventional medicine can help her reach her goal.

And what else, I asked? Can we help ourselves heal by giving a boost to the conventional accepted medical ways?

She reassured me that she does meditation, multiplying her energy and white blood cells.

Reminding her of the technique that when she feels her chips are down, when the waves are low and she wants to bring them up she can call her escorts. These special advisers of wisdom, her guides that can come to her, only to her, to give her advice.

Trying to find some quiet, I suggested, she can close her eyes, feel heavy in a chair, follow the movement of her breathing, paying attention to the up and down rhythm of her stomach with each breath… ask for her well known helpers from her earlier guided imagery… asking them for assistance, for advice in her situation.

I gave her my example so that she could visualize the effect, how it worked for me and handing a tool to her ready for her to use.

She drew a picture of distress, of being thru a lot in the past two weeks. Reaching out for doctors, appointments, getting results to go on and yet she voiced this cloud of waging it all under her mental strength.

The strength I wanted her to know is that she is not alone, there are others like her wanting health and she has support from her family; her sisters who cook for her, her girlfriends who take her to doctors and if she wants help- I can be there for her too.

Her reaction immediately turned into a huge smile on her face and she reported her earlier comment that she chose me to assist her for she knew of my positive approach.

No two people are the same, no two Chemo patients are the same however, I tuned into what she had to say and understand that if she could pin down exactly what she wanted, her ‘want’, then the ‘how’ to get her there will follow. Just like we had learned in “Focusing”- her implying will bring the explicit and then carry on.

Meaning a state of clearness.

Something to draw strength from, enlarging the positive energy around her.

There is strength in knowing that you are not alone, you can ask for help and there is support around you.