What does Healing connect with?

The Healing connection: mindbodysoul

Six months after my last Chemotherapy I was climbing the 197 steps ascending to the top of the Arc D’Triumph in Paris, marching up and down the metro stairs and hiking through the passages of mazes in the London Underground Tube while pulling my wheeled suitcase behind me.

It’s three and a half years, at the time of writing this first draft, since the Department Head of Hematology revealed to me that I was given a considerably aggressive portion of Chemotherapy and now inserts in each half year routine checkup that if all her customers were like me she wouldn’t have any patients.

Our traditional sign off since the day I met my case Doctor in the Hematology unit- “ You do what you know and I do what I know”.

And I did what I know with all my understanding of the healing connection of the mind-body and soul.

My course of therapy was shortened. I went through the corridor from healing to health and took a flight to London and the Euro train to Paris.

The union of conventional medicine and non-conventional processes was my choice.

At my check up, 5 yrs from the last chemotherapy, after the blood tests showed their results, the case Doctor asked me if I had done imagery guidance.

I lifted my face to the ceiling, took in a great breath and rolled my eyes upward and exclaimed I did it ALL

I took on the world of visioning my health, reaching the deep hidden Source of the dis ease and turning my dislodged thoughts into new understandings…CHANGE.

Boosted my energy when it was down with strengthening meditations, nourished my raging appetite with the foods that called to me and worked on my inside glow that reflected radiance on my outside by using self-work.

It is my hope that the tips in this site can offer you information on making your choice, your change and help you vision your health…or your true WANT.