RELEASE, step 1 to Thank You

Thank you / Release

Self-work, as in inner healing, releases or frees those whom are close to us.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to all of you who intimately embraced me.

Secondly, I’ve rethought it out and it’s not just thank you-

It’s also: describing to you the capability to be so very clear with oneself about “My belief in my Way”; in being so completely focused inward into one’s self, being busy with your own business; and what this does to others around you, and more important what this does to those closest to you.:

R E L E A S E, as in F R E E D O M!

While doing Chemotherapy, follow-up appointments, hospitalizations…I freed those closest to me…

-My Husband

Taking me twice weekly to the hospital Hematology outpatients, my husband drove us to the central downtown city drop off point and car park. We preferred to transfer and taxi for another half hour ascent, up the steep hill through the Italian style winding streets and closely packed avenues until reaching the hospital destination. Leaving home in the dark at 4:50 A.M, being used to living far from city limits and the advantage of preceding the early morn bumper traffic, enabled us to be at our 8:oo A.M. checkup, on time. The more that I progressed in my Cancer healing the number of outpatient Hematology visits decreased.

My husband handles two income spinners, private business and hired employment both complimenting each other. While waiting for the Doctor I adopted a practice of meditating during the long delay in the reception room, focusing on myself. Then, listening to music through the cel ear phones like being in my own hermetic balloon with the others surrounding me; they creating too much noise for my ears… me, working on focusing myself on me.

How intense was I with this focus mission? When I understood how well I had intrigued myself with myself.

Meeting with my Neo Psychology, NeoHumantology guide, she complimented me on how good I looked, while mirroring my approach that I related to others- how I feel inside is projected on my outside,.

At this point she asked me if I saw how the other Cancer patients look, those who arrive for follow ups? My reply “ I haven’t paid attention!!”

That’s how much my responsiveness was completely drawn into my own business, focused on me!!

This allowed my husband to sit leisurely and read his books as we waited, receive his work calls on his cel, pop off to the cafeteria where he updated his business papers and attended to new orders.

At one point I encouraged him to take the train to visit his aging father in an old age home in another city while we separated at our transfer point.

He vacated two times a week in order to stand up to my healing project. The primary importance, for me, was that he would be free, released to work. When I was admitted for lengthy overnight hospitalizations, he arrived on the weekend visits with products and nourishing foods that would bolster my body’s physical strength.

This is how I did my part… I focused on my healing and freed him …And to this I say “Thank you” because he enabled me to get well, to receive and to give.

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