Release, Thank you-step 2

…This is how I did my part… I focused on my healing and freed him …And to this I say “Thank you” because he enabled me to get well, to receive and to give…

-My soldier, in spite of the fact that his mother was hospitalized and went thru chemotherapy, continued his duty and serving in sensitive areas, giving his attention to safe guard his fellow comrades while adhering to his objectives. Upon reprieve at home, he also put in visits to the hospital. Changing and putting on uniforms like exiting a civil framework and entering into the army format… free to do his thing…

Thank you for guarding our country, yourself and keeping your energy while giving to me, from you.

-My daughter, the eldest, blessed with this huge heart for giving to everyone around her, receiving citations from her coworkers for exemplary cooperation and task accomplishments …

A working mother with a full time job in the Police, married to a Police man on the beat. During this period of mine, she is a mother of two with a daughter almost six yrs old, a son of 4 yrs.

Jumping from regular routines all day long including dispersing her children to schools in the morning, cutting across town, arriving promptly at work and allowing enough time, when closing her workday, in order to collect the children punctually at the pickup hour.

Liaising with her husband, they adjusted their schedules to enable him to receive a shift that would allow her to arrive at my side. Travel journey of almost three hours entailing 2 train transfers, taxi and foot walk, to and fro. After a full day’s work this trek means arriving back home at 11 PM and rise and shine at 6:00 the following morning to the sound of early rise children, before her departure to work.

Walking around outside in the streets before the hospital, exercising the use of my legs in order to work on my physical strength, she listened to my chosen route for healing and my results.

We devoured the nutritional health sandwiches, bursting with protein, spread between quality speckled whole wheat bread.

She had tucked these into her bag for me and now we shared them considering that she hadn’t time to eat before whizzing out of work.

Freedom, release!

Yes, dwelling on my business freed her from guilty feelings when I could have replied to her differently as she stated “Sorry Mom that I couldn’t come more often”. I responded that I am fine, that I definitely feel great and that I am going from healing to 100% Health!

Thank you for listening to me, enjoying the healthy meals, and in addition, for caring for your family- holding the routine, their source of security.

-My son

What do you do when a huge fruit filled bowl adorned with ribbons and flowers arrives at your hospital bed with a delivery dispatcher?

My son in London says that he feels badly that he can’t do more for me but only send a package.

Its release-Freedom!!

When I react that everyone is busy with his own. Announcing that this is good, I am busy with my own business and going from healing to Health.


The endless phone calls from friends, full of laughter and enriched with understandings of my self-discoveries. The kind of conversations that end with- a sign off- exclaiming that they are feeling much better now after having talked with me and hearing that I am all right.

One girlfriend, who has healed from breast cancer many years ago, would always say to me that I am the only “sick” (raising her fingers for quote marks) cancer patient that she can bring herself to talk to. Many more soul searching conversations would be our agenda over a delicious late’ coffee sitting in the warm sun under the cafe verandas during that winter season..

Release!!!! – An element of self-healing- for yourself and for others.

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