Is hearing a positive comment the secret to seeing health? part II

Soulbody connection meets Conventional medicine-PART II

Does he know that the answer to health starts with the understanding of WANT…an unconditional true pure desire for ….and not everyone knows how to arrive at this

…and then the work inside of ourselves by harnessing this true WANT to the energy part within our body that reverberates our finely tuned sentence in positive PRESENT tense…

…the inner energy to clean up stories, delving within us, facing the belief, and doing the CHANGE…ACTUALLY SEEING THE PLACE IN OUR BODY that is the Source of the uncomfortable feeling…understanding it anew with new thoughts and putting these into our system, our energy system of growth….

…I took my fleeting thoughts of this meeting, this moment in time…and captured my thought…

… that I am growing all the time, inputting new information into my system, growing….working with my husband going through a long stage of Cancer treatment…and I am growing all the time….

Maybe all this is my path in preparing myself for the lectures with the Dr’s new hospital unit…?

After all, I have a web site, stored with abundance of knowledge…all there for anyone who WANTS to help himself/ herself heal …taking action on one’s own healing process with their energy within.

…In this coincidental meeting with Dr. Flechter, the future guiding light on the new alternative medicine floor, I didn’t take the opportunity to write down my WWW site… that can be the next time…

Coincidence doesn’t just happen, as written by Chopra in his well known books.