West fear, East positive option-part 1

Written July 7, 2017 , filed in drafts – part ¼


I believe that this is important info for each and every person during this time of a huge global transformation period that is effecting all human activity and growth.

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There are long-term results, in documented processes, that can help us help ourselves heal from dis ease….whether you choose Conventional or Alternative Medicine, we all have the healing power within.

The question is…what are you going to do with it?

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West fear, East positive option-part 1

“Better to be this way” pointing to his leg braces and cane, while gesturing to his wife and saying “Better to be here with her than being there”-pointing to under the ground.

M. came for his overseas adventure with his wife and while joining the family enclave bus trip I had popped over to say hello to my long time friends.

His sentence just popped out at me and I couldn’t fix in to why it had reverberated inside me.

It took me a while to review the feeling, an inner sensation that it had given me.

Why was this thought on my mind? What had it brought up from inside me?

I knew from my numerous meditations during my healing period of Cancer that the information that I stored in my thoughts and my stories that I told myself could be changed. CHANGE I had discovered several times during the Vepasina seminar that I participated in about 6 yrs after using Brandon Bays “Journey” work to help me heal from the dis ease.

Like flashes of banners before my eyesight, there in front of me for only me to see, was written CHANGE.

Why change?