West fear, East positive option-part 2

Written July 7, 2017, filed in drafts, 2/4

…Why change?

This is the greatest thing for humans to do, to accept that change is good, all change is good.

In Neo Psychology (Humantology), the change is a phenomena that happens when you realize your behavior pattern, investigate it and then you are able to perceive it differently in your new behavior decisions.

Author Brandon Bays documents her personal Journey in her Emotional and Physical meditations where she helps us discover our fear that is blocking our growth process.

Then, right there we can experience the change. When we see this visually, in our thought processing, then, this particular moment in time can be understand in a different perception.

Professor of Psychology, John Seaman of Wesleyan University talks about this particular moment in time that we remember, as if chiseled on our mind, because it is a personal and directly related experience to the individual going thru it. He calls it a memory bump.

The bumps can last a lifetime because they are not linked to positive life events that are linked to a specific time.

They can last a lifetime because they are imprinted within us.

In Neo Psychology we experience our direct experiences not only in our lifetime but in regression, which are our personal experiences before our lifetime.

As Brandon Bays relates to these as the issues that remain unresolved, those that we put a firm lid on, closed tight and fester and become a tumor or disease.

If we can face these fears or life obstructions, learn something new from them then we can CHANGE the fear, forgive and let go and then, grow.

Being a good-apprenticed meditator, I sat in the Vipassina meditation and waited until that new thought, like a strand of thin unspoken words, appeared within my awareness. If I can stay with it, feel it nudging in my body, then I could learn something new about my behavior pattern. This awareness can bring change.