Whats up and down-Growth

As if looking at a wave…rising up and then gradually dipping down.

How long will this wave stay at the full rise?

Is it the feedback from the universe that brings us into the up and down movement? Or, is it what is within us that moves the movement of the waves?

Has it ever happened to you that you recalled some experience so many years ago and was surprised that years later you had changed your view of what had happened? …at what had happened to you…?

How does this occur and why is it there?

Each and every personal experience can contribute to our growth or lack of it.

How will you see an experience? Will it change your view or hasten your growth?

Have the words “I’m afraid of…” or “What a fright when…” come from your mouth while explaining to a colleague your fear of the new neighbors that you might find next door to you when you move houses?

What is there to be afraid of? You look around and can’t seem to find the answer…

This storage of personal experiences, of maybe centuries of reoccurrences, called regressions, can leave a reaction in you…unexplained, called FEAR.

Maybe this fear is a story line that you tell yourself and has outgrown its function?

How will you know this?

Authors Branden Bays, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Weiss, Katie Byron and many more have documented their personalized techniques, processes, while providing actual information in their published books. All these, for us to learn from while lowering our skepticism about pin pointing that feeling we have, even though we can’t identify the emotion or where it came from.

Appearing in many authored books are tools that we can employ in our life, if we choose to examine and investigate that same old way of thinking. Like seeing it in a new and different version, one that you hadn’t been aware of before…

These processes allow us to get to the Source of our pain, suffering, dilemma and fear. First, by being aware of its personal existence and then, by seeing the details of this very individual story.  As if clarifying what really happened under a magnifying glass…or putting a light on the Source.

How can you get to the Source, to the actual beginning cell of a reoccurrence felt within you that is obstructing your sight, growth?

Allowing yourself to reach this Source is your true Want, a personal request, making your intention exact, for change…

Will you recognize this Want when the pain or suffering appears?

Or, maybe you choose to cling to the old story line by putting your attention on each vibration that echoes inside? Are you confirming that this slight ache, stiffness or uneasiness is good and you want to continue with your story line, your old belief? … Refusing to accept change?

How can you help yourself to evolve, develop and thrive?

It all comes down to one thing…the personal story we tell ourselves…

Can you allow yourself to be aware of this subjective experience that comes from within you, that you called “fear”? Investigating, checking it out and asking questions…

the Recipe in this site and blog invites you to view a personal documentation of the Source and true Want combined with the inner power within each of us.

Becoming aware of a personal familiarity that has left a footprint in your story and allowing yourself to see this in another light…is changing your tale…

You are welcome to join us… you can put your hand out to any well-known, authored book on the shelf …choosing a process that speaks to you, finding a reputable person to guide you through the stages…

Whether you choose helping your self heal from the inside along with conventional or alternative medicine, you are using the energy within you for making Results.

We can help ourselves heal with the inner energy inside us…only if we Want… You are invited to join us…there are many who have done this before you… you can help yourself heal.

Dedicated to G.S. Jan 5. 2020