Getting UP when you’re down-part 1

*I want to-I can*

Is this slot for everyone?

How do we use this with our healing decisions?

You’re feeling really low, the after effects of the chemo or radiology are bringing you down.

Does it seem as if it goes on forever?

Maybe the word ‘Patience’ has appeared in your meditations or during a quiet silence within yourself.

I had turned for help when I wanted to get thru some difficult times by asking for advice during meditation and calling spiritual guides, counselors of wisdom. They have told me- ‘Patience’.

But the patience is slow in coming.

… Have you made your list of the wonderful things in your life?

The 4 lists, 10 items in each: 1) things and people you have; 2) your qualities; 3) the things you love and love doing; 4) what you want now in this present time?

Before you sit quietly on these lists write what identifies you, ie: name, parents, your goals or maybe a birthmark, whatever differentiates you from all other people…

…And checked your lists for accuracy- is it 100% your unconditional positive answer, no negative after thoughts? This in itself is a great step forward in your healing. For 21 days, in the morning before you open your eyes and before sleep go over these lists in your mind. You’ll be amazed at how you recall more items as the days go on…

Back to I want to-I can…

This a.m. are you feeling down in a slump, moody, miserable, can’t manage to see a bit of a glimpse of light or sunshine in the whole routine of treatments?

Where to look for a bit of oomph to move you forward?

Getting UP when you’re downpart 2

*I want to-I can*