Getting UP when you’re down-part 2

This a.m. are you feeling down in a slump, moody, miserable, can’t manage to see a bit of a glimpse of light or sunshine in the whole routine of treatments?

Where to look for a bit of oomph to move you forward?

*I want to-I can*

Your WANT seems to be watered down and you’re looking for a sprinkle or douse of – Can do it!

Lets look at this question- simple it is not- Can you do it?

Activity is good for us during this healing time.

Are you doubting, at this particular moment, your choice to be active?

Fed up with everything and just can’t see the next step forward?

Have you tried asking if you have found your true want and when you ask- Can I do it?- you immediately get a –Yes! from your lips.

If not …. then try this…

Settle into a comfortable chair, just sink into it

and close your eyes; look at the activity and check if you want to do it; examine your true want and investigate it, ask questions. Remember- no if’s or but’s- 100% unconditional desire. Check out how you look as you do it; see all your physical movements; your facial expressions; follow it for a while…

Then ask yourself ”Can I do it?”

Can you allow yourself to see if your body can handle it, check out how your body feels with the question. What answer do you receive?

Did you know that there are many people who can’t differ between their true want and that they can do it?

If you want it and you can do it, then, why are you so miserable?

Next time you are feeling low then, asking yourself if there is something you love to do and then, just try asking-”Can I do it? Can I allow myself to do it”?

Like others before you, perhaps this tool will help you get up and get going…only if you want!