Your Health-commitment

To what are we committed?

Are you going through a turbulence, a kind of hidden storm, underneath and within yourself?

Just as the world seems to be going through an upheaval, so is the inner conversation, inside of us, behaving like a disturbance?

In this time of drastic changes, swooping upon us and all around us…where can we find ourselves?

Right Here!

As the entire human race is going through a huge transition period in history so is the individual person feeling an undefinable evolving stage.

In the middle of all this chaos is one person, and an individual, going through an unstable phase…

As if accepting that all these changes we see around us is actually like a personal call for change within us.

Can we see this as an opportunity to release some old automatic habit and actually look around and see a different way?

Could this be THE time to focus on yourself?

Is your body requesting attention or to be heard by you?

Perhaps there is some ongoing dilemma, life issue, that is waiting for attention?

Let’s say that our physical body is a measuring stick. A unique tool, that we all have, supporting unlimited knowledge.

The highly intelligent tool, our physical body, can act as a transporter. How can we tap into this treasure of information?

There it is… Transforming a thought into an ache, pain or throbbing that we cannot, now, deny is there.

Will we listen to what it says?

Do we believe the story that this body is telling us or can we take this opportunity to say “I have had enough of this, it is time to look at this differently?”

 So, what if you ask a few questions like…

What change within me is requesting attention?

Or, what inside of you is asking for change?

Turbulence inside as on the outside.

Is it the call to take your Health under your responsibility?

What new guidance will come on to us in order to adapt to all these extreme occurrences in climate and weather, governance and leaders, individual or the group, differences and global cooperation…and our Health.

Not everyone sees their search for Health as committing oneself to accepting an inner working of the body.

Maybe it’s a new step for you to bring on your opportunity for change.

Like being in tune with the collective changes coming upon all human beings and each individual, at this time.

What are we committed to?


Could this be THE time to focus on yourself? Health … Life Growth