… …  essence … Appearing as a very thin word and floating across my minds eyes … …  essence …

What was that word doing there?

Checking again… yes, sure, it was definitely hanging there …essence…

In my numerous meditation sessions, while working on my healing and gaining insight into questions, this word had never appeared before me.

In this one second, in a space between thoughts, like a little wizzzzz in time… some space…then, ESSENCE…

Checking this out…

Meaning in Life ??

What are YOU doing here?

Let’s check…

After this Covid period of an extreme human pattern, YOU are still here!

So…. What are You doing here?

Yes, it is a personal time of sickness for you and Yes, it is your personal trials and tribulations and yet… Why are you here?

Are there some thoughts of those constant issues that seem all the time to be in the background, until they immerge in the foreground?

Perhaps a hidden moment, very personal, that is at the bottom of your sickness?

When you finally do look close at it, really ponder these thoughts and the reminders, do you feel uncomfortable? Like feeling something aching in the shoulder or neck, knee or feet, or stomach upsets or a part of you gives way to… to what are you trying not to listen to, nor get in touch with ?

Identifying an emotional uneasiness inside of that ache, sickness takes courage,

Sometimes this sensation, emotion or ill feeling comes back to catch your attention…

And now, your total attention is held by it, in that personal place within you, begging to be seen, investigated…There it is and waiting to be acknowledged, healed by your further clarification of what’s really going on inside of you.

Essence-What are you doing here?

Like a key to the code of the healing for your personal, individual, self-designed tool…. Can you accept a gift, or call it an opportunity to see clearly that something that has been buried in perhaps a tiny thought…been blown out of proportion, and requests of you to look at it with new eyes, with a new attitude or behavior…

…and emerge differently from this unique personal encounter…. Can you accept a gift?

I was given a gift of learning to help myself heal and I’m eager to share it with anyone who wants it …

Can you allow yourself to see that private, same old story, playing over and over again in your thoughts?

Essence-What are You doing here?

Like deciding to take this sickness and turning it into your own personal comeback into this Human experience called LIFE.

What are you doing here? Is there something you would like to Change and yet haven’t found the way to make it work?

What new discovery about your self is just waiting to be disclosed, to be seen clearly…

… and yet, you haven’t put your finger on it….

Let’s be curious….what is inside?

We all have the power inside us to help ourselves heal

All the information is out there, just put your hand on a book that jumps out at you, find a reliable guide with reputation for helping others heal from within and then Do…

Essence is within all of us… within YOU.

Is there a reason for YOU being here, now, at this period of time in the human experience going back 100,000 years ago?

Essence-the word lingered around in my vision.. . Why was it there?

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