Being with Your Self

Why be with Your Self?

Why do we hear people advise us- just be with yourself !

What do they know about this? Why bother?

Going thru the healing experience of Cancer can be a real discovery.

Discovering what? Where?

D. didn’t feel like going to work today. He chose to call it a free day but didn’t know what to do with this day.

My immediate reaction was – be with Your Self.

During my healing period from Cancer, walking down the corridor from healing to full Health, I learned that the quietness of Self is the healing agent.

Sitting in my own quiet, meditating with the processes that I choice for my healing, I was constantly busy with Me…delving into my Self. Nurturing myself physically and mentally and discovering the patience for my healing decision.

Here’s my example:

Doing the things I love to do-*learning; *being with my felt senses-as Gendlin says in the Focusing theory; *discovering the hidden lids on issues within myself that I hadn’t faced and resolving them-“the Journey” work by author Branden Bays…*making energy-when feeling weak I found a comfortable place to sit and sinking into the chair I had allowed myself to close my eyes and see energy in and around each part of my body; *nourishing my physical build with the foods that could support my healing-making energy gave me a raving appetite and I cooked and enjoyed my favorite foods…*lesson planning for a new tourism course in English language for foreigners-Standing before a class and instructing for 3 hours…

All this to resolve the tumor within me that had accumulated from the lack of awareness, drawing my attention. Discovering a new way of seeing the old that was implanted in me, in my thoughts.

It was a hell of a discovery, the journey was on its way and there I was savoring each and every development on my route.

All this means being in the ‘present’. That place of neither being there nor here but smack in the middle. Being totally with what is, at the present minute.

In the book “The Breakthrough Experience” the author Dr. John F. Demartini,               relates to the balance we find when we are in the ‘present’. Author Echhart Tolle of “The Power of Now”, sat for weeks on a park bench observing all in his view when in a depressed state. The Dalai Lama writes numerous books about his solutions to world issues and of the clarity he experiences in the ‘present’ state during his daily meditations.

I relate to the power within ourselves to heal when we are in the ‘present’. Like zooming in on to a mass of energy and transmitting it to the specific part of your body that you want to heal.

Being with the Self, discovering the blockages that support your tumor or disease, is the great work on remaining in the ‘present’. Those who have experienced this sense of calm, like when you are involved densely in something that totally captivates you, then you hold on to a lot of energy.

What is it that your soul really wants?

What is it that you want to be free of?

Discovering the balance within your Self is a piece of work and it sure is ongoing…

For now, during your healing period, the nurturing of the Self, the real heart of the issues that the soul transfers to us physically, is the place for ‘present’ work.

What is it that you really WANT, 100%, unconditionally…meaning that you are willing to put your entire Self into this project…

Meaning, finding the ‘present’ in as many times per day that you can…meaning allowing this inner quiet within your Self to divulge new openings for inviting Change to help your Self heal…

Only if you Want to, if you really want change…then you will allow your Self to be in the ‘present’…the true WANT can overcome fear.

As much as you remain in the ‘present’, through meditation or doing the things you love to do, is the amount of help you give your Self to heal.

Can you take time to be with your Self?