Kiss the blues Good Bye

Imagine YOUR Sack of Gratitude-giving thanks-that can free you of thatblueishmood.

Sitting next to her, in our meditation class, she explained how she fills her “waking up” each morning …

Listening to O.’s precise, well-constructed on-site experience was totally spellbinding…for she had had a lot of sadness, depressing and low energy days.

How can we turn a low energy feeling into strength and health?

Awakening in the morning, even before she opens her eyes, O. explains that while she still lies in bed, she fills the imaginary sack beside her bed with the positive things she plans for that day…

Bringing her joy and vitality, energy for the daily chores…from seeing the office manager’s smiling ‘Hello’ to the grocers “have a nice day”… you get the idea. Little or big, being aware that it’s there… For all the things that she can allow herself to feel joy and thanks.

Losing her son ten years ago, she found herself feeling low. After a while she felt ready to exchange sadness like heavy black shades in her life by letting in the white light and turning her days into Thanks for joy…

She was determined to lift herself up from gloomy days.

Falling asleep at night, as she closes her eyes, she imagines her sack next to her bed and puts in it all the joyous things that happened to her on this day, all the thanks of gratitude that she received from her daily routines…people, family in her life.

Can you place a sack of gratitude next to your bed?

A sack of thank you’s, full of thoughts of joy that came up that day…even the slightest hint of the smile someone gave you or from the people around you

Can you allow yourself to fill your sack with the goodness that was given to you during the day?

From the smile your neighbor gives you to your legs that carry you to wherever you want to go or catching a glimpse of the sunrise…

What would you put in YOUR sack of gratitude if YOU had the blues?