Corona-COVID-2 Accept and Release

Corona-part 2

Can you receive, agree and accept the stillness that has been given to us as a collective unit? Allowing yourself to use this precious time and look inside your self, investigating the feelings that arise, the memories that fly into your mind… Taking the time to nurture yourself and turn this event into a growth period, personally and then for humanity.

The passing of time has become different.

The quick spread of this virus had put global hazard alarm precautions out to the public. Each country in its own pace of understanding the coming events. There are many predictions out there. Some governments gave harsh restriction orders, the gap between the person in the street understanding the impending death rates to come without seeing the threat before their eyes had given way to pandemonium in some very crowded neighborhoods. Lock up seems almost impossible.

In over populated streets the question arose- how can a hut hold 9 persons inside for weeks of closure?

Counting on the calendar has taken on its own new form… by the number of days into the virus spreading in your country and globally.

Questioning look on our face “What day is it today?” while scratching our heads, turns a common phrase into commonplace. Losing track of time seems to be the normal behavior for most of the people not leaving their homes, not running out to work nor meeting those deadlines… Some people deciding that the time is there and you can do with it whatever you want… Freedom.

…or thoughts of anxiety over returning to a routine or inventing a new routine… or worrying about the routine that has collapsed.

…Just stay put…

Perhaps on the last day of my 14 day seclusion I”ll allow myself to clean up my kitchen and wash the floor because simply…I feel like it… for myself!

Time has stopped for humans all over the world. The animals have appeared in neighborhoods that have not seen them for years. The flowers are blooming all on time, as they know it as seasons.

Weekends are usually rush to shop, lay on the beach, meet friends, get out with others….. All has ceased motion and roads are empty … and there’s that definite eerie feeling when looking down from the balcony to the abandoned street below. A complete standstill.

The quiet. Being surrounded by so much stillness all at once, as if never ending…you can’t hear a pin drop…

I passed a neighbor this morning in what I thought was going to be my stroll around her orchards…her grandchildren didn’t pop in this weekend however they hung a huge sign of LOVE over her front door… her knee was aching.

This well known body response to an inner feeling of not knowing what will be with me, that rising threat of past centuries of survival imprints. Fear of how am I going forward, moving, motioning in life…what is my direction? As if being alarmed by all this around me…

She stood in the orchards surrounded by the beauty of nature all around her.

I couldn’t help but to point out the gorgeous green trees full of foliage, abundance of yellow fruit, the space around her to move and perhaps feel the freedom of No Time…can she allow herself to do what she feels like doing, for herself, among all this beauty she is blessed with?

Movement now in the present is a source of freedom from the thoughts of what will be with me…

Can you receive, agree and accept the stillness that we are given? Can you allow yourself to use this precious time and look inside yourself, investigate the feelings that arise, the memories that fly into your mind… Take the time to nurture yourself…

Restrictions are easing in countries one by one, cars filling the roadways, masked faces as people are mingling and slowly the wheels are spinning again…can we accept and now recharge, freeing ourselves of the inner sensation and physical state of being limited in our movement in life?

Sort of like a switch pressed in ‘stop’ and now released to ‘go’…

Can you allow yourself to release the boxed in feeling and embrace the transition within you?

Accepting and then Releasing…the process of Walking from Healing to Health

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