Corona-4-COVID Newness is the drive

Everyone seems to be talking about a need for New!

From taking the car to the “Car Wash” to sitting 2 meter distance physically with a couple of friends in the nature outdoors. Each person sipping his coffee from home!

Shedding the feeling of being locked up, taking off the first layer, perhaps call it uncertainty, and replacing with a Newness…as we approached the period of returning to work and school, with the social distance, this new order of the day, we find ourselves on common territory but different.

The adaptation is slow, each one at his own pace and the change of settling in to this new sense of not knowing.

What have you learned about yourself in this very special situation?

What came up as your strengths and what about yourself can be overpowering you and requesting your attention?

What change did you identify within, as you looked around you?

Is something hiding underneath the physical or mental pain?

So there we have it.

There are many layers to go down until we find the truth. Or, as defined in Branden Bays book “the Journey” as an onion when we are peeling off the layers in order to get down to our Source.

Again, there it was… the same old feeling, familiar to me but yet in another outfit.

It came to me as titter tottering between control and flexible and it was very clear. It just stood there in front of my vision… the scenes I had been part of with people I know and had known and where my automatic pattern of taking over just took over…

Can I allow myself to accept that sometimes I need not be in command and choose to be flexible? That was the question that arose and immediately my shoulders relaxed…

More visions of past scenes came into my focus and I weighted each version under a magnifying glass and studied it… Can I allow myself to be rigid, in command and then allow myself to be, to just agree… as if letting my shoulders in a humph then just letting it pass…letting it be…

Flexible… as if it seemed like hours I reviewed the scenes and forced myself to allow myself to see, actually see in pure clarity, every distinct motion in that one single moment when that ‘humph’ of letting go kicks in and dissipates the control and then disperses…

All the years of continued behavior flashing in scenes before my vision, reinforcing the period of these current days of being with my self.

Personally experiencing the parts of me that are requesting attention.

Adapting to this new period of Corona -COVID… will I step up to the new platform of change? Flexibity!

Will I be able to enter a period inviting more flexibility into my world?….flexibility into this World?

Am I taking part of this amazing period, alteration in the force of the universe or upgrading of Humanity?

Yes, the time for more inner searching has literally fallen on me after the 14 day quarantine since I returned home and then another 5 weeks of limiting restrictions enforcing the entire country’s social distance…..

Restrictions are letting up a bit, more movement in the public areas but there is a long way to go unit all the population will go out… for it is certainly clear that things will not be as they were before

What will be irrelevant and what will be new?… Where will the change in the human experience come into the scene or regular daily life?

It certainly is an exciting period in history… Who will develop personal growth with inner discoveries and who will add new energy to the human experience called humanity?

What qualities, abilities, foresight and imprints have been instilled in you that will help you accept and heal?

Here’s to your Health Life Growth!