What can we do?

I guess, you can do more!

The only sentence that came to my mind as my friend related the story-

He had been to the Dr, taken the homeopathic medicines prescribed specifically for him, eating foods recommended for sustaining his health…but then this stomach ailment hit him….

…then, what else can you do?, …it appears there is more to be done…

My words remained inside of me, not allowing this to be heard above the talking in the room….

Knowing, as I do from personal experience, that not all people know this…

Chronic pain is there because we established it, right there in that particular place in our body! There in ourselves, lodged inside us between the conventional doctor visits and the Chinese medicine belief of using homeopathic herbs.. Between the Pilatis and Chi Kong lessons, it is there…

There for us to see, identify, feel and then, do something differently in order to lessen the feeling or …deal with it.

What can we do?

The connection of the mind-body-soul is the source of everything in our body. The body is just a shell, the outward reflection of what is going on inside us…the mind transporting beliefs, in the thoughts we experience, transmitting to feelings that we play out all the time.

Can we believe our thoughts or investigate them?

Check out a passing thought and put it up to the test!

Peering inside our body, seeing how that part reverberates within us… What slight stiffness, tightness or tension this feeling might evolve into? As said in Mindfulness.. is it pleasant or unpleasant sensation within you?

What more can be done in order to give us, to ourselves, more health?

Is this up to us? Or is it, them?

If we come to the conclusion that everyone is responsible for his own behavior.. then.. who is it up to? …Up to, to do what ?


One word, but ohhhh sooo big!!!

Easy it is not, however, we can work at this CHANGE each day. When we are aware of our patterns, our thoughts that give us our behavior, then we can allow ourselves to process this information in our minds and see it in a new way…

…when the mind and soul meet, unite and give us a new understanding.

Is hearing a positive comment the secret to seeing health? part I

Soulbody connection meets Conventional medicine-PART I

Can Conventional medicine entwine with the soulbody connection?

Are the Scientific doctors willing to listen, to take on an additional entity in the healing experience of their Cancer patients? All patients…? What does this mean to the conventional medicine niche?

Dr Fisher receives his patient with a unique attitude. He says that if he can show the patient the positive aspects of his visit to him, hear from the Dr. the positive comments on the blood test results then he, the Dr., can effect a positive outlook of the patient on his situation.

Is this true? Is hearing a positive comment from the receiving Dr. the secret to seeing health?

Inside me was this great urge to affect him, have a weight on his words, as I captured a moment in our duo conversation.

That was the moment of reckoning…of 2 beings acknowledging an energetic transaction…

So I took the moment, explained my healing road from Lymphoma Cancer and showing him the results, here I am…He divulged his dream of opening the Non Conventional floor of the new building while pointing out the positive aspect he instills in each patient when they discover him sitting in the evaluation dr. seat in the receiving office…

At that second I decided not to give him the full Shelli R. speech…meaning to me, what I know is true… is the only answer to health a positive view?

Instead, I asked if he plans on the body-soul connection to health?

Then, I added that conventional medicine will need to see the advantage to helping their patients get well by joining partners with alternative medicine….To this he agreed.

…then I took the moment and announced that I will be his first lecturer for here I am with the results!

Bold, as it seems, I then supported my announcement with the organizations that have heard my lectures.

I walked away from our conversation with an unsettled feeling…sort of like pushing my info onto him, the know it all, as he personified himself before me…

If he thinks that imposing a positive approach on to an entering patient by showing the good in his blood tests…then…

Does he know that the answer to health starts with the understanding of WANT…an unconditional true pure desire for ….and not everyone knows how to arrive at this

…and then the work inside of ourselves by harnessing this true WANT to the energy part within our body that reverberates our finely tuned sentence in positive PRESENT tense…

…the inner energy to clean up stories, delving within us, facing the belief, and doing the CHANGE…ACTUALLY SEEING THE PLACE IN OUR BODY that is the Source of the uncomfortable feeling…understanding it anew with new thoughts and putting these into our system, our energy system of growth…

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