Signs are there?

Every one has his own pace for identifying the signs….of what?

Has a period of transformation come over you, on to you? Maybe you didn’t notice that it has arrived or was on the way?

Let’s say that for 20 yrs you have been used to a living pattern, a continuous scene that you were part of and something disrupted the known details in front of you….

Like the nest of dynamics in the home filtering down to less participants in the daily interaction….

Or perhaps your interests in life, or little interest, and the transformations in your daily routine were like a new addition in the current book that came off the press 20 yrs ago….

What will draw your attention to the new abbreviated chapter?

Will the signs be clear? Directed at you? Or, could your awareness be blurred by the constant known and familiar?

How might you realize that something different is about to cross your way like taking a step over the threshold in to a new house?

If our body is the shell of ongoing spirit that renews itself in a never-ending cycle of infinity, then, why are these steps there?

Behind each one of these steps is a story for us to learn and to grow from…

Will that shell, that body of ours, come out in a rash, lower back pain, stuck muscle or headaches?

Carlos Castaneda, in his book “the active side of infinity”, writes that we are in a perpetual story of our life stories, renewing themselves from inception…in order to allow growth in the human experience that comes from change….

Have you tried sitting in meditation, in any procedure of your choice, on a dilemma you want to solve and received a response from the ache in your leg or side or hands?

Will you recognize this request to pay attention to that uncomfortable place and understand what is the emotion or past experience that you recalled…and then know what to do about it?

Transformation can come to each person in a different pace….

Knowing that all change is good, that progress comes and growth springs from being aware that there are options….

Can we accept the dilemma as a sign that it is time to make the change?

Or, perhaps it might feel like an ache in the lower back, neck or head just asking you to see the signs…

Will you know the signs? Paying attention to your body, that is full of information in the finely tuned system of connecting the body-soul and mind, is like jet propelling you into a new direction

Here’s to Health Life Growth!