the Recipe-part II, continued-Glistening WHITE

the Recipe, CUPCAKE by Shelli Rice, Part II continued-Glistening WHITE    #6

Glistening white and gleaming, shimmering fire works erupted as I came to the end of the meditation right there on the Pet scan table.

Three days later, affixed to my third chemotherapy in the Hematology ward, the department head, my attending Doctor, announced that this test result had shown that there was not a single Cancer cell in my body. I was clean of dis ease.

Had I beat scientific medicine to the finishing line??

After 2 Chemotherapy, the PET scan proved that there was not one diseased cell in my body.

The known package of 6 Chemotherapy treatments that have positive effect on my particular diagnosis was shortened from 6 to 4 treatments.

According to my doctor, an old theory explained in the medical books-if a patient is clean of Cancer it is allowed to give only 2 more Chemo treatments.

I had had 4, 2 more than the 2 treatments when my body was found clean of Cancer cells.

I had beaten conventional medicine to the clean health report…

Instead of receiving the assigned 6 treatments, it was only after 2 chemotherapy and while under the Pet scan lying flat and motionless during the scan, that I had experienced the swift removal of a mesh netting, that had earlier defined the sick area and that now was totally invisible, leaving pure white fireworks.

The entire mesh netting was replaced with the electric white sparks that had said –clean.

Six months later, meaning from the last chemotherapy, from the fourth portion and my last, I was on a flight to London and a Euro star train to Paris.

Walked the length and width of the mazes of the London tube while pulling my wheeled case.

Climbed up the 197 steps of the L’Arc de Triumph in Paris-the elevator was out of order!

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