Tuning in –to Health- Part II

Want and Intention…are they the same sides of the same string?

When does intention come out?

Have you ever ended your comment with the statement “That is EXACTLY what I intended!”

Dr. Dwayne W. Dyer, in his book “the Power of Intention”, writes a totally in depth, intense guide book to intention.

If it is so simple, then how come there are so many lost souls still looking for what they want? Or, the rise in Diabetes, those folk searching for the sweet in life, in the western world or in Egypt?

The answer lies in my question above.

…Do we always know what we want?

…Is it as easy as 1,2,3 and zap! You have it!!

If it was so easy why are there so many books written on this unscientific subject and yet, so many sick people?

Explaining “the Recipe” on my site menu, in my use of the ingredients in “The Cupcake Base”, I actually do refer to the intention. My meaning- to arrive at what we really WANT-Health.

the Cupcake base, the 2 ingredients combined-Source and Want.

Using Brandon Bays definition of Source –she refers to the root of the problem under emotional layers. The Source that is our hidden thought or story, blocked off as if it has a heavy lid put on it. This Source and your true Want, combined, can allow you to heal that tumor or dis ease by exposing the hidden meaning inside it. Then, investigating and resolving whatever arises and bringing you to a new understanding.

Maybe the situation that arose in your mind was not exactly as you thought it was? What belief have you stored inside you, letting it fester into dis ease?

This is CHANGE, that is THE secret to GROWTH and your inner power to help yourself heal. Arriving at your intention to agree to change a thought, to release your old belief, to accept something new…to accept change…and to get to your true Want-Health!

Many people have done this before you…go to any shelf, extend your hand and reach out to the numerous documented books….Read, investigate what’s written, find a reliable facilitator to assist you or someone who has chosen this path and has results …then DO! Doesn’t matter if you are combining conventional medicine or alternative medicine with your choice to heal with your power within you…what’s important is that you DO.

We all have the power within, the energy to heal before conventional medicine and arrive at long lasting results.